Leesa vs Tuft and Needle vs Brooklyn Bedding Mattress (Oct 2019) – Comparison Results

Buying a mattress is a serious and responsible task. Firstly, it should be not only comfortable, but also beneficial for your health. Secondly, it should worth the money you are willing to pay. How to recognize what mattress is suitable for you, what to look for when buying and how to improve your health with the help of the new sleeping surface?

People often get lost in all the choices available for every taste and budget on the market and are not sure which mattress is truly the best investment. It is not as simple as it may seem at first glance – not only the size and your personal preferences, but also many other factors should be taken into account.

Characteristics, such as good support, pressure relief, temperature neutrality and edge support, should be also taken into account. We went over many user reviews to find out what scores these three mattresses get in these and other categories, including ability to alleviate pain and prevent allergies.

Last Updated: Jimmy We came to the conclusion that you are more likely to find the best fit at Leesa. Tuft and Needle is also a good choice if you do not have any special needs like good temperature control or high weight limit. Finally, Brooklyn Bedding models will be a good alternative if you just want a new mattress that is good overall.

In this review:

The Comparison Results

 LeesaTuft and NeedleBrooklyn Bedding
Side SleepersVery GoodGoodGood (Fair for heavy people in Bowery)
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Stomach SleepersGoodGoodGood (Fair for heavy people in Bowery and average and heavy in Spartan)
Lower Back Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Neck and Shoulder Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Arthritis and FibromyalgiaGoodGoodGood
Hot SleepersGoodFairFair
Heavy PeopleGoodGoodGood
AllergiesVery Good Good Good
Thickness10”10” (Original) and 12” (Mint)10″ (Bowery, Bowery Hybrid), 11 1/2″ (Aurora), 12″ (Bloom Hybrid), 13 1/2″ (Signature, Spartan)
Firmness5 Medium6 and 6.5 Medium FirmFour models with 3.5 Soft, 5.5 Medium, and 7.5 Firm; Bowery 5.5 Medium and Bowery Hybrid 6.5 Medium Firm
Durability6 – 7 years6 – 7 years6 – 8 years
SmellPossible, dissipating in few daysPossible, dissipating in few daysPossible, dissipating in few days
Edge SupportVery GoodModerateVery Good (Hybrid models), Moderate (Foam model)
NoiseVery GoodVery GoodGood – Very Good (depending on model)
Warranty10 years10 years10 years

Your sleeping style and weight are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing the mattress that will help your body to rest for many years. Once again, we based the rating below on the design characteristics as well as real customer experience.

1. Leesa – Best Choice

Leesa is a medium-firm mattress that has a perfect balance between comfort and support. Its dense base foam layer will support all body types and positions. It is a good option for those who like the memory foam feel, but do not want to sink in too far and feel stuck.

Leesa – Best Recovery and Air Permeability

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It has a woven cover that has a soft and cool feel. The comfort layer made up of memory foam and latex-like foam will offer pressure-relieving comfort and will closely contour your body.

Thanks to the LSA20 foam (latex-like material) and foams with porous structure, Leesa stays cooler than most comparable models. The upper LSA200 layers also give this mattress some bounce and responsiveness for ease of movement and quick adjustability to the new position.

Side Sleepers

Thanks to excellent pressure relief properties, Leesa is an exceptional choice for those who love sleeping on their side. This will translate into a fact that you will no longer be waking up with aching hips or shoulders, and your spine will be properly aligned no matter your weight.

Stomach Sleepers

Despite the fact that Leesa is an all-foam model, it does a goo job supporting the body in a natural position when a person is lying on his stomach. Average-weight people will feel the most comfort and support on Leesa, with lightweight and heavy people following close by.

Back Sleepers

Average and heavyweight back sleepers found Leesa to meet all their needs at the highest level. Lightweight people also rated comfort and support as good. Leesa features conforming support, which keeps the spine properly aligned and at the same time allows every muscle to relax and the whole body to rest.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

If you experience pain anywhere in your body, it is very unlikely that you will be able to quickly fall asleep and rest well. Leesa helps to relieve the pressure to ensure that painful spots are not disturbed further.

The contouring support will keep your spine properly aligned no matter your position. This will not only reduce any current pain but will also prevent lower back pain from occurring in future, because all the muscles will be able to relax, and no nerves will be pinched due to unnatural position of the body.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Improper support, pressure relief and spine alignment can also lead to problems in the upper region of the body. If you experience pain in the neck or wake up with aching shoulders, Leesa will ensure that your neck is aligned with the rest of your body and the pressure applied on your shoulders, especially when lying on your side, is alleviated.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, you will appreciate pressure- and pain-alleviating properties of this model. You body will be well-contoured, while inflamed joints will be pleasantly cushioned. At the same time, Leesa is responsive enough to allow you to change positions and get in/out of the bed effortlessly.

Hot Sleepers

If you sleep hot, then you might be wondering if Leesa would be the right fit for you. Leesa incorporates the latex-like LSA 200 foam in the upper layer, as well as perforated foam for cooler sleep. It is one of the most breathing foam models on the market, but it might fail to always satisfy the needs of those who need exceptional temperature control to have a restful night.

