Customers often have difficulties with choosing a good product which would satisfy all their needs like general comfort and individual preferences. Choosing a mattress is sometimes similar to choosing a car because you need to take everything into account before you find the perfect one for you. Will the popular model, with a lot of promised benefits, be good for you? Sometimes only real experience may tell.

We have analyzed 3 mattresses by manufacturers that occupy strong positions on the market and have great reputation among the customers – Casper, Purple and DreamCloud. Each of them has its own signature design and uses high-quality materials. Which one will prove to be the best?

Last Updated: Jimmy After getting all the reviews summarized, we can conclude that DreamCloud is the best model of all, Purple is #2, which means great quality for different purposes, and Casper is #3 being a great model for back pain and having the best price to quality ratio.

In this review:

The Comparison Results

Side SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Stomach SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Lower Back Pain Very GoodGoodVery Good
Neck and Shoulder Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Arthritis and FibromyalgiaVery GoodGoodGood
Hot SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Heavy PeopleVery GoodGoodSatisfactory
CouplesVery GoodGoodGood
AllergiesVery GoodGoodGood
Thickness15” 9.5” 10”
Firmness6.5 Medium Firm6.5 Medium6 Medium Firm
Durability7-8 years expected6-7 years6-7 years
SmellSlight, dissipating in 2-3 daysPossible, dissipating in 3-5 daysSlight, dissipating quickly
Edge SupportGoodGoodSatisfactory
NoiseVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Warranty25 years10 years10 years

When making our comparison, we overviewed such comfort characteristics as firmness level, support and spine alignment, conforming and pain relief. We could not omit temperature neutrality and motion isolation, which are very important for couples and some other categories of customers.

Besides these, we also checked the suitability of all of the models for different sleeping positions and weight categories. We also used genuine customer reviews to determine if all the models are equally good for couples.

Certain health conditions influencing sleep quality were also taken into account. We determined how good the models are for those who suffer from arthritis, muscle pain of different origin, spine problems or allergies to dust mites.

While we were gathering reliable information about comfort, we could not ignore the influence on your budget and affordability of each model. We included durability parameters, warranty period and delivery conditions into the complete review for you to compare which one will be more economic.

The best mattress of all 3 analyzed was determined based on a great number of individual customer reviews. Below the summary of our conclusions is presented. Read more to see complete model reviews and comparisons with all the details!

All the estimates are subjective and based on individual feelings of lots of customers who have already used these models and checked their suitability for different demands and purposes. Taken together, they give detailed information on using these beds in real conditions.

1. DreamCloud – Best Overall Choice

DreamCloud is a hybrid model that offers great levels of comfort and support, adding a luxury feel to them both. It has a tufted pillow top, which creates the impression of hotel luxury. It is attractive due to its balance of characteristics and wonderful looks.

DreamCloud spine alignment

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(more photos are available)

DreamCloud is suitable for different positions and weight categories as its construction is optimal to provide necessary support and spine alignment. Its support core is made of pocketed coils that distribute the weight uniformly and create a “cradle” where you feel completely relaxed.

The support core also contains dense memory foam to make the bed more flexible. The comfort part consists of a memory foam layer with standard density, a layer of natural latex, gel-infused memory foam and a quilted layer of the same material.

This type of layer combination helps DreamCloud to give good spine alignment to heavy and average people without sinking deep into the mattress or feeling the support layers. The gel-infused layer offers a cooling effect and makes the model really appreciated by the customers.

What are the detailed characteristics? Let us read the full review!

Side Sleepers

DreamCloud’s construction allows it to offer a great combination of support and conforming to those who prefer to have rest on their side. Thinking about 3 weight profiles, we can say that heavier and average people consider DreamCloud wonderful, while light weight people may find it a little firmer for them but still great.

Stomach Sleepers

A thoughtful structure with pocketed coils and different foam layers gives DreamCloud the ability to conform and offer comfortable conditions to the customers who choose the stomach position. Their spine remains aligned throughout all the night and muscle tension is considerably reduced.

