We have compared 3 models which have become popular to order lately. These 3 models are well-known Leesa, Saatva and Purple; all of them have something special to offer to the customers, but which one can really be called the perfect one? Let us look through the detailed overview and find the product which can satisfy customers of all kinds!

To find this special model, we have gathered and analyzed hundreds of real reviews from the customers who have used Purple, Saatva or Leesa and can share their impressions and experience. The most important characteristics which customers mention in their reviews are support, firmness level, spine alignment, temperature neutrality, and noise potential. Also motion isolation and suitability for each of the sleeping positions and different weight categories are mentioned often.

Besides this, we paid special attention to the health conditions that may cause some sleep problems or influence its quality. Thus, we also included reviews containing information on neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, arthritis and other conditions related to spine, muscles and joints issues.

Last Updated: Jimmy After gathering and evaluating all the information, we can make a conclusion that Purple is a #1 model in many contexts, Saatva offers great quality and is rated as #2, while Leesa is #3. All the estimates are based on a summary of personal feelings and experiences of customers.

In this review:

The Comparison Results

Side SleepersVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Stomach SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Lower Back Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Neck and Shoulder Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Arthritis and FibromyalgiaVery GoodGoodGood
Hot SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Heavy PeopleVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
CouplesVery GoodVery GoodGood
AllergiesVery GoodVery GoodGood
Thickness9 ½” 10”11 ½ ” and 14 ½”
Firmness6.5 Medium Firm5 Medium4 Medium Soft, 6 Medium Firm, 7.5 Firm
Durability7-8 years7 years expected6-7 years
SmellPossible, dissipating in few daysPossible, dissipating in few daysSlight, dissipating quickly
Edge SupportGoodGoodVery Good
NoiseVery GoodVery GoodGood
Warranty10 years10 years15 years

To find the best model, we took into account the price range and additional fees you may encounter when choosing the bed. Durability and warranty period for each model was not left without attention, too. So, what mattress can really be called the best ones of all? Read more and learn the results in detail!

1. Purple – Best Overall Choice

Purple is an innovative product, which has been getting popularity during the last several years. Its structure is completely unique and gives customers a brand new feel. This mattress combines technological advances and incomparable comfort.

Purple incomparable comfort

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(more photos are available)

Purple consists of a comfort layer and a support layer. The comfort layer is formed by the purposefully designed Smart Comfort Grid – a polymer construction reinforced with buckling column gel. Taken together, these elements form a grid that can change its profile adjusting to the form of a thing placed above.

The comfort layer includes Smart Comfort Grid and a polyfoam layer. The support layer consists of high-density polyfoam which helps the whole construction to provide necessary support and increases its firmness.

Side Sleepers

Purple is comfortable for this category of customers. Those who prefer the side style find Purple really good for all weight categories from light to heavy weight. Spinal support and adjusting to sensitive points are great for any customers in this group.

Stomach Sleepers

People who prefer to have rest on their stomach find Purple a good model. Those of average and heavy weight give mostly positive reviews, and there are some fair reviews from lightweight stomach sleepers. Support and spine alignment ratings are high for all groups.

Back Sleepers

Those who prefer the back style rate Purple as “very good” for average and heavy weight categories, and as “good” for lightweight customers. People appreciate its ability to adjust its shape to the sensitive points and body curves when lying on it.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Those who have problems in the lower back region, find that Purple can help alleviate their pain at night. Purple changes the shape of its surface according to the body curves to provide better care for the sensitive points. Once you get your Purple bed, pain and pressure relief will follow shortly.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Smart Comfort Grid has great elasticity and conforming. They help it to adjust to the neck and shoulder regions, alleviate pain and reduce tension there. Purple provides special cushioning in the neck and shoulder areas and helps the muscles to relax, making sleep calmer.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

For those who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, Purple can become a real rescue. Its Smart Grid can form a cradle which provides proper cushioning to the aching joints and spine. Thus, Purple reduces the pain and tension provoked by the arthritis process.

Purple can also boast wonderful temperature regulation due to its structure – Smart Grid is designed as small squares, so the air comes through it without obstacles. Additional cooling effect helps to reduce the joint pain in arthritis sufferers.

