When a woman is pregnant, she is preparing to give birth to a new life. Future parents delightfully spend hours in researching various baby things and clothes. But sometimes the happiness is overshadowed with aches and pains in the back. That is why your sleeping surface is so important.

This guide will help both the pregnant ladies and their husbands to choose an ideal mattress for restful sleep. More than 10 different brands were analyzed to determine their pros and cons and to identify the best variant.

Last Updated: Jimmy So, the best family choice is DreamCloud ($1,199) as it provides the highest quality along with comfort and pressure relief. Along with considerable thickness, its materials provide a perfect combination of firmness and softness. In terms of price and quality balance, Nectar ($699) is the absolute winner. According to customers’ reviews, this brand is suitable even for multiple pregnancies as it is proved to relieve different type of pain and to support the body in every position. For those who are in step with the times, the Purple ($999) hi-tech mattresses could be the right choice as it is one of the best temperature-neutral beds. Its good level of comfort plus optional thickness makes this mattress an extremely worthy purchase.

In this review:

Top 13 Mattresses for Pregnant – In-Depth Reviews

Firstly, pregnant women should make the right choice according to their personal feelings and received medical advice, because where one person finds a lot of comfort, another may face disappointment. Pregnancy has many peculiarities, so there is not general rule of thumb here.

1. Dream Cloud – Best Quality Mattress for Pregnant

An unquestioned leader, as it has already been mentioned, is DreamCloud. The perfect blend of smooth cloud-like cashmere surface, gel-infused memory foam and pocketed coils give this hybrid mattress ideal thermoregulation and strong support as well as an excellent balance of firmness.

Dream Cloud ideal thermoregulation

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Side Sleepers

Of course, in order to be the best among its competitors, DreamCloud should be suitable for all sleeping positions. Natural latex layers provide enough elasticity and helps to sleep without sinking. What is more, strong shoulder and hip support keeps the spine straight.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on one’s stomach is not a correct position for pregnant women. But in the first trimester their bellies are too small even to identify the pregnancy, so why deny sleeping in your favorite position while you still can?

DreamCloud makes stomach sleeping very comfortable and restful throughout the night. Moreover, this mattress can be combined with special donut-shaped pillows to sleep without harm to growing belly.

Some people say that it is too soft for this position, but it largely depends on personal preferences. The fact is that DreamCloud sleeping surfaces provide adequate support and body contouring that help stomach sleepers feel comfortable during the night.

Back Sleepers

It should be mentioned again that first trimester allows women to sleep as they wish. So back sleepers would be delighted how Dream Cloud supports the body and to relieves the pressure. What is more important, when spending the night with a partner, the both will avoid waking up because of each other’s movements due to the great motion isolation, featured by this mattress.

But despite the fact the flexible coils and multiple layers are designed to make people feel like floating, mid-pregnant ladies are not recommended to sleep on their backs because it can restrict the blood flow. It does not depend on the mattress type – it’s just one of pregnancy peculiarities. However, everyone is free to combine all the sleeping positions as DreamCloud gives enough comfort and rest in any case.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Of course, growing belly may cause back pains. DC mattresses provide strong body support, motion isolation, while also stimulating blood circulation. That is important, because the pregnant body gives everything to the future baby, so women should get a good night rest in order not feel exhausted during the day.

Memory foam layers are designed to eliminate pressure and align the spine correctly. That is why many pregnant women confirm feeling healthier and more cheerful, while their back pain diminished.

Here is another fact to be mentioned. Some ladies wear supporting bandages, and if the mattress is bad, they have to wear them during throughout the night. However, doing so is not recommended, as wearing the bandages without a break could be harmful. Therefore, a correct sleeping surface support is of utter importance.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

There’s no doubt that carrying all that extra weight may cause shoulders and neck ache as well. Means to counter this problem are motion isolation, edge support, medium firmness, as well as shoulder and hip support. Each point is perfectly covered by Dream Cloud to overcome these pregnancy-caused pains.

Risk of Pregnancy Termination and Abortion.

Unfortunately, stressful life and health problems may cause the risk of termination. That is why doctors advise to have more rest. Many people think that Dream Cloud is very soft; however, it is firm enough to prevent sinking and to provide sufficient support in any position. Its thickness makes it easy to get out of bed without unnecessary efforts – which is important in terms of avoiding risks.

Abortion, as well as pregnancy, requires pressure relief, because pelvic muscles tension may cause complications like bleeding and tears – also keep this fact in mind after childbirth.

