We have analyzed hundreds of reviews on 3 popular models – DreamCloud, Saatva and Nectar. All of them are rated among the most comfortable beds nowadays. However, their prices range and construction types differ, so customers would like to know which one is really the best to be ordered? Let us find the real leader!

To reach this goal, we have compared hundreds of reviews on all the models given by the customers who already have experience of using them. The most important characteristics, mentioned almost in every review, were support level, firmness, contouring, pressure relief and temperature neutrality.

Less often, people commented on suitability of a certain model for special purposes like pain alleviation in osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, disc bulging or some kind of chronic pain that needs significant relief and attention when choosing a bed.

Last Updated: Jimmy After summarizing all the reviews, we can make a conclusion and say that DreamCloud is #1 in most of the contexts, Saatva is #2, but still of great quality and suitable in many situations, while Nectar is #3, which is compensated with its really affordable price.

In this review:

The Comparison Results

Side SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Stomach SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Lower Back Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Neck and Shoulder Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Arthritis and FibromyalgiaVery GoodGoodGood
Hot SleepersVery GoodGoodModerate
Heavy PeopleVery GoodGoodModerate
CouplesVery GoodModerateGood
AllergiesVery GoodVery GoodGood
Thickness15”11 ½ ” and 14 ½” 11”
Firmness6.5 Medium Firm4 Medium Soft, 6 Medium Firm, and 7.5 Firm6 Medium Firm
Durability7-8 years expected6-7 years6-7 years
SmellPossible, dissipating in few daysPossible, dissipating in few daysSlight, dissipating quickly
Edge SupportGoodGoodFair
NoiseVery GoodGoodGood
Warranty25 years15 yearsLifetime

We also took into account suitability of DreamCloud, Saatva and Nectar for different sleeping positions and customers’ weight. All reviews were subjective, but their summary allows to conclude which model is really an optimal variant overall.

We could not also ignore such an important parameter as durability, which means how long you can use your model after purchase without any signs of wear. The prices were reviewed too in order to find affordable and budget-friendly options.

The best of the three was determined. Read more and read the complete review and detailed results!

All the reviews are just individual impressions and opinions of different customers who have already had experience with certain models.

1. DreamCloud – Best Overall Choice

DreamCloud is a luxurious model classified as a hybrid one. This mattress is made of 8 layers – a unique composition at the moment. The layers are combined to provide maximum possible comfort, cooling, support, and motion isolation.

DreamCloud Best Model

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(more photos are available)

DreamCloud’s support core is made of pocketed coils in foam encasement, which distribute the pressure uniformly and provide great support along with spine alignment. High-density memory foam can also be found in this part of the mattress.

The comfort part consists of mixed memory foam and latex layers covered with gel memory foam to maximize contouring, pressure relief and motion isolation. At the same time, the comfort layer provides the cool feel and prevents heat accumulation at night.

The cover material of DreamCloud is tufted cashmere which ensures its luxurious feel and adds to the general softness and comfort of the whole model.

What are the detailed characteristics of this mattress and who should choose it for their bedroom? Let us see the summary of real customer reviews!

Side Sleepers

People who prefer the side style, find DreamCloud suitable, because it gives great spine alignment and conforming. It helps to relieve pressure and muscle tension caused by hard work during the day or by certain medical issues like disc bulging. The pain is alleviated effectively.

Stomach Sleepers

DreamCloud is suitable for those who prefer the stomach style. Its ability to distribute the pressure was rated as really high, and people could really relax with it. DreamCloud provides wonderful support and reduces excessive heat at night.