Back Sleepers

DreamCloud is especially recommended for those who prefer to sleep of their back. Its construction is perfect for this style regardless of the user’s weight category. The spine alignment and pressure relief are great, and in the morning people wake up completely refreshed.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

As DreamCloud has a great support system and balanced density of foam and latex layers, the chronic pain in the lower back region is relieved considerably. DreamCloud gives its users wonderful spine alignment which helps them to have their night rest without any disturbance because of the pain.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

As DreamCloud creates great conditions for pain and pressure relief, people having neck and shoulder problems related to pain get complete relaxation with it. Memory foam and latex provide significant cushioning in sensitive areas thus helping to get rid of muscle tension.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

DreamCloud is known as a model with great support, pressure relief, conforming, and temperature neutrality. So, those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis are going to find it a good model for them as it relieves pain, reduces excessive pressure in the spine and joints and gives cooling effect, which this category of customers also appreciates.

Those who suffer from osteoarthritis are going to feel relaxed as DreamCloud reduces pain and pressure in the spine and muscles. The spine remains aligned and all the body regions get necessary relief during the night.

Hot Sleepers

DreamCloud has several foam layers in its upper part, while its gel-infused memory foam and pocketed coils in the support part actually do their job at dissipating heat. It creates comfortable conditions for those who tend to feel hot at night. The cover adds to the cooling effect too.

Heavy People

DreamCloud’s support system is good enough to withstand different weights placed on it. Overweight people may get necessary support and relaxation with this model, as its pocketed coils bear the load and distribute it uniformly. Obese people also enjoy DreamCloud because it is thicker than others.

Its 15” make heavy people feel much more comfortable than the standard thickness. The sleepers feel their spine aligned and muscles relaxed, and there is no sinking feeling at all.


The model offers good motion isolation, which is great for those who have a sleeping partner. When all the movements are isolated well, couples have their rest undisturbed. DreamCloud offers good support for partners with different weights – a useful feature indeed.

Its temperature neutrality adds to the comfort of night rest, as with two people sharing the bed the heat accumulates faster. Cooling foam in the comfort part and a special cover material allow the couples to feel cool all night long.


DreamCloud is a hybrid model and it uses pocketed coils. This fact may strike a warning note to those who look for a bed suitable for people allergic to dust mites, but there are no reports of any worsening related to this.

What is more, people with asthma can use DreamCloud without any safety concerns. The coils are tightly wrapped in special fabric, which does not allow dust and mites to accumulate inside.


DreamCloud is available in the standard dimension range: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Twin and Twin XL have 5” of length difference. They are both meant for single sleepers: children, adolescents and adults. They are 39” wide.

Full is a dimension suitable for single people, but with more space to have. It is too narrow for couples, with 75” of width it does not offer enough space for each of the partners.

Queen is a suitable option for single people and couples. It gives your bedroom luxurious look and feel, especially with DreamCloud’s design.

King and California King are 76W” x 80L” and 72W” x 84L”, respectively, and they are suitable for any type of sleepers, no matter what their weight category is. Choosing between King and California King, mind the dimensions of your foundation too.


DreamCloud is available in one thickness option, 15”. This parameter makes it a good model for overweight people and for those who need additional support. 8 of these 15” are pocketed coils and the rest is composed of foam layers. Therefore, spine alignment and support are really great with it.


DreamCloud is rated as 6.5 Medium Firm. It is optimal for different styles and weight categories. It provides enough support to keep the spine aligned all night, and is soft enough to conform to the body and relieve the excessive pressure.


DreamCloud is thought to be a durable model, as the summaries of different customer reviews suggest. It is expected to last for at least 7-8 years without any signs of sagging.


As there are some foam layers in the DreamCloud construction, the slight smell is possible, but, based on customer information, it dissipates within 24 hours.

Edge Support

The perimeter of DreamCloud is firm enough to prevent rolling-off at night. While there is no special reinforcement of the edge, the edges are strong enough even if you tend to move a lot at night.


DreamCloud can be used on any foundation you prefer. If you like to sleep on a low profile bed, you may place it even on the floor. Also you can use platform slats, box spring (be careful in case of allergy), and an adjustable foundation too. In the latter case watch fort the bending angle – it should not exceed 20 degrees.

Warranty and Delivery

The company offers 25 years of warranty, which is really a lot in comparison to other models. The sleep trial lasts for 365 days and is accompanied with a full refund. Delivery is free to the contiguous states, but it will need some payment in case of transportation to Alaska or Hawaii.


  • 25-year warranty.
  • 365-night full refund trial period.
  • Great support due to hybrid system with pocketed coils and combination of foam and latex layers with different density.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • Cooling effect due to the cover material and gel-infused memory foam in the comfort layer.
  • Suitable for different weights and sleeping positions.
  • Luxurious look.