Hot Sleepers

Pregnant women often complaint about feeling either hot or cold during the night. Gel-infused memory foam solves that problem, giving a cool sleep without any sweat when it is necessary, while preserving warmth when it is cold outside.

Multiple pregnancies

It is very hard to give birth to one child. But some women can give life to 2 or 3 children at once (naturally or after IVF procedures). Because of it, they have to carry out more weight even if it does not increase very quickly.

Do not think that soft Dream Cloud cover means that the mattress is absolutely soft. It is much firmer than some people suppose. On the contrary, it is suitable for overweigh people and they feel very comfortable while sleeping. That is why pregnant women should not be afraid to use such mattresses – they will provide strong body support, contouring and restful sleep


In most cases, pregnant ladies sleep with a partner. They have very sensitive sleep, so each wrong partner’s movement may disturb them. For that reason, Dream Cloud has good motion isolation. It is very important even after childbirth, as many mothers choose to sleep with their babies and any little thing wakes the baby up.

The weakest point of some mattresses is noise. Squeaking and squeezing sounds can be very annoying. Dream Cloud is silent, so pregnant women will definitely have a restful sleep, while newborns’ mothers will be able to get up and have a cup of tea without disturbing their babies.


It is not very pleasant to sneeze every time you go to bed. Wrong mattresses are a perfect habitat for dust mites and many other parasites (some people reported cockroaches between the layers). Scary picture, isn’t it?

Dream Cloud manufacturers use supreme-quality natural latex, hypo-allergenic foams and hand-tufted cashmere blend (for better airflow) to provide the best sleeping conditions for people, not mites. Hypo-allergenic materials prevent allergy and asthma manifestations triggered by different parasites and dust.


Dream Cloud provides 6 basic sizes for sleepers: Twin (39×75 inches), Twin XL (39×80 inches), Full (54×75), Queen (60×80), King (76×80) and Cal King (72×84). The height is 15 inches for all.


8 layers of Dream Cloud mattresses make up 15 inches – the thickest sleeping surface among the others.  Pregnant ladies will highly appreciate this fact, because it is very convenient to get out of the bed without extra pressure.


According to the manufacturer, DC features 6.5 out of 10 firmness points. Mid-firm beds are great in reducing back pains and other body aches. The cashmere cover gives enough softness while layers provide strong support.


Dream Cloud’s high quality makes its life last for about 7-8 years.


There is no off-gassing at all. But some customers mention a some slight odor within the first 24 hours.

Edge Support

The manufacturer declares providing the best edge support. It can be said that among the other hybrid mattresses, Dream Cloud really has the best edge support, although occasional customers claim rolling off the edge.


Due to its thickness, you can organize the bedding right on the floor without any frames. With Dream Cloud, customers may choose any foundation they like: box springs, bunkie boards, flat platforms, slatted bases and etc.

Warranty and Delivery

The producer offers 365-night trial period and everlasting warranty. The delivery is free and takes about 8-10 days to 48 continental states. Customers can place an order on the official webpage. If you have no time or opportunities to set it up, the company provides free installation with cleaning all the rubbish left after unpacking. The price is $1,199 for Queen Size (the price differs from $599 to $1,299 right now).


  • High-level quality
  • Endless warranty
  • Strong body support
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Reducing different type of pains
  • Ideal for couples and sleeping with a baby (after birth)


  • Some people point out weak edge support
  • Expensive

2. Nectar – Best Value for Money for Pregnant

Nectar memory foam mattresses are priced very low in contrast with the competitors. But the company guarantees high quality and perfect comfort throughout the night. The construction includes 6 layers that provide good edge support and make the sleep cool and relaxed. Many customers and online reviews confirm all the manufacturer’s claims.

Side Sleepers Nectar

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(more photos are available)

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers of all weights will appreciate how it reduces pressure from shoulders and hips. Pregnant women will receive strong support for shoulders and hips, thus reducing the pressure. The long staple cotton and tencel cover provides good balance between softness and firmness.

Stomach Sleepers

Combined with a special pillow, Nectar will be a perfect option for pregnant stomach sleepers. It provides enough body support and contouring. Being designed for light and medium-weight people, it could be a little too soft for heavier sleepers (over 230 lbs).

Back Sleepers

Back Sleep lovers will get all the support they need. Although, it is not recommended for mid-pregnant women to sleep like that, they can combine this pose with the other variants to avoid reducing the blood circulation. As for those in the first trimester, they are free to sleep as they like.