Back Sleepers

DreamCloud is especially recommended as a model for back style fans. Its great support and incomparable pressure relief make it a great option for those who mostly rest on their back. DreamCloud is suitable for all weight categories, from light to heavy, without any differences in the comfort created.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

As DreamCloud is a model with carefully balanced construction of foam and latex layers in its comfort part, it can relieve pain and pressure in especially sensitive regions. Due to wonderful conforming and adjusting the shape to the curves of the body, it helps back pain sufferers feel relaxed and enjoy considerable pain alleviation.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

People having problems with neck and shoulder pain are going to enjoy sleeping on DreamCloud. Due to the high-quality memory foam and latex layers in the comfort part, it provides excellent cushioning to the sensitive regions like shoulders and neck and relieves muscle tension there.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

DreamCloud is going to be a suitable model for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It provides good contouring and adjusts the shape of its surface to the body curves. People suffering from chronic pain in joints appreciate the cushioning and pain relief it gives.

Those who suffer from osteoarthritis find DreamCloud’s support and spine alignment really impressive. This model feels not too firm and not too soft, giving the right cushioning balance to the spine regions, where the most painful sensations often occur.

Hot Sleepers

Gel memory foam, added as an upper layer in the comfort part, ensures the cooling effect for those who feel hot at night or suffer from night sweats. Also, due to the pocketed coils layer, DreamCloud has better air ventilation than comparable models, and provides cooler sleep.

Heavy People

DreamCloud is a suitable model for overweight customers as it provides great support to those who are more than 230 lbs. It does not allow stomach or hip regions of obese people to sink, and feels cooler than other models of the same price range.

Heavy customers get the necessary spine alignment due to the pocketed coils and high-density memory foam in the support layer.


DreamCloud is a good variant for couples as it provides good support and significant spine alignment to people of all weight categories, which is important for couples with different weights. By the way, it gives good motion isolation, so people having a sleeping partner will not be disturbed at night.

Good response of DreamCloud makes it attractive for people finding amorous activities important.


DreamCloud is constructed of materials which are not prone to dust accumulation. Pocketed coils in the support layer have foam encasement, which also prevents aggregation of dust. Thus, DreamCloud is safe for people with allergy to dust mites.

Talking about people suffering from asthma, DreamCloud can also be listed as a safe option. It does not accumulate allergens and is suitable for using on an adjustable foundation with the head part elevated – asthma sufferers may sometimes need it.


DreamCloud is available in several dimensions – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Twin and Twin XL are meant for single adults (mostly of light or average weight) children and adolescents. The XL option is good for taller people willing to spread out their legs with comfort.

Full is meant for single adults of all weight categories, it is a little bigger than Twin models but still too small to be recommended for all couples. It can sometimes be good for couples where both partners are light.

Queen is the leader by orders nowadays as it is suitable for most of the customers. It can be used by single adults of all weight categories and by couples as well. But couples where both partners are heavy should think of getting a bigger size.

King and California King are the biggest options available and may be recommended to any customer, a single adult or a couple. These beds give luxurious feel and a lot of space to spread out.


DreamCloud is available in one thickness option – 15”. It is more than usual, but it allows the bed to provide really good support and significant comfort to the customers. Due to its thickness, DreamCloud is also great for heavy people.


DreamCloud has a rating of 6.5 or Medium Firm. It means that it feels right between the “firm” and “soft” and provides optimal support without sinking in the stomach, hips or shoulder regions.


High-density and high-quality materials are used in DreamCloud, so it is considered to be a durable model. The expected lifespan is at least 7-8 years and probably more in case of careful use.


DreamCloud does not produce any significant odor, and the typical smell of a new mattress after unpacking dissipates in 24 hours without any additional efforts.

Edge Support

DreamCloud provides really good edge support due to pocketed coils and high-density memory foam in its support layer. Some slight sinking may be noticed when sitting on the edge, but the sleep quality is not affected.


DreamCloud can be used on any foundation you prefer without losing its characteristics. You can put it on the floor, on a platform of slats, or a box spring. DreamCloud also works well on an adjustable foundation, but the elevation angle should be less than 20 degrees.

Warranty and Delivery

The company offers 25 years of non-transferable warranty. The sleep trial lasts for 365 nights which is much more than for most of the models on the market. Shipping is free for those who live in contiguous states, but is paid for inhabitants of Alaska and Hawaii.