Hot Sleepers

Since Purple has good temperature regulation, those who feel hot and have night sweats find it a great thing to get for their bedroom. It offers temperature neutrality to all weight categories and during all seasons. Its structure allows to neutralize heat accumulated in any part of the bed and to distribute it uniformly.

Heavy People

In their reviews, overweight people tell that Purple provides sufficient spinal support and has enough firmness to keep their spine aligned throughout the night. Obese customers love its ability to adjust the shape to all curves of their bodies and provide great cushioning, especially in those regions where they need it most.

Heavy sleepers also enjoy temperature neutrality of Purple, because “heat traps” are the most frequent problem for them.


Purple is suitable for couples, regardless whether the partners are of similar or different weight. This bed can give good support to customers of different weight groups, from light to heavy. Couples also enjoy Purple’s great motion isolation and little to no noise when the partners turn round at night.

Purple also features good bounce for couples to have fun in bed, which is also an important thing to mention.


As Purple’ design does not allow any dust to accumulate inside, people allergic to dust mites may use it without doubts. There will be no worsening because of it. For those who suffer from asthma, the situation is the same – Purple does not provoke attacks, since it is not prone to dust accumulation.


Purple is sold in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King dimensions.

Twin XL is 38” x 80” and is suitable for children, adolescents and single adults of any height. The Full size is 54W” x 75L” and it is recommended mostly for single adults who love to spread out at night.

Queen size is 60W” x 80L” and it the most popular model ordered nowadays. It is good for single adults who love having more space and for couples.

King and California King are 76W” x 80L” and 72W” x 84L”, respectively. They are suitable for heavy single sleepers and for couples, especially for those who love to spread out at night and have a lot of space in bed.


Purple is available in one thickness option and it is 9 ½”. There is another model called New Purple with a bit different design and 3 thickness options – 11”, 12”, and 13”. True, 9 ½” is a bit less than usual but it’s enough to provide all the necessary qualities.


Purple is estimated as 6.5 – Medium Firm. It is an optimal parameter for most customers. New Purple is available with options of 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5, from Medium Soft to Medium Firm.


Purple is promised to be a durable model due to its structure and dense materials. Its minimal service life is expected to be 7 years and more if the model is used properly.


There are some reports about odor felt on the first few days after unpacking. It dissipates over time without any additional efforts.

Edge Support

Purple, according to customer reviews, is a model with moderate edge support, although it does not influence the quality of night rest. Some sinking may be noticed when sitting on the edge but the whole construction keeps its form throughout the long use.


Purple is suitable for different surfaces and foundations without losing its characteristics. You can put it on the floor if you live in a warm climate, or use it on platform slats, wooden or metal foundations of different kinds.

You can also purchase an adjustable foundation and elevate certain parts of the body, like chest or legs, if your health condition requires it.

Warranty and Delivery

Purple offers 10-year warranty for all its models. Also you get a 100-night sleep trial with full refund. Shipment is free to the USA and Canada, and the company offers free in-home setup for New Purple with old product removal – an option that very few other manufacturers can provide.


  • 10-year warranty.
  • 100-night trial period with full refund.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Affordable price.
  • Smart Comfort Grid provides great support and temperature regulation.
  • Wonderful spine alignment.
  • Good conforming and pressure relief.
  • From little to no noise.
  • Good for all weights.
  • Free delivery.


  • Distinctive odor is possible in the first few days.
  • Purple thickness is a bit lower than usual.

2. Leesa – Runner Up

Leesa is a mixed foam model with great breathing qualities. The comfort layer of this bed is made of standard-density polyfoam and memory foam. The support layer is made of high-density polyfoam.

Leesa innovative design

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(more photos are available)

This design may not sound very original nowadays, but Leesa can also offer something special. This model is recommended as a fast recovering system, which can alleviate pain due to special cushioning in sensitive points of your body. What is more, this particular foam combination provides better breathing qualities than in other comparable foam models.

Leesa’s firmness ratings start from 5 and above. It means that the model promises to offer good support and, at the same time, it will not to allow significant sinking at night. It can provide good spine alignment and pressure relief as well.

What is the complete review of Leesa and what purposes it can be recommended for?

Side Sleepers

Customers of all weight categories mention in their reviews that Leesa is suitable for side sleeping. The support and spine alignment it provides are good enough to ensure necessary comfort at night. All the feedback is generally positive and speak of decent pressure relief and relaxation during the night.