The highest level of comfort is achieved due to several features. First of all, foam comfort layers make the mattress highly comfortable for the body. Secondly, Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam would not let the customer sink into the bed, giving some crucial rebound and bounce.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Pregnant ladies, as a well as other back pain sufferers, should choose mattresses of medium firmness. It was proved that Nectar gives enough rest to muscles and bones along with great spine alignment. It provides enough support, body contouring and pressure relief to help reduce lower back pain caused by the growing belly or different disorders (pregnant women have them sometimes).

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Foam materials used in Nectar help to stay relaxed throughout the night. All the bad consequences appearing from changing one’s position are successfully negated by these mattresses by means of better contouring and spine alignment.

It should be mentioned that according to many online sleeping surface reviews and feedback, Nectar tends to be on the top positions in solving different types of body problems. That is important, because many people become suspicious once they hear about its relative cheapness.

Risk of Pregnancy Termination and Abortion

Of course, modern way of life may cause different factors that increase termination risks. No matter how serious the situation is, pregnant women should have peaceful rest and avoid any stress.

This is a well-known fact that women can often wake up during the night. Good firmness and strong edge support prevent sinking, thus there is virtually no pressure to belly and pelvis muscles – an important fact both for pregnancy, termination risks, childbirth or abortion recovery. Moreover, the high level of support allows sleeping without bandages.

Hot Sleepers

Tencel cooling cover and gel-infused memory foam help to stay cool without any sweat. It is very important because pregnant ladies usually feel hot at night. Moreover, breathing base facilitates temperature control with good air-flow. All these factors give Nectar perfect thermoregulation.

Multiple pregnancies

As mentioned above, Nectar is designed for anyone but very overweight people, so women waiting for more than 1 baby – don’t worry about a few extra kilos.  Just rest and prepare for the childbirth. All the work linked to body support, pressure and pain relief is done by Nectar.


Nectar is an ideal choice for couples. Why? First of all, its perfect value for money and a great deal of advantages. Secondly, a high level of motion isolation. It comes very important especially after childbirth. Exhausted mothers can fall asleep while breastfeeding or just near their babies. Nectar makes sure everyone sleeps well. The thick memory foam layers do a great job in making you feel like sleeping alone, which is good because pregnant ladies have to wake up very at night to urinate.

Memory foam provides enough body contouring which gives a lot of freedom in changing one’s position. Speaking about having sex, which is recommended if pregnant women do not have any termination risks, pairs would receive enough response and support without any damage to the health.

 Please note that it is better for a newborn child to sleep in his own bed. They need a firm crib which is made for growing bones and skull without any pillows. Memory foam mattresses could be very soft and cause potential SIDS risk. If you want to sleep with your child, you can move his bed closely to yours and remove the bumper.


All parents clean their bedrooms when preparing to have a baby. But the problem is that such parasites as dust mites choose to breed inside sleeping surfaces. Why does it happen? Bad thermoregulation and air-flow causes sweat which, along with dead skin particles, is ideal food for the parasites. It is common for old pillows and blankets. Imagine that a least a half of your mattress weight is made up of dust mites and results of their vital activities. Disgusting.

Parasites provoke allergy symptoms: insomnia, regular sneezing and snoring are the very common results. So what to do?

Firstly, customers should choose hypo-allergenic materials with good temperature control. Because of its memory foam, Nectar simply does not have the right conditions for parasites breeding.


Nectar is available in 6 sizes: Twin (38×75 inches), Twin XL (38×80), Full (54×75), Queen (60×80), King (76×80) and Cal King (72×84). Available height is 11 inches. Along with the mattress, customers will receive 2 complimentary pillows.


Nectar mattresses are significantly thicker than the rest competitors. A combination of 6 layers provides 11 inches of thickness for restful and comfortable sleep of pregnant women without any pain.


Nectar mattresses feature 6 points of firmness out of 10 – an ideal combination of support and softness. Medium-firm mattresses are recommended for pregnant women as they prevent sinking and have enough softness without harming the supportive features. A lot of women point out that a firm mattress with a good pad provides the best support.


In this case, low price does not affect durability. High quality materials will prevent degradation over time. Even the highly-advertised luxury models cannot boast with such a long lifespan.


Some off-gassing may appear within first days and disappear without a trace.

Edge Support

Lying on the edge or border sitting is no longer a problem with memory foam mattresses. Nectar manufacturers provided strong support at any corner of your bed.


Nectar has its own foundation made of solid pine and spruce available on official website. Box Spring is not recommended in order to avoid stray springs from shooting out, so it is better to give your preference to Bunkie Board. Divan and Adjustable base surfaces can accomodate this mattress as well.