  • 25-year non-transferable warranty.
  • 365-night full refund trial period.
  • 8 layers: memory foam, latex and pocketed coils.
  • Great support and spine alignment.
  • Cooling effect due to gel memory foam.
  • Wonderful pressure relief.
  • Optimal level of firmness.


  • The price is higher than of other models.
  • Heavy and difficulty to move or turn.

2. Saatva – Runner Up

Saatva is another market leader producing an exceptional innerspring model with two coil layers to give good support and high-density memory foam in the comfort layer to provide softness and contouring.

Saatva Good Quality for Affordable Price

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The support layer is made of 13-gauge recycled bonnell coils combined in a coil-in-coil construction. Saatva extensively uses recycled steel and other eco-friendly materials. Above these, there is another coil layer.

Side Sleepers

Saatva works well for those who prefer the side style. It enjoys positive reviews regarding support and conforming it provides, while being most appreciated by people of average and heavy weight. Lightweight customers (less than 130 lbs) may find it too firm for them.

Stomach Sleepers

Saatva is great for those who love the stomach style. It gives enough contouring and spine alignment and does not allow sinking in the stomach or hips areas. People enjoy relaxation this model offers, as well as its pressure relief.

Back Sleepers

Saatva is especially recommended for the back style fans. Its structure allows to give the maximum spine alignment and support to people who lie on their back at night. The weight category does not matter – when sleeping on the back, all customers will feel great on Saatva.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

As Saatva has strong support and good contouring, it adjusts to the body curves well and can relieve pain and excessive pressure in the sensitive points which need it the most. Lower back pain sufferers are going to enjoy these features to the fullest.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

People having neck and shoulder pain problems, like excessive muscle tension, fatigue or disc bulging, receive good support along with enough cushioning in the shoulder and neck region. Saatva makes their rest comfortable and allows to enjoy perfect pressure relief.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Due to the good conforming and pressure relief, Saatva feels comfortable for those who suffer from osteoarthritis. People with this diagnosis get good spine alignment and enjoy their rest without disruptions.

Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis give good feedback regarding Saatva because of its good contouring and response, too. These features help to reduce pain and pressure to get a really good rest at night.

Hot Sleepers

Saatva sleeps cooler than other comparable models, as it is an innerspring bed which allows the air to pass through. However, foam layers may cause some heat accumulation, although there are no reviews about experiencing “heat traps” with Saatva.

Heavy People

As this model gives good support to all weight categories, overweight people are going to enjoy having Saatva in their bedroom. Obese customers find it quite suitable for them in many contexts like support, conforming and temperature neutrality.

Heavy customers also appreciate good bounce and response that Saatva gives – it prevents them from sinking.


Saatva is good for couples for several reasons. First, it gives good support and conforming to people with different weights, so, no matter what is the weight of partners, they will feel comfortable with Saatva.

Also, this model features good temperature neutrality and from little to no noise, so the partners do not disturb each other at night. But motion isolation of Saatva is considered to be moderate, as the innerspring layers do not eliminate motion transfer completely.


As Saatva is an innerspring model with a coil layer of significant thickness, it may be prone to dust accumulation. There are no reviews mentioning allergy attacks because of Saatva, but people with allergies to dust mites should take the dust accumulation potential into account.

People with asthma find Saatva a comfortable model but they are also not completely protected from possible dust accumulation consequences for their health. A positive moment is that Saatva can be used on an adjustable foundation, which is necessary for many asthma sufferers.


Saatva is available in the following dimensions – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Twin and Twin XL are good for single adults, and the XL option is meant for taller people who need a little more length to stretch their legs. They are comfortable for light and average sleepers, and also for children and adolescents.

The Full option is good for single adults of any weight category, and also for adolescents and children. It may seem too narrow for couples as it does not give enough space for the two to feel comfortable.

The Queen size is the most popular to order, and it is suitable for all single adults and for couples, too. This bed gives a luxurious feel due to the dimensions of 60” x 80”, as well as lots of space.

