About Us

Hello, we are Jimmy and Emma and we are mattress experts from New York. We are here to share our experience and help you choose a mattress that will be the best pick personally for you.

Before becoming the expert here, Jimmy has been working in this industry for a long time and has tested and evaluated really lots of design and material innovations. His impressive experience allows him to give complete and competent reviews on different material types and give recommendations on which models are suitable for each body type or weight. Jimmy cares for the customer first and takes all the details into account when penning his review.

Emma helps you find the best mattress in her own way – she has a professional medical background and knows a lot about spine and back problems. Emma can give a review looking at the model from a different point of view – not only comfort, but also health of the spine should be taken into account. Her expertise adds a lot to our reviews making them much more thorough and competent when it comes to back or spine issues.

Emma tries to ensure that your back will stay healthy in the future – and you should agree it is a worthy endeavor.

We know what you are looking for: a competent advice to save you from a conundrum – which model will be the most suitable for you if you are married or single, heavy or light-weight, have difficulties with falling asleep by some reason and so on. And we really can give you a hand!

We know a lot about the brands no matter if they are popular or just appeared on the market. We go deep into every detail possible to determine if you will feel comfortable with this mattress or not. We measure and evaluate everything that can be measured and evaluated – and all this is for one single goal to make your sleep much better than you were before.

We check everything people think and feel about materials and constructions – from innerspring beds to polyfoam, memory foam and completely innovational materials. We gather all the information available about other customers’ experience, summarize it and give it to pick the bits you need at the moment.

We care not only for beds – we also pay attention to the foundations, as they are of high importance too. We pay close attention to diseases and health conditions that may affect your sleep quality, like allergy, asthma or spine problems. Thinking of all the things that might happen, we check if the models are comfortable for post-surgery recovery periods too.