  • Pricey in comparison to other models.
  • Slight odor possible in the first 24 hours.

2. Purple – Runner Up

Purple is a model that attracts attention, first of all, because of its unique structure and the unusual feel it gives. It gathers lots of positive reviews from customers and does it because of the special materials and innovational solutions it incorporates.

Purple Hyper Elastic Polymer material

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(more photos are available)

Purple has a 4” layer of dense polyfoam in the base of its structure and uses it as a support part. The middle part is made of less dense polyfoam that serves as a transitional layer between the support part and the top of the model.

The upper layer of Purple is made of the proprietary material called Hyper Elastic Polymer. This layer is 2” thick. The layer has a grid-like structure with a lot of small squares made of polymer and reinforced with buckling column gel. It feels a bit like silicone and has great adaptability to whatever is placed on it.

A soft cover completes the construction. It is made of viscose, polyester, lycra and spandex and gives a cooling effect adding to the temperature regulation.

All these materials give Purple significant support with uniform distribution of the sleeper’s weight across the entire surface. The upper layer gives a lot of comfort, as it adjusts its contours to the body curves and relieves all the pressure and muscle tension you feel at the end of the day.

What are the other noteworthy characteristics of Purple? Let us read the full review!

Side Sleepers

According lots of reviews, Purple is great for those who prefer the side style. People of all weight categories find it comfortable and pressure-relieving. The patented Smart Grid creates a wonderful cradle for shoulder and hip areas, helping to align the spine and reduce muscle tension.

Stomach Sleepers

The unique structure with Hyper-Elastic Polymer allows Purple to create great comfort for those who prefer to lie on their stomach. This model distributes the weight well and gives enough support to the regions that need it: in this case, it is stomach and hips.

People of different weights feel great with Purple in this position, although heavier folks may sink a little more, which depends on their weight.

Back Sleepers

Purple offers great comfort for those who choose the back style. Its two layers of polyfoam with different densities give good support throughout the surface, while the polymer grid conforms according to the body curves. Taken together, all this offers wonderful pressure relief during the night.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

As Purple allows your body to fully relax while enjoying its supportive and conforming features, those who suffer from lower back pain are going to find their relief here. The polymer grid adjusts its contours to the smallest body curves and allows tense muscles to relax, while the dense polyfoam gives good support to the whole body.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

People who have problems with neck and shoulder pain will get a significant relief with Purple. The gel-reinforced grid collapses under the pressure, and gives comfort fit for a king. Purple cares for your sensitive regions and additionally reduces pain and tension there.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis will find Purple good, as it is a pressure relieving and supportive bed with good temperature regulation. Its Smart Grid provides good air circulation, which results in a significant cooling effect.

Those who are diagnosed with osteoarthritis appreciate Purple’s great support and response, alongside with excellent pain relief. Together, its dense foam layers and the polymer grid ensure all the necessary pain alleviation and spine alignment.

Hot Sleepers

Purple enjoys wonderful air ventilation as the air passes through the small squares in the polymer grid without obstacles. Thus, all the heat accumulated during the night dissipates easily. Those who feel hot at night may have no doubts – this model is really worth getting!

Heavy People

This model is known to be supportive and conforming at the same time. Overweight people get enough support with it due to dense polyfoam layers in the support part, and they get all the necessary pain relief due to the elastic polymer grid.

Obese people are going to like Purple because of its ability to provide softness and sufficient response at the same time. However, some heavy sleepers of more than 250 lbs tend to feel some sinking, especially when lying on their stomach. On the whole, it depends on individual feeling and body shape.


Couples need motion isolation and temperature neutrality together with good bounce and response. And Purple is ready to give all these. Its polymer grid offers great air circulation without “heat traps” and provides good motion isolation. And the bed’s dense polyfoam provides necessary response to partners with different weights.


As Purple is made of foam layers and a polymer grid, it does not allow any dust mites to accumulate inside its structure. Therefore, Purple is a good model for people allergic to dust mites, as there will be no worsening while sleeping on it.

The same can be said about people suffering from asthma. Purple is clean from bugs and their waste, and it will not do any harm even after long-term use.


Purple is produced in the following dimensions: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

There is no usual Twin size in this model, and the extra-long option is 38” x 80”. It will be good for single people of light and average weight or for children.

Full is 54” x 75” and is suitable for single people who like to have more space to spread out, or are of heavy weight and feel that Twin is too narrow.