Warranty and Delivery

Nectar manufacturers offer 365-night trial and lifetime warranty with full refund. The shipping is free for 48 contiguous states along with Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. White Glove delivery is also available and costs $149.

The price for the product itself differs from $399 to $799 depending on the size. Nectar foundation is priced from $200 to $275. The manufacturers also produce mattress protectors and sheets. 2 free pillows are included with every order.

All the products are available on the official website, Amazon and other retailers. They do not collaborate with showrooms.


  • Budget choice
  • Life-long warranty
  • No noise
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Positive health effects alleviating pregnancy-caused aches
  • Good motion isolation, conforming and edge support


  • Little off-gassing
  • Too soft for heavy people
  • Not suitable for newborns (they require firm mattresses)

3. Purple – Also a Very Good Pick for Pregnant

The Purple brand offers two hybrid mattresses series: Original and New. Both models guarantee the good level of comfort and support. Fair price combined with quality make it very popular among customers. Using Smart Comfort Grid technology, Purple perfectly adapts to the human body, making people stay asleep throughout the night.

Fair price Purple

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(more photos are available)

Side Sleepers

Original Series show good results in supporting side sleepers, but the best choice for pregnant ladies is New Purple, as it has perfect spinal support and keeps people’s backs straight. Another important fact is high pressure relief for shoulders and hips.

Stomach Sleepers

Original Purple is good for those who prefer classical mattresses. For the 100% convenience for stomach sleeping, New models are better due to their pocketed coil system and hyper-realistic polymer combination (more bouncy). Perhaps, this is the best choice for the position as the other sleeping surfaces may cause some sinking throughout the night.

The pregnant usually combine stomach sleeping with donut-shaped pillows, so they need as much support as possible.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers could receive more pressure relief with Purple of both models, because pregnant women should avoid restricting blood circulation. Of course, in the second trimester it is better to combine positions. This type of mattresses provides all the necessary support and dynamically adapts to the body.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Purple is famous for its modern technologies, which are highly appreciated in the customer reviews. The top layer consists of the hyper elastic polymer for the fast response in any position. Therefore, joint and back pains are reduced throughout the night. It is important for ladies, who do not want to feel exhausted after waking up.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Purple’s support characteristics have do a great deal in reducing pressure in the most critical spots. It means that pregnant shoulder pain suffers will enjoy a more restful sleep. Moreover, the company produces pillows that, in combination with sleeping surfaces, help to reduce the strain of the neck and shoulders. Strong edge support prevents rolling-off, so side sleeping becomes safer.

Risk of Pregnancy Termination and Abortion.

Women with the risks should pay extra attention to how they sleep. Pelvis and belly muscles pressure must be reduced. It becomes more dangerous as the pregnant have to wake up very often during the night. Strong edge support prevents sinking while sitting, so getting out of the bed becomes much easier.

Importantly for abortion as well as C-section recovery, Purple gives enough pressure relief to reduce negative complications.

Hot Sleepers

Open grid components provide enough air flow to stay cool and comfortable. Those who feel a little bit cold may stop worrying about thermoregulation.

Multiple pregnancies

Original series is suitable for the light-weight people, so both types of pregnancies will benefit from New Purple the most. It gives a perfect balance between conforming and sink that is important when we talk about shoulder, spine, hip and neck support.

Women with multiple pregnancies gain more weight. So it should be mentioned again how good is Purple in pressure reducing.


Good motion isolation is also beneficial for couples. Pairs would not be disturbed by moving and waking up of each other.

If women do not have the termination risks, doctors do not restrict the sexual relationships. Combination of firmness and softness makes the surface pleasant to skin, while providing instant response. Sensitive support keeps the pregnant from sinking to keep in touch with a partner without any harm to the growing belly.

It has been pointed out that sleeping with the baby is not recommended. But Purple has different-firmness models, so there’s nothing wrong if mothers would accidentally fall asleep while breastfeeding.


Dust mites are the great problem. They appear when people sleep using bad sleeping surfaces and old linen. Purple uses hypo-allergenic and non-toxic materials to get rid of negative contretemps both for allergy and asthma suffers. Mattress layers do not have empty spaces, where parasites could breed. Good temperature control and air-flow make sleeping surfaces the worst place to live in.

A removable cover is provided to reduce dirt and dead skin particles.


Original and All-New Purple mattresses are available in 5 sizes: Twin XL (38×80), Full (54×75), Queen (60×80), King (76×80) and California King (72×84). The first type’s height is 9 ½ inches. The second has various variants – 11, 12 and 13 inches.