Stomach Sleepers

After sleeping on Leesa, this group of people gave it positive reviews as well. People of average weight gave it the best ratings among all the customers. Leesa provides great spine alignment for all those who prefer the stomach style, no matter what their weight is.

Back Sleepers

People who choose back style find Leesa a good model for them. They enjoy its support, spine alignment and pressure relief. This model is especially recommended by those who are of average and heavy weight.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

People who feel lower back pain tell that Leesa helps them to recover at night. This model provides good support and special cushioning to the sensitive points. Leesa was designed to alleviate back pain and does it with great efficacy.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

People suffering from neck and shoulder problems are going to find Leesa a great option. Its Avena foam in the upper layer and memory foam beneath are designed to provide excellent cushioning and contouring with fast recovery after the pressure is removed.

Thus, the pain areas get necessary tension relief, and the pain is reduced efficiently.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

The ability of Leesa to provide cushioning and pressure relief is important for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis sufferers. They find Leesa a supportive and comfortable bed to sleep on, because the pressure relief and pain alleviation it provides are significant.

Fibromyalgia sufferers get more relief with Leesa because of the temperature neutrality ensured by the Avena foam in the comfort layer. The cooler the bed sleeps on, the more pain is reduced.

Hot Sleepers

When it comes to temperature neutrality of Leesa, it gets better reviews than other foam models. It is mainly due to the convoluted Avena foam in the upper layer, which provides additional air ventilation. Anyway, Leesa can create “heat traps” for some customers, but they are not as significant as in other foam beds.

Heavy People

Most overweight customers find Leesa appropriate enough. It offers good support and does not allow sinking. Leesa is especially good for back style, and a bit less comfort has been felt by obese people of stomach and side style.

Heavy people, however, should be careful when choosing Leesa because not all of them are going to get the support and spine alignment they need.


Those who have a sleeping partner will enjoy Leesa because of its good motion isolation and no noise when moving. Partners with different weights should make sure they really get enough support for the both of them.

When it comes to amorous activity, Leesa is told to offer less bounce than other comparable foam models.


As Leesa is made of materials which are not prone to dust accumulation, it cannot provoke any worsening of allergy to dust mites. Improved air circulation in comparison to other foam models helps it to be good for asthma sufferers too.


Leesa is available for purchase in the following sizes: Twin. Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

The most popular model to order is Queen with 60W” x 80L”. It is good for single adults who love having more space and for couples.

Twin and Twin XL are 39W” x 75L” and 39W” x 80L”, respectively. While Twin is good for children and single adults, Twin XL is made especially for tall adults who need more space for their legs.

The Full size is 54W” x 75L” and it is often chosen by couples where both partners are slim or average, but it is mostly recommended for single adults, especially of heavy weight.

King and California King are 76W” x 80L” and 72W” x 84L”, respectively. They are meant for luxury lovers and for people who like having a lot of space to spread out at night. They are mostly bought by couples where both partners are average or heavy.


Leesa has typical thickness for foam models – 10”. It is enough to provide support and cushioning for people of different weight categories. This thickness is formed by 6” of polyfoam in the support layer and 2” of polyfoam combined with 2” of memory foam in the comfort layer.


Leesa has the firmness scored of 5, which is medium. It means that this model is not too firm and not too soft. This parameter is a bit lower than that of other models in comparison – Purple and Tuft and Needle.


Leesa is expected to last for at least 6-7 years due to its high-quality materials and sufficiently dense polyfoams. Its fast recovery comfort layers are not prone to sinking and promise to remain in a good state for 10 years, as the warranty says.


Leesa is reported to have some slight odor in the first few days after unpacking. It dissipates without any traces and additional measures. The smell is not allergy-provoking.

Edge Support

As many other mixed foam models on the market, Leesa has weaker edge support than, for example, hybrid models. It happens because foam tends to allow sinking on the edge when a person sits there.


Leesa can be used on different types of foundations without changing its properties. It works well on the floor if you love sleeping there; it can be placed on a wooden or metal foundation, a box spring or platform slats.

It also can be used on an adjustable foundation if needed, but the angle of bending should not exceed 30 degrees.