Queen is 60” x 80”. This option is bought most often, and is suitable for couples, single sleepers of any weight and just for those who love to feel some luxury in their bedrooms.

King and California King are 76” x 80” and 72” x 84”, respectively. They are good for couples of any weight category. While King offers a little more space for each partner, California King is better for taller people. Single sleepers also may use these beds if they enjoy utter freedom of movement.


Purple has 9 ½” of thickness. It is made of 4” of dense polyfoam in the base part, 3 ½” of the transitional foam layer, and 2” of the polymer grid. This parameter is a bit lower than that of other comparable models, but it is quite sufficient to provide all the necessary support and other important features.


Purple is available in 1 firmness option which is 6.5 on average across different ratings. It is Medium firm, right between the “too firm” and “too soft”, and the materials used in it, especially the polymer grid, help it to be soft where you want and firm where your body needs, thus giving you the correct and targeted balance of these features.


Purple uses high-quality materials like dense polyfoam, while the polymer grid is also known as able to withstand wear and tear. The expected lifespan of the model is at least 7-8 years without any signs of wear.


Some customers report some odor which persists during 2-3 days and dissipates later. They do not tell about any significant discomfort because of this.

Edge Support

Purple offers good edge support to stay in bed and not to roll off at night. However, the polymer grid easily collapses under pressure if the user opts to sit on the edge. So Purple’s support cannot be called the strongest.


Purple does not lose any of its characteristics because of the foundation, and it offers the same comfort whenever it is placed. Among the variants you may use are platform slats, box spring (not for allergic people or asthma sufferers), adjustable foundations or just the floor.

Warranty and Delivery

Purple offers a 10-year warranty with 100 nights of sleep trial and full refund in case of any inconveniences. Shipping is performed to the USA and Canada.


  • 10-year warranty.
  • 100-night sleep trial period with full refund possible.
  • Special polymer grid makes the model breathable and greatly conforming.
  • Dense polyfoam offers good support.
  • Temperature neutrality is great due to the grid upper layer.
  • Motion isolation and response are on high level which is good for couples.


  • Some odor possible in the first 2-3 days.
  • Edge support is a bit weaker than of the other models.
  • Some sinking may be felt by heavy people.

3. Casper – Also Good

Casper, a well-known company on the market, produces 3 models called Casper (original), Essential and Wave. We have chosen the original Casper for our comparison as it gets the most of positive reviews from the customers.

Casper Zoned Support

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(more photos are available)

This model is built of durable and dense support foam in the lowest part. It is the foundation of the whole construction, which is responsible for spine alignment.

Above it, there is a layer of adaptive transition foam. It is less dense than the foundation layer, but is softer than the upper part. It is very responsive and gives the model its bounce and conforming features.

There is also a special feature called Zoned Support which means that the central part of the layer is softer than its edges. This way Casper creates a special comfort zone for the lumbar region.

The upper 2 layers are memory foam and open-cell comfort foam. The latter is Casper’s proprietary material. Both these layers provide ensure ease of movements, response and conforming. Open-cell foam also provides air permeability and bounce.

How do different customers feel about trying Casper at their homes? Let us see the complete review!

Side Sleepers

Lying on Casper on one of your sides, you are going to get the pressure relieved throughout your spine with additional cradling in the shoulder and hip zone. Casper alleviates pain and muscle tension by means of strong support and zoned comfort in the middle part.

Stomach Sleepers

If you prefer the stomach position, you are going to experience decent spine alignment together with relaxation in your lumbar zone and legs. In this position, Casper ensures uniform support and conforming throughout all your body.

Back Sleepers

Casper is recommended for the back style as it can give great pressure relief with it. You’ll have your chest and shoulders cradled, while your lumbar part will be comfortably elevated due to the special materials in the middle part of the model.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Casper is made having people who suffer from lower back pain in mind. Many of them feel constant pain if they spend most of the day sitting or working with heavy things. Casper has Zoned Support, which cradles the lumbar region so that pain and tension are reduced greatly and you wake up refreshed.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

The model is good at alleviating pain in the neck and shoulders. Its open-cell comfort foam joined with memory foam underneath ensures good conforming in this region. In case of problems in this area, Casper will give you necessary relief and provide comfortable sleep.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Casper offers enough comfort and pain relief for those who suffer from osteoarthritis. It gives the conforming they need and strong support their spine requires.

Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis will find Casper pressure relieving and really supportive due to the foam materials picked for its construction. Besides this, they are going to appreciate temperature regulation ensured by the open-cell comfort foam. This group of customers feels less pain in the joints if the bed provides some cooling.

Hot Sleepers

Those who tend to feel hot at night give good reviews to Casper in the context of its temperature regulation. Its open-cell foam is breathing and dissipates the body heat at the night without making you feel hot.

Heavy People

Casper offers really good support and spine alignment due to its dense foam in the base part, and it works quite well with heavy weight. Obese people find it comfortable due to its Medium-firm firmness, and its lumbar zone support system.

By the way, people heavier than 260 lbs may feel some sinking, especially if they the prefer stomach position. Thus, overweight people should test this model for some time or consider a one with reinforced support.


As Casper has good motion isolation due to its foam materials with a special structure, it is comfortable for couples – they do not feel movements of each other. Casper is also remarkable for its noiselessness.

The dense foam in the base layer and transition layers gives Casper good bounce, which is also important for those who have a partner; it remains true for couples with different weights, too.


Casper’s safety for people allergic to dust mites is doubtless. This model is made of different foams that are not prone to accumulating dust. There will be no mites or bugs accumulated in Casper, as well as no dust. People suffering from allergies and asthma can use this model and enjoy quiet and undisturbed rest.


Casper is available in a standard range of dimensions. The smallest options are Twin and Twin XL, which are 39W” x 75L” and 39W” x 80L”, respectively. They are good for single sleepers and children, and the XL option is meant for taller people.

Full is 54” x 75”, and it is good for those who love to spread out or are combination sleepers. It is still not wide enough for couples. Although many of them consider Full for their homes, it is better to get a wider model.

Queen is 60” x 80”, and it is good for single sleepers and for those who have a partner. It offers enough space for the two and allows single ones to feel free at night.

King and California King are meant for people who love a lot of space to spread out, and are 76” x 80” and 42” x 84”, respectively. They are good for any category of sleepers, and serve well for couples where both partners are overweight.


Casper is available in one thickness option, 10”. It is built of 5” of dense polyfoam in the base and 3 layers of polyfoam, memory foam and open-cell foam, 1 ½” each. This parameter is on par with other models on the market and is suitable for different customers.


The firmness level of Casper is evaluated as 6, which is Medium Firm. This score also depends on individual feelings of each of the customers, but the combined rating tells that Casper gives the feel between too soft and too firm. It provides enough support to the spine and the lumbar zone, but it also can give cushioning where it is needed the most.


Casper is considered to be a durable model. The estimated time of its use without any signs of sinking is 6-7 years. Of course, it depends on the number of sleepers and their weight category.


As many other foam models, Casper is reported to produce some off-gassing when it is new. A slight odor may be noticed during the first 2-3 days of use, then it disappears without additional measures.

Edge Support

There is a layer of dense polyfoam in the base of Casper and it provides good edge support to those who tend to lie close to the edge. Most users give it good ratings when asked about the comfort – there is no feeling of possible rolling off at night.


Casper does not require any special foundation and can serve equally well on any type of them. You can put it on a wooden or metal foundation, on box springs, platform slats or an adjustable foundation if you need it. You can even place it on the floor.

Warranty and Delivery

The company offers 10-year warranty for its products. The sleep trial lasts for 100 nights and is accompanied with full refund in case of any inconveniences. The warranty is non-transferable. The shipping is free across the contiguous US. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada is paid.


  • 10-year non-transferable warranty.
  • 100-night testing period with full refund.
  • Dense polyfoam as a base layer provides strong support and great spine alignment.
  • 3 layers of different foam types in the comfort part provide motion isolation, good contouring, and pressure relief.
  • Open-cell foam is breathable and gives good temperature regulation.
  • Completely noiseless.
  • Optimal level of firmness.


  • Slight odor possible in the first few days of use.
  • Some overweight sleepers may feel sinking in the stomach position.

Mattress Comparison Features

When you start choosing a mattress, you look for the model which will be perfect for you and your sleeping partner if you have one. But there are many different characteristics which should be taken into account before you make the final choice. So here is a guide on features a model may have and how they influence the quality of your sleep.

Choice of mattress model

First and foremost, your bed must be supportive enough. Excessively soft models curve the spine during the night, which leads to many problems with your back from muscle pain to scoliosis worsening. An overly firm model may also create discomfort and make you feel tired in the morning.