Thickness of both models complies with the height – 9.5 for Original, 11 for Purple 2, 12 for Purple 3 and 13 for Purple 4. All New products consist of 6 thicker grid layers that make it feel much plushier then Purple 1 four-layer models.


Original line offers 6.5 points of firmness. New Purple is available as Medium Soft (4.5), Medium (5.5) and Medium-Firm (6.5) types. It helps to choose the best variant in line with personal preferences. However, for the pregnant ladies it is recommended to choose firmer options.


More than 6 years durability is guaranteed due to elastic polymers and pocketed springs. All the materials are of the highest quality. It makes the mattresses more attractive for long-term use.


Customers point out that they do not feel any odor while using, although there may be some smell after unboxing.

Edge Support

A great advantage for the pregnant is strong edge support. It is very comfortable when you have to get out of the bed throughout the night or when sleeping near the borders. But the Original Purple series can’t boast this factor.


Purple Base Platform is recommended for this type of sleeping surfaces. However, customers may choose Box Springs and metal or wooden Slats as well. Metal slats are more preferable in this case.

Warranty and Delivery

The Purple brand offers 100-night Trial and 10-year warranty. The delivery is free to 48 contiguous states. It takes about 1 or 2 weeks depending on the distance. The return is also free with full refund.

The price differs from $699 to $1,299 for Original models. All-New Purple costs from $1,299 to $3,499 (depending on the thickness). All the products are available on the official webpage and Amazon.


  • High-quality materials
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for various positions
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Health benefits


  • The Original line has insufficient edge support
  • Not enough response for couples sleeping on OG Purple

4. Nest Bedding Alexander Signature

Nest Bedding mattresses are represented in 7 different line-ups. The Alexander Signature series is designed with 4 different layers. It offers 2 firmness options: Medium and Luxury. Hybrid mattresses have the perfect balance between cushioning, support and pressure relief.  Firmness differs from Soft (3 points) and Medium (5) to Firm (7.5). Medium price is $1,199 (Queen Size).

Alexander Signature series

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(more photos are available)


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Good conforming and motion isolation.
  • No odor.
  • It is firm enough to sleep with a baby.
  • Cooler sleep.


  • Signature models have weak edge support.
  • Hybrid models sometimes produce a lot of noise.

5. Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf made by Saatva uses high-density memory foam that is combined with cooling gel covering layer. It comes handy when the pregnant complain about hot sleeping. The mattresses are avaliable in different firmness options so it is very conveniet to choose the better ones. L&L mattresses perfectly suit the body when sleeping in any position. The average price is $1,299 (Queen Size).

Loom and Leaf Eco-friendly

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(more photos are available)


  • Eco-friendly
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Excellent motion isolation and body conforming
  • Temperature balance and silence
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Reduces some body and spine pain


  • High risk of odor
  • Weak edge support

6. Bear Mattress

Bear offers two mattress types: hybrid and mixed foam.  Celliant’s FDA Determined Infrared Yarn Technology is used to reduce spine pains and stay cheerful in the mornings. It is clinically proved that this brand is really good at pressure relieving and restoring after back, shoulder, neck and leg ache. Price varies from $740 to $1,150 for Queen Size.

Advantage Bear Mattress

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(more photos are available)


  • Fair price.
  • Positive health affection.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • Temperature regulation.


  • Weak edge support.
  • One firmness option for both models.

7. Casper

Casper sleeping surfaces have 3 various models: “The Wave” (from $1,250 to $2,750), “The Casper” ($595 to $1,195) and “The Essential” (from $350 to $725). All the basic sizes are provided. The company offers 2 memory foam mattresses and one hybrid one. These beds are not bad, but they have some peculiarities not so convenient for pregnant ladies.

Casper excellent tailoring

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(more photos are available)


  • 100 night sleep trial and 10-year warranty.
  • No noise and off-gassing.
  • Good motion isolation and support.
  • Cool sleep compared to other memory foam mattresses.
  • 3 various models.


  • Weak edge support causes much sinking (so it is very hard to get of the bed without extra pressure).
  • “The Wave” is very heavy.

8. BrentWood Home

4 different types of hybrid sleeping surfaces are available within the brand. The top layer is made of New Zealand wool to achieve more cushioning. The support core combines stretch-knit covers and pocketed coils. “The Cedar” model’s base layer is made of coconut fiber. The price differs from $1,295 to $1,949. GREENGUARD Certification of BrentWood mattresses guarantees hypo-allergenic materials and absence of flame retardant chemicals. 7 sizes are available (Split King) – other models from this list offer only 6 variants.