Warranty and Delivery

Leesa is sold with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial with full refund in case of any inconvenience. Shipping is free, and delivery is possible to the USA and Canada. The bed is shipped compressed.


  • 10-year warranty.
  • 100-night full refund sleep trial period.
  • Avena foam for maximum airflow and coolness.
  • Good support and spine alignment.
  • Shoulder and hip regions cushioning.
  • Improved air circulation.
  • Suitable for all sleeping styles.


  • Possible odor in the first few days.
  • Support is a bit worse for heavy people.
  • Possible hot sleep.

3. Saatva – Also Good

Saatva is a company producing mattresses of luxury quality level but for a much more affordable price. The models are individually hand-crafted and environmentally friendly. The materials used are bio-based foams, recycled steel and organic cotton fabric for the cover.

Saatva individual fabrication

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(more photos are available)

There are two coil layers in the support part of Saatva. The lower layer is made of hourglass-shaped coils, which mostly provide support. The top layer is built of individually wrapped coils, which mostly provide response and body contouring.

The upper layer is constructed so that the lumbar zone gets additional support. Thus, the model is wonderful for back sleepers and those who suffer from lower back pain.

It is also necessary to mention that Saatva offers 3 firmness options – Medium Soft, Medium Firm, and Firm. When choosing the right variant, mind your weight and pick a softer option if you are light and a firmer one if you are average or heavy.

The comfort part of Saatva, besides the top coil layer, is also made of polyfoam and memory foam layers combined to provide maximum softness and response and create the best comfort for customers. The Euro-top cover is made of a thin polyfoam layer, dacron, fiber and organic cotton.

The whole design is characterized as responsive, providing good bounce, great spine alignment and significant pressure relief. What are the other important features and suitability for certain groups of customers? Read the detailed description!

Side Sleepers

Due to the coil system which responds and contours to the body, side sleepers find Saatva comfortable. It offers good spine alignment, provides support to the lumbar and shoulder regions and reduces muscle tension in the sensitive areas.

Stomach Sleepers

People who love having rest on their stomach enjoy having Saatva as their bed. It provides great support without sinking in the stomach area, ensures spine alignment to relieve excessive pressure and possible muscle tension and pain. Saatva is equally suitable for all weight categories in this customer group.

Back Sleepers

Saatva is highly recommended for people who prefer the back style. Due to its construction with two coil layers and purposefully designed lower back support, it provides the best environment and comfort for your spine. Saatva helps to have the undisturbed rest, giving significant pain and muscle tension relief.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

As Saatva has lumbar support enhancement in its construction, it can offer the best comfort for the lower back region and those who constantly feel pain in this part. As there are 2 thickness and 3 firmness options available, lower back pain sufferers can choose the most suitable variant that provides the best relief.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Foam layers in the comfort part of Saatva provide good responsiveness and significant cushioning to the sensitive body parts like neck and shoulders. Many people have problems and pain in these areas due to sitting in one position for long hours. Saatva helps to get significant relief and enjoy the night rest to the fullest.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

People having rheumatoid arthritis need their beds to be supportive, responsive and conforming to the sensitive areas, which ache most often. Saatva gives all these effects due to the quality coil construction with great pressure relief, and the comfort layer containing foam layers to give contouring and softness.

Those who suffer from osteoarthritis love Saatva’s conforming and support, which help them to enjoy perfect spine alignment and feel completely relaxed at night.

Hot Sleepers

Due to the two-layer innerspring construction, Saatva feels much cooler than models of comparable price range. Foam layers in the comfort part do not create heat traps, and those who suffer from night sweating can use it without doubts.

Heavy People

Saatva offers enough support due to the coils in its construction, so it feels comfortable for obese customers. Overweight people may also choose among 2 thickness options and 3 firmness variants to pick the best mattress.

Heavy people of all sleeping styles have similarly positive impressions from Saatva. This model gives them the necessary spine alignment and muscle tension relief without sinking in the hip area.


As Saatva is a responsive model thanks to its coil layers with different types of coils, couples, especially those with different weights, enjoy having it as their bed. The temperature neutrality is also good in this model.

But motion isolation here is a bit weaker than in other items on the list. Some noise is also possible because of coils, although the foam layers are meant to absorb movements and sounds.