King and California King are the biggest models available, and they are great for all customers, including couples where both partners are overweight. These options also give luxurious feel and make your bedroom look great.


Saatva is available in 2 thickness options – 11 ½” and 14 ½”. In the 14 ½” variant, the basic support layer of coils has 7” thickness instead of 4” in the 11 ½” model. These options are chosen based on individual preferences, and the thicker one may be recommended to heavy people, since they need more support.


Saatva is available in 3 firmness options – Plush Soft with the rating of 4, which is Medium Soft by general classification; Luxury Firm with a rating of 6, which is also Medium Firm, and Firm, which is 7.5. The firmness depends on thickness and density of polyfoam and memory foam layers in the comfort part of the bed.


Saatva is thought to be durable enough although there are comparable models with longer lifespan. For Saatva, the expected time of use without sinking is 6-7 years.


Saatva produces no significant odor, but there may be some “smell of new mattress” in the first 3-5 days after unpacking.

Edge Support

Due to coil layers in the construction and high-density materials used, Saatva has good edge support, which has been noted by all the customers who have used the model for some time.


Saatva may be used on different foundation types. It works well on the floor, on wooden or metal foundations, platform slats, a box spring, or an adjustable foundation. The 14 ½” option, however, should not be used on an adjustable foundation due to its high thickness, which does not allow bending the mattress for more than 10-15 degrees.

Warranty and Delivery

The company offers 15 years of warranty, and 120 nights of sleep trial with the refund minus $99 for delivering the item back. Shipping is free to the continental territory of the USA, shipping to Hawaii is not available and shipping to Alaska needs coordination with the Saatva company.


  • 15-year warranty.
  • 120-night trial period with refund minus $99.
  • Coil-in-coil construction provides good support and spine alignment.
  • 3 firmness options.
  • 2 thickness options.
  • Good temperature neutrality.
  • Good bounce and response.
  • Strong edge support.


  • The thicker option is heavy and difficult to move.
  • Pricey in comparison to other models.
  • Moderate motion isolation.

3. Nectar – Also Good

Nectar is a company that provides memory foam mattress models for affordable price without compromising the quality. This mattress has quilted gel memory foam in the cover, a memory foam layer as an upper part of the product and high-density polyfoam in the support part.

Nectar Budget Memory Foam

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(more photos are available)

Nectar is characterized as a high-quality and durable model, which offers good support together with great contouring and pressure relief. Gel memory foam gives it the cooler feel at night and makes it attractive for those who wants to have a foam bed but without “heat traps”.

Great contouring is also accompanied with good motion isolation, which makes Nectar suitable for couples and people of heavy weight too. In general, Nectar is a great model for its price which is really much lower than that of comparable models. Let us see the detailed review!

Side Sleepers

Nectar works well for people who prefer the side style, no matter what their weight is. The support and contouring are great for the customers in this group, and the spine alignment is also wonderful.

Stomach Sleepers

People who like to lie on their stomach find Nectar a good model for them. Average and heavy customers get good support and spine alignment, and also enjoy decent contouring, although lightweight people find Nectar a little too firm for them.

Back Sleepers

Nectar is recommended as a great model for those who prefer to rest on the back. The weight category does not matter – from light to heavy, customers of all weight groups find Nectar good and evaluate the support and general feel as really good.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Due to memory foam in the comfort layer, Nectar offers good contouring and pressure relief to those who have sensitive points, like the lower back region. Also Nectar gives good support and helps to keep the spine aligned throughout the night, so lower back pain sufferers find it really great for them.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Those who suffer from neck and shoulder region problems, find Nectar quite good, as it ensures proper spine alignment throughout the entire length of the spine and also provides good cushioning which helps to reduce pain and pressure in the sensitive regions.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

People who suffer from osteoarthritis and have chronic pain find Nectar a good option as it reduces the pressure and alleviates pain in different spine regions. Memory foam in the upper layer and gel memory foam in the cover help the sleepers feel relaxed due to the contouring and cooling effects.

Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis like Nectar because of its ability to relieve the pain in joints, while also providing the cooling effect, which is also beneficial for this group of customers.

Hot Sleepers

Nectar is a memory foam model, but it provides cooler sleep than other foam products available on the market. Gel memory foam in its cover layer removes excessive heat all night long. That is why people who usually feel hot at night enjoy having this model.

Heavy People

Nectar offers good support to overweight people regardless whether they choose side, stomach or back positions at night. Obese people find it good because they get necessary spine alignment without sinking.

Heavy customers also appreciate the cooling feel of gel memory foam, as they often suffer from night sweats.


Couples find Nectar a suitable option for them. It is good for people with different weights, as it gives good support and spine alignment, no matter what the customer’s weight is. Also Nectar offers good motion isolation and is completely noiseless, so people do not disturb each other by moving at night.


Nectar contains only foam materials not prone to dust accumulation, so it can be easily recommended for those who suffer from allergy to dust mites. Asthma sufferers can choose Nectar without any fear of increasing the frequency of attacks.


Nectar is available in the standard size range – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Twin and Twin XL are recommended for single sleepers: adults, children or adolescents. Adults of light or average weight can choose Twin, but people of heavy weight should consider a bigger option.

The Full size is good for single adults and for adolescents. Some couples consider it for themselves, but would better choose a bigger model, as Full can happen to be too narrow for two people.

Queen is ordered really often, as it offers really a lot of space for adults and couples. It gives the feeling of luxury and is good for demanding customers. However, couples where both partners are overweight should consider a bigger option.

King and California King are meant for those who love having lots of space to spread out, and also for heavy people, especially for couples. These groups will enjoy California King, as it offers maximum freedom of movement.


Nectar is offered in one thickness variant – 11”. It is an average parameter on the market and offers the optimal level of firmness along with enough softness. This thickness is suitable for most foundations available.


The firmness of Nectar is rated as 6 (Medium Firm). This level is optimal for different customer groups and for different health conditions. It is just right between the “firm” and “soft” feel of a mattress, and provides good support and spine alignment together with enough softness and cushioning.


As Nectar uses dense foam materials in its construction, it is expected to survive at least 6-7 years of use without sinking, but the real term of use can be longer. It also depends on use and extends with proper care.


Nectar is reported to produce some odor if the model is new and has just been unpacked. But after several days the smell dissipates without any additional measures.

Edge Support

Nectar is reported to have fair edge support. It cannot be called weak as there are dense foams in its construction, but it is not precisely strong – some sinking is noticeable when sitting on the bed. Anyway, it does not affect the sleep quality.


Nectar can be used on different types of foundations. You can place it on platform slats, on a box spring, or on the floor if the thickness is enough for you. Also you can put your Nectar on an adjustable foundation if you need it. The construction allows some bending, but it is better not to bend it for more than 20 degrees.

Warranty and Delivery

The company offers lifetime non-transferable warranty and 365 nights of sleep trial with full refund during this period. The shipping is free to the contiguous states, and customers have to pay for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 365-night sleep trial period with full refund.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Dense foams in the support layer provide good spine alignment with contouring.
  • Cooling effect.
  • Noiseless.
  • Good motion isolation.


  • Moderate edge support.
  • Possible odor.

Mattress Comparison Features

Choosing a bed, we think of different parameters and characteristics, which give us the comfort we need. While the preferences are always individual and special, the general image of a perfect bed can be determined as a combination of certain features important for all customers.

Perfect bed

One of the most important characteristics is support. It is the ability of the bed to resist the body pressure and to align the spine. The level of support depends on the design, materials and their density.

Firmness is another characteristic which we should never ignore. It is also important in the context of support and spine alignment, and it also provides the necessary bounce and response. These features help us get a “cloud feel” – complete relaxing while lying in bed.