Another feature crucial for comfort is conforming. It is the ability of materials to change the contours according to the body curves to create a cradle where your body feels completely relaxed. The level of conforming depends on materials used in the construction, but mostly on the comfort part of it.

One more parameter to take into account is temperature neutrality or temperature regulation. It is achieved through special design features or through using breathing materials. Some models may have layers with cooling additives, infused with various gels, metals or graphite to provide cooler sleep.

These are the most common characteristics taken into account. But there are also some factors which may be important for people with different needs. Those who have light sleep look for models with as less noise produced as possible; people who often turn around at night need a model with strong edge support, because they obviously don’t want to roll off their beds.

People with certain health conditions like scoliosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma or allergic reactions, will have their own demands. Those who have allergy to dust and mites, for example, need the least possible chances of dust accumulation inside the model.

So, what are the modern bed types and what can we expect from them? Which one serves the best?

Mattress Types

There are several popular types nowadays which are characterized by utilizing certain materials and construction types. Let us review them one by one.


Hybrid models incorporate several different materials and construction types in one. Most often they combine innerspring layers with pocketed coils in the base part and memory foam or latex layers in the comfort part. This way, they deliver the best in one model – great support and spine alignment with conforming and the necessary level of softness.

Comfort of the hybrid base

Common disadvantages of hybrids:

  • Heavy weight and difficulty to move it.
  • Prices are usually higher than of other mattress types.


Innerspring models, as their name says, have springs inside of their construction. These coils may be pocketed or not. The number of coils and of their layers depend on the manufacturer. Nowadays there are many ways to create a coil support system with different characteristics.

Springs inside

Innerspring models are long-lasting, definitely give good support and spine alignment, and may bear heavy weight better than foam models.

Common disadvantages:

  • Heavy weight of the model.
  • Possible dust accumulation in some models.
  • Higher noise potential.


These models are made of latex layers which can be manufactured from naturally or artificially obtained latex. The latter variant is cheaper. This type of beds offers softness, conforming and excellent adjusting to the curves of your body.

Soft latex bed

Pressure relief, motion isolation and contouring are the best features of these models. But because of softness, which is higher than that of other materials, latex is often combined with other fillers like foams of different density or coil constructions to offer better support.

Common disadvantages:

  • Distinct smell possible in the first days of use.
  • Some allergy potential (to those who are sensitive to latex).
  • Price of naturally produced latex is relatively high.

Memory Foam

This material is gaining popularity among all the manufacturers nowadays. It is unique due to its comfort and the feel it offers. The special feature of this material is its ability to mimic the contours of thing placed on its surface. When a person lies on it, even the smallest curves are cradled, so pressure relief is on the highest level.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam

There are many different types of memory foam with different density parameters. They can also have some additives like graphite or gel to provide cooling effect.

Common disadvantages:

  • Possible odor.
  • “Heat traps” are possible.
  • High price.

Airbed mattress

This type of beds is special because they are essentially air chambers filled with compressed air with a special pump. The customer chooses when and how much to inflate the model to get the right firmness and support level.

Air chamber

It sounds interesting for many, as this type is lightweight, easy to move from one place to another, and the support is regulated.

Common disadvantages:

  • Easy to damage.
  • Necessary level of support needs constant control and correction.

What to Look For?

While there are many different types, some groups of customers have their own preferences about the features and quality the bed should offer. Comfort is an individual feeling for each of us, so what do different groups of sleepers need? Let us see!

Single adults and couples

Those who have a partner need their bed to provide:

  • Motion isolation.
  • As little noise as possible.
  • Good temperature regulation.
  • Significant support for both of partners even if they are of different weights.
  • Good bounce.

Those who are single prefer to choose the models which are supportive enough and give them enough contouring and cool sleep. The features like motion isolation are not so important for them.


People of advanced age need a little more comfort from the bed, because it is typical for them to have some spine or back problems. Also many of them have light sleep and wake up easily during the night.

Elderly people want their bed to provide:

  • Good support and pressure relief.
  • Appropriate firmness and softness balance.
  • As little noise as possible.

Many elderly people suffer from chronic heart or lung diseases, so they tend to choose beds which can be used on an adjustable foundation. This feature allows to have some parts of their bodies elevated.