Cedar Split King size

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(more photos are available)


  • 25-year warranty and 365-night trial.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Temperature control.
  • Air-circulation.
  • Smart Zones and motion isolation make it suitable for all pregnancy types.


  • 30 night-break in trial.
  • Approximately 6 years of lifespan.

9. Leesa

Leesa mattresses’ comfort layers are made of the patented foam to ensure more response and to stay cool throughout the night. Second (recovery) layer utilizes memory foam. And the supporting base is made of dense core foam to conform with all body types (that is important for growing belly).

Leesa warranty

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(more photos are available)

All the basic sizes are available. The price differs from $525 to $1,195 on the official website.


  • 100 night-risk free trial.
  • 10 years warranty period and 1/10 mattress donation charity program.
  • Made in USA.
  • Aveena (latex-like) foam that reduces back pains and muscle pressure.
  • Silent.


  • Risk of odor.
  • Weak edge support.

10. Tuft and Needle

Being an Amazon bestseller, T&N mattresses are available in different sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. Prices are very democratic. They vary from $350 to $750.

Tuft and Needle Amazon bestseller

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(more photos are available)

The mattress consists of 2 levels: high density polyfoam plus another polyfoam comfort layer. The proprietary Tuft and Needle foam forms the base.


  • 10-year warranty and 100 Night Trial
  • Made in USA
  • No frills
  • Bouncy memory foam


  • It is not available at show rooms
  • No soft top cover
  • Firm (for pregnant it is more preferable to choose medium firmness)

11. Brooklyn Bedding

This company offers 6 different models. Customers point out that the best one is Brooklyn Aurora that costs $1,699 for Queen Size. Brooklyn Signature is good as well – $949. Their type is hybrid. 3 firmness options are available: Soft, Medium and Firm (but for the pregnant it is better to avoid soft sleeping surfaces).

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid type

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(more photos are available)


  • Reduces heat.
  • Comfortable for couples.
  • Good conforming plus motion isolation.
  • 120-night Trial.
  • 10-years warranty.


  • Heavy weight.
  • Some models have poor edge support.
  • Off-gassing.

12. Layla

Firm copper-infused memory foam is firm on the bottom and soft on the top. It is possible to turn it over depending on the required firmness. It comes very handy when you want more softness after the pregnancy and recovery periods are over. Convoluted Foam provides enough air flow between the layers. The average cost is $799 for Queen Size.

Layla very handy mattress

Check Price on Laylasleep.com

(more photos are available)


  • High durability.
  • 120-night trial period and 10-year warranty.
  • Multiple-firmed.
  • Body conforming.
  • No smell and noise.
  • Antimicrobial protection (important for babies).


  • Weak edge support.
  • Hot sleeping.
  • Difficult to flip.

13. Saatva

Saatva innerspring mattresses provide 3 firmness options in order to suit each customer: Medium-Soft, Medium-Firm and Firm. “Coil-on-coil” construction guarantees perfect response to the human body along with support. The organic cotton cover and Euro pillow make it feel very soft and pleasant while sleeping. The average price is $1,099 on the official page for Queen Size. Other sizes are available as well.

Saatva Coil-on-coil construction

Check Price on Saatvamattress.com

(more photos are available)


  • Couples would appreciate a high level of bounce and response.
  • Good thermoregulation
  • No off-gassing
  • Different types of firmness
  • 120-night Trial


  • Weak motion isolation
  • Less freedom in changing position and moving, because it may fail to handle the growing belly and gaining extra weight
  • Noisy
  • Lifespan is short

Mattress Comparison Features

Pregnant women should have enough relaxation, because their bodies have to produce more energy in order to support the baby. Stressful work and hustle during the day may cause different types of pains that make people struggle with exhaustion and drowsiness in the morning. There are several points to pay attention before buying beds for the pregnant to prevent additional damage to the health:

  • Type
  • Price and quality
  • Size
  • Firmness and thickness
  • Support
  • Single or multiple pregnancies
  • Thermoregulation

Mattress type:

Nowadays, manufacturers produce a lot of sleeping surface types depending on materials. Thus, choosing the right variant to satisfy all the requirements is crucial. Each mattress has its own characteristics and features, which make them suitable for different situations. Let us take a closer look.

Bed for pregnant women


The construction of hybrid mattresses consist of 2 inches of memory foam (at least) plus latex or m/f comfort layer. The support is ensured by pocketed coils. Strong support, good response and pressure relief are provided by combining all the materials together. Moreover, a high level of body contouring makes them an ideal choice to stay healthy and wake up more cheerful.