The parameters of support and firmness are very important for heavy individuals. These people need stronger support than customers of light and average weight. The optimal levels of support and firmness are also absolutely necessary for those who suffer from spine problems like osteoarthritis, scoliosis, and disc bulging.

There are some other parameters that influence our sleep quality and depend on the bed type and materials. These are motion isolation, temperature regulation and conforming. While motion isolation and conforming are usually provided by foam or latex materials, temperature neutrality depends on the construction type and requires breathable materials or solutions.

People suffering from certain diseases or having special health needs become more attentive to all the details when it comes to choosing a bed. Those who have lower back pain look for the product which relieves pain efficiently.

Customers with breathing problems or obstructive diseases pay attention to cushioning and adjusting to the body curves. They also prefer models suitable for using with an adjustable foundation.

When making your final decision, do not forget that the chosen model must be comfortable in all the sleeping styles you prefer – on your side, stomach or back.  It is especially important if you are a combination sleeper.

Let us see what is offered on the market at the moment and find the best model!

Mattress Types

There are several main types of beds on the market. The difference between them lies in materials and design, and all of them offer different feelings when used. Let us review all the widespread bed types and briefly study their main characteristics.


Hybrid models are getting popular nowadays because they combine two types in one item, giving the best of the two to the customers. Hybrid models have innerspring layers as their support system and foam or latex layers as a comfort part.

Hybrid innerspring layers

Coils, which in hybrid beds are mostly pocketed, give the support and bounce to the whole construction. Memory foam and latex are responsible for softness, conforming and motion isolation.

Common disadvantages:

  • Heavy weight due to coils in the construction.
  • Relatively high price.


An innerspring model has coils as its main structural component; they provided support and firmness. Nowadays, the coils in the majority of models are tightly covered or pocketed with special fabric to prevent dust accumulation. These models can also contain foam layers to provide softness and motion isolation.

Coils structural component

Common disadvantages:

  • Heavy and difficulty to move.
  • Possible dust accumulation inside the coils.
  • Noise potential.


Latex models are built of natural or synthetic latex. Due to the elasticity of the material, it gives great contouring and pressure relief, and, depending on its density, can be softer or firmer.

Latex natural material

Latex layers are often combined with dense polyfoam or memory foam layers to add more support and firmness to the construction.

Common disadvantages:

  • Possible specific odor.
  • Sleeps too hot.
  • Allergy potential.
  • High price of the natural material.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a special type of material that offers unique contouring to all the body curves and, therefore, great pressure and pain relief. There are many types of memory foams with different density and composition, so the sleepers’ sensations really differ depending on the specific type.

Memory foam unique contouring

Memory foam models are great for those who need targeted pressure relief, for example, in case of spine or joint problems.

Common disadvantages:

  • Possible heat accumulation at night.
  • Probable odor in the first days of use.
  • Relatively high price.

Airbed mattress

Airbeds also enjoy a considerable degree of popularity. They consist of several chambers inside the bed, which are inflated by means of a pump. Airbeds are considered to be easy to use because of their mobility, and their lifespan is a bit longer than that of foam or latex models.

Airbeds amount of air

The amount of air is regulated by the owner, which means that he or she is fully in control of the support and firmness levels.

Common disadvantages:

  • Easy to damage and difficult to repair.
  • Adjusting support and firmness levels may be difficult.

What to Look For?

Different categories of customers approach choosing the perfect mattress differently. To find a really suitable one, they need to take into account individual preferences and temporary or constant conditions of their lives.

Mattress for lonely

Single adults and couples

There are several features which are important for couples. They facilitate the comfort for the two people sleeping together:

  • Motion isolation.
  • Temperature neutrality.
  • Good support for people of different weights.
  • Low noise potential or completely noiseless construction.

Single adults also look for models with good temperature regulation, but all the other features are not so important for them. They mostly care for good support, optimal firmness level and conforming.


Elderly people often have spine or joint diseases like osteochondrosis or arthritis. They need the bed to provide good support and spine alignment with decent pressure relief to help them reduce the pain.