As Saatva is made with coils in its construction, some dust accumulation may be suspected. However, the coils are tightly wrapped with high-density polyfoam, so the mattress does not become a home for dust mites as easily. The eco-friendly materials elevate the safety level for those who suffer from allergy to dust mites.

Those who suffer from asthma can also use this model safely, and it is also suitable for use on an adjustable foundation (in the 11 ½” thickness variant).


Saatva is available in the following size range: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King.

Twin and Twin XL are meant for single sleepers: children and adolescents, as well as adults. Choosing a Twin or Twin XL model, consider the weight – they suit for light and average people better. The XL option is meant for taller sleepers.

The Full size is meant for single people of all weight categories, giving more space to spread out. It is also good for those who turn round a lot at night. Couples should consider a bigger option because there is a possibility that partners will not have enough space.

Queen size is suitable for all types of single sleepers and couples, too. It gives lots of space to spread out at night, but couples where both partners are of heavy weight should consider a bigger option to feel more comfortable.

King and California King make your bedroom look luxurious. They are suitable for couples of all weight categories, and are especially meant for those who love to have a lot of space to spread out or change the body position at night, i.e., combination sleepers.


There are 2 thickness options available for Saatva – 11 ½” and 14 ½”. This difference is made by additional 3” of the support coils layer – 7” instead of 4”. The thicker option is more suitable for people who need additional support at night or for those who are heavy and care for spine alignment more than light and average sleepers.


There are 3 firmness options offered by Saatva. They have special names – Plush Soft which is 4 (Medium Soft), Luxury Firm which is 6 (Medium Firm), and Firm which has a rating of 7.5 (Firm). All of them give the same support but are different in the conforming and cushioning feel when lying on them.

The models differ with the foam layer combination and thickness as well.


Due to the high-quality materials and thoughtful design, Saatva can be considered a durable model. The least expected term of its use without signs of sinking is 7 years, which is quite acceptable.


As there are several polyfoam and memory foam layers, some smell may be noticed just after unpacking and during the following 3-5 days, but it dissipates without the need for any special measures.

Edge Support

Coil layers provide good edge support to Saatva’s construction, and this effect is also ensured by the high-density polyfoam wrapped around the coils along the model’s perimeter. When the pressure is applied, the edges keep their shape and do not allow any significant sinking.


Saatva can be used on any type of foundation you like. It does not lose any of its features when used on the floor, platform slates or any type of frame. In case if it is necessary to use Saatva on an adjustable foundation, opt for the 11 ½” option is suitable. The 14 ½” variant may not allow bending at the required angle.

Warranty and Delivery

Saatva offers 15-year warranty and 120 nights of sleep trial. If a refund is needed, it is made with $99 deduction for the delivery. Delivery is free to the continental US and Canada. Delivery to Alaska is possible after special coordination with the company, and delivery to Hawaii is not possible at all.


  • 15-year nontransferable warranty.
  • 120-night trial period with $99 deduction in case of a refund.
  • 2 coil layers provide good support and spine alignment.
  • Construction itself is breathable and provides cool sleep.
  • 3 firmness options.
  • 2 thickness options.
  • Suitable for all weight categories.
  • Great temperature regulation.
  • Good response and bounce.
  • Strong edge support.


  • Possible odor.
  • Motion isolation is weaker than in other models.

Mattress Comparison Features

Choosing the bed may be challenging for some of us, because this decision is not easy to make. You should care for lots of different factors and take into account all of the important moments to find the model which will be the most suitable for you and your sleeping partner, if there is any.

Individual model

When you try to find the best product, you mostly base your choice on your individual preferences most often. But there are some characteristics, which ensure the comfort and should be considered before you start your search.

The key function and the key requirement for the customers is preserving the right posture and providing spine alignment at night. No matter if you mostly stay in a standing or sitting position during the day, the spine requires rest at night, and the muscles need maximum relaxation.

Another important factor, which is necessary to think about, is firmness. It allows to understand how firm or soft the model is going to feel. This parameter is measurable and is expressed in points.

The support level is the most important in giving the spine alignment and relaxation at night. It is provided by the materials used and by the construction features. Bounce and response, which mean the ability of a bed to resist the pressure applied, are also important in general comfort feeling.