Strong support

Common Drawbacks:

  • Low durability (approximately 6 years if we do not mean luxury products)
  • High price ($2,000 on average)
  • Noise and odor potential


Innerspring mattresses are usually made with 2 layers of polyfoam in the comfort layer. The base consists of the similar materials. Steel coils are used for the base.

Innerspring cheap models

Cheap models are made with bonnel coils. More durability is ensured by offset coils. Continuous wire coils give the highest lifespan at the cost of conforming. Pocketed coils are more common in hybrid mattresses, but some manufacturers use them as well. No matter how many coils are used. But note that the number should be not less than 600.

The advantages of innersprings are superior pressure relief and strong edge support – perfect choice to reduce spinal and muscle pain. Traditional bed lovers would highly appreciate the price ($1,037 for the Queen on average). But many reviews show that they do not give enough comfort for the pregnant.

Common Drawbacks:

  • Noise potential
  • Weak motion isolation
  • Shorter-than-average lifespan (about 5.5 years) ­


Latex or high-density polyfoam with 1 or more latex comfort layers usually form the base. Of course, honest manufacturers use organic materials. But synthetic foam is used as well. So allergy sufferers must pay close attention to the materials before buying.

Latex surfaces

As well as memory foam mattresses, latex sleeping surfaces are classified according to the ILD scale, where 39 and higher mean firmness, while lower than 16 points mean softness. Long lifespan is ensured by the material (8.5 years on average), thermoregulation is good and there’s no noise because of the great motion isolation. Pregnant ladies can choose this type because of the body contouring and pressure relief to reduce spine and shoulder pain.

Common Drawbacks:

  • High price (approximately $1,900)
  • Weak edge support
  • Off-gassing
  • Heavy weight

Memory foam:

The base is made of the high-density polyfoam combined with one or more layers of memory foam. It means that customers will receive strong body contouring, which helps to align the spine nearly in all sleeping position. It perfectly handles the back and other pain types to reach the maximum comfort. Such bed types are the worst place for parasites’ living and breeding.

Foam concrete Mattresses

Neck and shoulder pain suffers would highly appreciate how memory foam mattresses handle the pressure relief. If we talk about couples, good motion isolation lets every partner feel like sleeping alone.

Common Drawbacks:

  • Weak thermoregulation (except for gel-infused models)
  • Off-gassing


Airbed mattresses consist of thin comfort layers or do not have them at all. At least 2 air chambers form the support layer. Some models offer to change the inflation level in order to change firmness and support.

Airbeds for pregnant women

Their close conforming can help to reduce some back pains along with pressure. But it is not possible for the pregnant to sleep on their back and stomach here even with special pillows. So, it is not a good choice for regular sleeping (if we don’t mean camping).

Common drawbacks:

  • Noise
  • Odor
  • High price (about $2,200)
  • Costly repair along with high damage risks
  • Weak thermoregulation
  • Not comfortable for the pregnant

Please note that pluses and minuses may differ from model to model as they use different material combinations and technologies.

What to look for?

Mattress types are only the first point to consider. Each model shows different results when we talk about couples, single and multiple pregnancies, back pain suffers and the other factors. A research, conducted by PhDs Louise M. O’Brien and Jane Warland, addresses typical sleep patterns of the pregnant, so if you are preparing to have a baby, you should read about what to expect from your body.

Variant of the option

Single adults and couples

Pregnant ladies sleeping with their partners should consider some factors in order to choose the best variant:

  • Good motion isolation – in order not to wake up every time when the spouse moves (especially, if you have an elder child or pets: they will certainly crawl into your bed)
  • High-lever of bounce and sensitive response
  • Body contouring – to change positions without disturbing the partner.
  • Soft cover layer but medium or higher firmness.
  • Thermoregulation – to stay cool and comfortable.

Single adults should also follow the above-mentioned characteristics plus edge support (rolling-off prevention).

Multiple pregnancies

When we talk about multiple pregnancies, it is often accompanied by gaining more weight. All in all, even if the woman is not heavy, her growing belly (especially with 2 or more children inside) needs extra support during the night. Moreover, in the second and third trimester, a pregnant woman faces a lot of mobility challenges because of suffering from back, neck, shoulder and leg pains. So, an ideal sleeping surface should have:

  • The right thickness. High-profile mattresses help a lot with getting out of the bed and border sitting without applying extra pressure to the pelvis and belly muscles. It is recommended to choose thickness ranging from 10 to 14 points.
  • Conforming.
  • Strong edge support.
  • Suitable for adjustable beds (as it provides the maximum level of comfort with the remote control).
  • Pregnant women are very temperature-sensitive, so the good temperature regulation is a must).