Large people

For those who are large or overweight (more than 230 lbs), the main desired feature of a bed is really good support and spine alignment. These customers often experience sinking into the surface, mostly in the stomach and hips areas.

This group of customers also appreciates cooling effects or good air permeability as they often suffer from feeling hot or having night sweats. These may be special cooling layers, foams infused with graphite or gels, or coil constructions that provide good ventilation as well.


Snoring appears because of the upper airways obstruction in the night time. It may happen because of wrong head and shoulders position or because of health problems, like heart diseases.

Mattress against Snoring

People suffering from snoring need to have good support in the shoulders zone and get a good supportive pillow. Also the models with good cushioning in the upper part of a body will be great.

Post-surgery recovery

Those who recover after surgical intervention and have to stay in bed for a long time really need to have the highest level of comfort possible. The essential qualities are great support, pressure relief and spine alignment, which will help the body to feel comfortable.

Another parameter is air circulation, as long staying in bed may cause “heat traps”. Depending on the surgery type and recovery process, some parts of the body may need constant elevation, so the model should be fit for using on an adjustable foundation.

Mattress Sizes


Twin is 39” X 75”, or 96.5cm X 190.5cm. This dimension is suitable for single sleepers or children. In some models it has the width of 38”. Twin XL is 5” longer and is meant for taller people who need more space to spread their legs comfortably.


The Full size is 54” X 75”, or 134.5cm X 190.5cm. It is optimal for single people of any weight category, although some tall customers may find it too short. While there are many couples who think Full is appropriate for them, it does not offer much space for two, and it is better for couples to consider another option.


This dimension is 60” X 80”, or 152.5cm X 203.5cm, and it is the most often ordered size. It is suitable for single people, especially for those who love to have a lot of space and turn round often. It is also good for couples, as both of the partners can take the position they prefer to sleep in.


King is 76” X 80”, or 193cm X 203.5cm, and California King is 72” X 84”, or 183cm X 213.5cm. They are the biggest sizes available, with King being 4” longer and California King 4” wider. They offer the maximum space in bedroom and are suitable for all kinds of sleepers, regardless of their height or weight category.


DreamCloud is a luxurious bed which can satisfy the most demanding customers. It offers great support due to its pocketed coil layer and provides good cushioning due to foams in the comfort part.

With its gel-infused memory foam and a cooling cover material, it offers a great cooling effect, which is important for hot sleepers.DreamCloud is 15” thick, which in combination with its well-thought supportive system allows heavy people to enjoy great spine alignment and support, together with cushioning and conforming.

DreamCloud has got a lot of reviews which prove that it works great for all weight categories and sleeping styles. Its supportive system, carefully chosen foams and latex layers provide great spine alignment and pressure relief regardless of what style the customers choose to have their rest.

With all its comfort and luxurious look and feel, DreamCloud is really a long-lasting model with at least 7 years of use without any signs of wear. So it saves your funds, too.

Purple is a model that attracts with innovation and high level of comfortable sleep. Smart Grid, a polymer construction enforced with buckling column gel, offers a real value to the customers. It provides significant cushioning and cradling to the smallest body curves and gives great pressure relief.

Smart Grid also offers such a very important feature as air permeability. Purple is rated as one of the best models in terms of air circulation, as the breathing part is placed right under the cover. So all the heat accumulated during the night is dissipated very fast.

The original Purple model is very supportive due to high-density polyfoam in the base part. The transitional layer of foam distributes the load and creates comfortable cradle which conforms to the body contours. Shoulders and mid-back get special relief with it.

Purple is a bit thinner than usual – 9.5”, and it may seem too little for heavy people weighing 250 lbs and more. Some people report feeling the supportive materials below the comfort layer.

Casper gets its fans because of the construction made of foam types and layers with different characteristics. The foundation layer is made of dense polyfoam, which provides good spine alignment and gives the mattress a stable contour and reliable edge support.

Comfort and contour layers consist of latex-like foam and memory foam, respectively. They give the softer feel and pressure relief with some pleasant sinking in the surface. The upper layer also has cooling properties and provides good temperature regulation.

The special feature of Casper is zoned support executed by means of the transitional layer located between foundation and comfort parts. A softer foam type is placed at the ends of the bed and the firmer one is situated in the center. It gives great cushioning to shoulders and supports lumbar zone thus preventing it from sinking.

Lighter and average people will find this model great for them. Heavier people should test this model carefully, as it may give some sinking feel with the weight of customer above 250 lbs.

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