Depending on the material, the bed may also give significant cushioning, offer conformity and alleviate pain through adjusting to the smallest curves of the sleeper’s body. The mattress should also be comfortable for your sleeping style.

These features are important for those who suffer from chronic localized pain like lower back pain or neck pain due to disc bulging. Foam materials are well-known for their conforming and cushioning properties, and they are recommended for those who need pain alleviation constantly.

Another feature to take into account is temperature neutrality. This means that the bed dissipates the heat accumulated at night, or at least does not accumulate it in certain areas (so called “heat traps”). Models with coil layers or other breathable designs are the best in terms of air ventilation and cool sleep.

Mattress Types

There are several main types of models offered on the market now. All of them have their advantages and can create the comfort you really need, although they do it completely differently. Let us study these differences in details!


Hybrid models are usually made of several elements – pocketed coils, latex layers, polyfoam and memory foam layers. Sometimes the innovational constructions may be used, but the standard combination includes pocketed coils and several layers of comfort materials.

Amortization hybrid mattresses

Coils mostly provide support and spine alignment, while softer layers give cushioning, softness, and conforming. These beds can satisfy lots of customers because their construction is usually thoughtfully created and takes into account different needs.

Common disadvantages:

  • May be too heavy to move.
  • Price higher than of other models.


Innerspring models have a layer with springs as their support base. The springs may have different sizes and form, and their number may also vary. These factors influence the support and spine alignment. Springs are often pocketed into special fabric to prevent dust accumulation inside the bed.

Innerspring support base

Innerspring mattresses are considered to be long-lasting, supportive and firmer than average. Their price is usually not so high.

Common disadvantages:

  • Noise potential.
  • Possible dust accumulation.
  • Heavy weight due to the springs.


This type of beds is made of latex layers, which can be of natural or artificial origin. Both varieties provide great contouring and cushioning, adjust to the body curves, offer the necessary spine alignment and relieve pain well.

Latex layers with foam

Latex models are often made with addition of polyfoam layers with higher density to prevent sinking of some body parts like hips or shoulders.

Common disadvantages:

  • Odor potential.
  • Allergy potential.
  • Relatively high price.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a unique material which is able to “remember” the shape of the body that applies pressure on it for some time. Thus, memory foam creates “a cradle” for your body, adjusting to all the smallest curves and reducing all the pressure.

Memory foam decrease muscle tension

Memory foam provides great spine alignment and pain alleviation. It reduces muscle tension as well. The layers of memory foam are often combined with polyfoam or pocketed coils to create the best structure.

Common disadvantages:

  • Odor potential.
  • Temperature regulation is lower than average.
  • High price.

Airbed mattress

Airbeds are made with special chambers that should be inflated with compressed air. There may be 2, 3 or more chambers inside the model. The air keeps the shape of the product and creates the pressure from inside the chambers.

Airbed shape of the product

These models give good support, while their firmness is controlled by the customer. Users can make such mattresses more or less conforming by adjusting the pressure inside (inflating or deflating the airbed).

Common disadvantages:

  • High damage risk and costly repair works.
  • Possible odor from cover materials.

What to Look for?

Depending on their health condition, weight and age, customers look for different types and materials which can give them the desired relief. What the individual preferences may be like?

Single adults and couples

A couple’s requirements are often the summary of individual needs of each partner combined with necessity of comfortable sleep together. Couples often look for:

  • Good temperature regulation.
  • Motion isolation.
  • Good support for both partners if they are of different weight categories.
  • Good bounce and response.

Single people mostly care for support and optimal firmness. They are less demanding in their choice, but they also care for temperature regulation and response to feel comfortable at night.


Elderly people often have spine or joints problems and need as much relief as possible. Their requirements are:

  • High level of support to provide spine alignment.
  • Significant contouring to give pressure relief.
  • Temperature neutrality or cooling effect to reduce possible pain.
  • Optimal firmness level.
  • Low noise potential.

Large people

Overweight sleepers need their bed to be really supportive and responsive to provide the necessary spine alignment without sinking in some body regions like stomach, hips or shoulders. So they tend to choose models firmer than average and with good support.