It is caused by nose and throat vibrations that appear when person’s air ducts are restricted. Snoring could be very annoying and cause insomnia. Memory foam or hybrid mattresses give enough shoulder and neck support to avoid the problem. Also don’t forget about pressure relief.

Post childbirth period

So, all the 40 weeks had passed. But the difficulties are never-ending. Mothers have to wake up at night to feed their children or simply put them back to sleep. Some of them can’t even sit because of stitches. Therefore, the right mattress should be:

  • Medium-firm or firmer (if you want to sleep with your child).
  • Strong edge support to get out of the bed easily or when the child’s crib is moved closely to the parent’s bed. Some mothers prefer to use cocoons within the first 4 months. Support from corner to corner should prevent sinking (it may cause SIDC).
  • Pressure relief. If a pregnant woman experienced pains because of her growing belly, now the new mother should cradle their babies every time they cry.
  • Good motion isolation in order not to kick your partner.

Post C-section or abortion recovery

The most important point once again is to avoid sinking. If we talk about an abortion, ladies should avoid extra pressure and stay relaxed. C-section is a complex operation that requires about 6 months of recovery. Thus, the mattress should have:

  • Strong support and sufficient thickness in order not to harm yourself while getting out of the bed or moving (the most common thing is dehiscence).
  • More than 10 inches of thickness.
  • Medium firmness. Too firm or too soft sleeping surfaces may cause extra pains and delay recovery.
  • An adjustable frame allows choosing the best position to stay comfortable. Another important fact is that after C-section some women are not allowed to sit up, so remote control will help with eating or feeding the baby comfortably.

Mattress sizes:

Sleeping surface sizes depend on personal preferences, requirements, number of sleepers and their weight. Read a short description below.

Twin size

Twin (38×75)

The smallest size that is good for children, single adults (especially with a small flat or bedroom). But pregnant women should choose bigger variants.

Twin XL (38×80)

Tall single adults and teenagers often choose this type, especially those living in a small room or at a campus. Of course, hospital beds could be even smaller, but for home use it may be a little bit uncomfortable (in case of pregnancy of course).

Full (54×75)

Full-sized beds allow more freedom to single pregnant women or those having separate beds with their partner.

Queen (60×80)

The most popular size nowadays is Queen. The average price of mattresses is always calculated based on this size. Couples, who do not move a lot, would stay comfortable throughout the night. Is goes without saying, that this size is very convenient, when the woman sleeps alone with the baby’s cocoon or crib nearby.

King (76×80) and California King (72×84)

Pregnant ladies, who would like not to disturb their partner and vice versa, should pay attention to these sizes exactly. It comes more important when we talk about newborn and elder children, who would crawl into the parent’s beds to receive more attention and warmth. King Size coincides with two Twin Beds, so the bed could be combined of 2 mattresses instead of 1 (as it is usual for hotels).

The biggest dimension is Cal King – it provides some extra space for tall or large people.

For the further information about what kind of mattress to choose, the pregnant should depend on their personal feelings and comfort and perhaps receive some medical consultation, because changes to your body come every week. Another thing – a pregnant lady who has no opportunity to receive help in setting it up, should choose brands with “White Glove delivery”.


Dream Cloud provides a high level of quality along with comfort among its competitors. It is suitable for all pregnancy types and weights because of the strong support and pressure relief. The biggest thickness of the DC hybrid mattress makes it much easier to get out of the bed for urination or newborn baby care. Lower back pain sufferers will receive enough pressure relief to stay relaxed and healthy as it positively affects the most critical spots. As for allergy sufferers, this brand’s products are the worst place for parasite breeding.

Nectar shows ideal results in relieving different types of pain and aching. Low price is combined with high quality that offers perfect thermoregulation, edge support, good contouring and pressure relief. It is suitable both for couples and single people, for single and multiple pregnancies. Moreover, it is quite good for post C-section recovery.

If someone wants to receive a perfect balance between price and quality along with high technologies – Purple is the best choice. The company produces two models with different thickness and characteristics – the pregnant of all body types will be satisfied. Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic materials help to prevent negative allergenic complications.

The other 10 mattresses from the list do a great job to help pregnant women achieve all the necessary relaxation, to reduce pains and give strong support whether sleeping alone, with a partner or a baby.

It should be mentioned again, that the parents’ bed is not the right place for a newborn child. Parents can move the crib closer to their bed or choose baby cocoons that simulate the fetal position.