Temperature regulation, conforming and possible use on an adjustable foundation are also important for elderly customers.

Large people

Heavy customers have special requirements regarding their perfect product. They look for sufficient support, which they need due to their weight, and for optimal firmness that, in their case, should be a little higher than average.

Overweight people often suffer from night sweats, so they tend to look for a model with good temperature regulation – with a breathing construction or cooling layers.


Snoring individuals need the mattress to provide good cushioning along with proper support. The obstructive problems with the upper airways may be avoided if the upper part of the bed is elevated. Thus, people who often snore at night should choose a model which can be used with an adjustable foundation.

Post-surgery recovery

Those who recover after a surgery need optimal firmness and softness balance, as they tend to spend most of their time lying. For them, a good model should be comfortable in any sleeping position, as people of this category may have certain mobility limitations.

The mattress should also feature good temperature regulation to prevent “heat traps”, and to be suitable for using with an adjustable foundation.

Mattress Sizes

The preferable size mainly depends on the number of people who are going to use it – a single person or a couple – and on their weight category. Also there are some preferences about the feel – some people love to have a lot of free space in their bed.


Twin is 38” x 75”, but in some models this size is 39” wide. This option is good for children, adolescents and single adults. It is optimal for light and average-weight customers.

Twin XL option is 5” longer and is 38” x 80”. It makes this model more suitable for taller people and gives them more space to spread out at night.


The Full size is 53” x 75”. This size is good for people who are not very tall, and is also suitable for single adults in all weight categories.


This size has dimensions of 60” x 80”. It is suitable for single adults and couples, and it gives luxurious feel due to lots of space it offers. It is the most popular size ordered nowadays.


The King size with its 76” x 80” is meant for all customer categories – from single adults who love to spread out or turn round at night to heavy people and couples where both partners are overweight. If the King size is still not the best option for you (which is possible if you are taller than average), consider California King with dimensions of 72” x 84” – it will give you the maximum comfort.


DreamCloud is a luxurious model meant for demanding customers. It is able to satisfy completely different needs and wishes – great support, optimal firmness level, good bounce along with cushioning and pressure relief.

Its hybrid design allows to give the best to the customers and to provide the traits which are usually hard to find in one model. DreamCloud is suitable for light and heavyweight customers, for those who need good spine alignment and for those who need cushioning in certain regions due to health issues.

DreamCloud provides firmness with a rating of 6.5 (Medium Firm), which is the optimum between firm and soft sensations. Gel memory foam used in the upper layer creates the cooling effect for those who sleep hot and need to address this issue as well.

Saatva is a model with high-quality materials and eco-friendly production process, while their price for the quality they offer is relatively low. This model is promoted as a luxurious mattress for an affordable price.

The structure includes a coil support layer and several layers of polyfoam and memory foam combined together to form the comfort part. There are 2 thickness and 3 firmness options, which allows to choose just the right variant for you. Saatva can boast good support along with contouring, and this combination can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Saatva is a great option for back and stomach sleepers of all weights. It is excellent for lightweight sleepers and for those preferring the side style (they should choose the Plush Soft option). Also it is great for those who need a breathing mattress.

Coils in the construction and dense foam materials provide significant bounce and response, greatly appreciated by couples. Good edge support is also a plus. But motion isolation is less than in other models, as well as durability.

Nectar is a mattress with high-quality materials offered for a really affordable price. It is a foam model with high-density polyfoam in the support layer and memory foam in the comfort one. It provides good support and contouring together with significant pressure relief and spine alignment.

There is only one thickness option (11”) and 1 firmness option (6, Medium Firm). Nectar is completely noiseless and provides good motion isolation, but the bounce and response are weaker than in other models.

Nectar is a good variant for back sleepers and for those who need pressure elimination in shoulder, hip, and lower back areas. It may seem too hot for some customers, although lyocell cover and gel memory foam in the upper layer make it more breathing than other foam models.

So, what model is the winner of this competition? See the results table!