Another feature which heavy people appreciate a lot is cooling effect or good temperature regulation. This group of customers often faces heat traps at night and suffers from night sweats, so the mattress should be as cool to sleep on as possible.


Snoring is a problem often created by obstructed upper airways. It may also appear as a result of a certain position unintentionally taken at night. People who suffer from snoring need beds with good support in the neck and shoulder areas and maybe with an ability to elevate the head part.

This group of buyers also cares for support, firmness, and cushioning feel, as they help them to feel more relaxed and avoid snoring.

Post-surgery recovery

Those who have undergone surgery recently need their beds to create the maximum possible comfort, especially if there is a necessity to spend a lot of time there. These customers care for optimal firmness to ensure proper spine alignment. Uniform response is also important.

Temperature neutrality is another feature these people are going to appreciate. They tend to choose models with cooler feel at night or with a special cooling layer added. A possibility to be used on an adjustable foundation is also necessary in this situation.

Mattress Sizes

Choosing the size of the model, you should think of the number of sleepers, their weight and body sizes, foundation and the level of comfort you want to get as a result.


Twin is the smallest size available. The dimensions are 38” x 75”. It is good for single sleepers, children, adults and adolescents. Twin may be too short for some adults, so there is the Twin XL option with dimensions of 38” x 80” to give more space to spread out.


The Full size is 53” x 75”, and it is recommended for single people who are heavy, tall, or like to spread out at night. Also it will be a suitable option for those who turn round a lot.

Some couples consider it a double mattress, but it offers only 27” for each of the partners, which is barely enough, and the partners are going to sleep very tightly to each other. Couples, where at least one of the partners is heavy or tall, should consider a bigger option.


Queen is 60” x 80”, and it is 7” wider and 5” longer than Full. It gives the couples more space thus creating additional comfort. It is great for couples where both partners are light or average, and still may be a little narrow if one or both partners are heavy.


King is 76” x 80”, and California King is 72” x 84”. They both offer the maximum space for customers, and King creates the best conditions for couples, including heavy ones. These models create luxurious feeling when you are lying on them. California King is meant for a little narrower beds. So, before ordering the King or California King, it is advised to measure your bedroom and the foundation.


Purple is a hybrid model, which offers the best temperature regulation and support to different groups of customers. It is made with special materials and includes a design innovation – Smart Comfort Grid made of elastic polymer reinforced with buckling column gel. Purple is rated among the best hybrid models present on the market.

Purple is suitable for all sleeping styles and all weight categories. Lightweight people with the side sleeping style may find it a bit too firm, but all the other types of customers found it really good. Its polymer grid helps the hot air to dissipate at night and not to create heat traps. Heavy people will enjoy the cooling effect; those who live in hot climate will have pleasure too.

In the context of pressure and pain relief, Purple is Medium Firm (6.5 of 10). It is appropriate even for heavy people who have problems with spine alignment. By the way, the polyfoam used in its construction helps the bed to last longer than other models.

Saatva is a model offering luxurious feel for an affordable price. Its attractiveness is also based on the manufacturer’s eco-friendly policy – Saatva uses recycled steel for the coils, bio-based foams and organic cover materials.

It is an innerspring mattress with a coil layer that ensures sufficient support and another coil layer and additional foam layers in the comfort part. The design sounds unusual and offers great support together with pressure relief and conforming.

Saatva is offered in 2 thickness and 3 firmness options which range from Medium Soft to Medium Firm and Firm. No matter what level of firmness you need, you can find the one you’ve been looking for.

Saatva is great for those who suffer from back pain and lower back pain for different reasons. There is a special design solution that provides support in the lumbar zone, giving the targeted relief right there.

Leesa is a mixed foam mattress made of polyfoam and memory foam in the comfort layer and high-density polyfoam in the support layer. Its special design features a fast recovering comfort system, which allows this model to relieve pressure and give special care to pain points.

Memory foam provides good contouring and motion isolation, which makes Leesa great for couples, lower back pain and fibromyalgia sufferers and other groups of people who need pain relief at night.

In general, Leesa is suitable for all sleeping styles and weight categories. Some heavy side and stomach sleepers may find the support a bit lower than they need. Despite the fact that Leesa is ranked as one of the most breathable foam models, there is still some potential of heat accumulation, which can be noticeable for those who feel hot at night.

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