Heavy People

Leesa is one of the best foam models for heavy individuals. Obese and overweight people rated comfort and support as good in both side and stomach positions. If you prefer to sleep on your back, Leesa will provide an even better support and pressure-relieving comfort.


Since Leesa is one of the most versatile foam models and can satisfy the needs of people with different weights and sleeping styles, couples should find it to be the golden medium in their search for a new mattress.

Leesa is very good at isolating any motion on one side instead of transferring it to the other side and bothering the other partner. It will also make minimal noise when the couple wants to have a little action in their bedroom. Although Leesa has some bounce, some couples might not find it bouncy enough.


Many do not realize that allergies and even asthma can be caused by an old and not very clean mattress. Dust mites often accumulate in old constructions and their feces provoke allergic reactions in many individuals.

Many manufacturers take steps to prevent appearance dust mites and other little creatures in their products in addition to using non-toxic materials that do not have allergy-inducing chemicals. Leesa uses the hypoallergenic Avena foam, and its materials are rather dust resistant, so one should not worry about dust mites.


Leesa is made in all standard sizes. Couples will find both Queen (60″w x 80″d x 10″h) and King (76″w x 80″d x 10″h), and taller individuals might consider Cal King (72″w x 84″d x 10″h), which is slightly narrower but 4″ longer.

There are also options for single adults and/or teenagers. These include the Twin size (39″w x 75″d x 10″h) and Twin XL (39″w x 80″d x 10″h). The Full size (53″w x 75″d x 10″h) is also available for those who love to have plenty of space or for two kids/teenagers.


Leesa has a three-layer 10-inch thick design. Its cover is soft to the touch and stays cool throughout the night. The base layer is 6 inches thick and is made of high-density polyfoam that offers supports for both the body and the upper layers to ensure its durability.

The comfort layer consists of 2 inches of polyfoam and 2 inches of memory foam. These layers provide pressure relief and comfort while still being responsive enough to easily change positions.


Leesa is a medium firm model which can satisfy a wide range of preferences, weights and sleeping positions. It is soft enough to comfortable relieve pressure and firm enough to keep your body well-supported.


Durability is an important decision-making factor, and Leesa should effortlessly last for 6 to 7 years. It has a high-density foam in the base to support the whole construction, while the upper layers have no-sinking warranty for 10 years and should quickly return to the initial shape after being pressed.


There is a chance that you might experience some off-gassing after unpacking the product. Since it usually dissipates within the first few days and is not toxic, this is not considered to be an issue

Edge Support

Although Leesa has better edge support than comparable foam models, it is still rather mediocre. Nonetheless, there is enough support to prevent you from feeling like you will roll off the bed.


Leesa can be set up on practically any foundation except for slatted bases with more than 3″ gaps. You can place it on a platform, box spring, floor or use it with an adjustable base. For maximum comfort and support make sure that the foundation is flat and stable.

Warranty and Delivery

Leesa offers free delivery. It is shipped compressed in a box and you will have 100 nights to try it out and see if it is a good choice for you. If not, you can get a full refund. If you decide to keep Leesa, it will be covered with a 10-year warranty.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-night full refund trial period
  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Good temperature control
  • Very good motion isolation
  • Very good pressure relief and spine alignment
  • Suitable for all body types and sleeping positions


  • Might have some smell initially
  • Not enough support for heavy stomach sleepers

2. Tuft and Needle – Runner Up

Tuft and Needle has two propositions for its customers – Original Tuft and Needle and the new one, Mint. Original utilizes adaptive foam that gives the product its pressure relief and comfort properties. Graphite and gel-infused cover is breathable and keeps the sleeper cool throughout the night. The base layer ensures that it also has necessary support.

Original Tuft and Needle

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(more photos are available)

Mint has an additional adaptive transition layer, which contributes to comfortable support. It also has enhanced cooling properties thanks to the 30% extra graphite and upgraded ceramic gel. The base layer is also made slightly firmer for better edge support.

Both models do a good job at relieving pressure and isolating motion. The Original and Mint mattresses are good for all sleeping positions and weight ranges with the only exception: Original is unsuitable for lightweight side and stomach sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Lightweight individuals will find Mint to be more comfortable and able to relieve pressure and keep the spine aligned better. Average side sleepers, on the other hand, like the Original model more, although Mint also boasts good reviews. Both models are equally comfortable and supportive for heavier people who prefer this position.

Stomach Sleepers

While it is true that lightweight people find the Original mattress less appealing, because it is unable to contour their bodies closely, the other model, Mint, is an excellent choice for them. Average and heavier sleepers found both models to give a good balance of comfort and support.

Back Sleepers

As with any position, one would want to have their spine properly aligned and supported while feeling comfortable. Both mattresses will be a good choice for this position, however, you might prefer one over the other depending on your weight.

If you have an average weight, then you should go for the Mint. Lightweight and heavy individuals will find that the Original model is able to meet their needs better in this position.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Tuft and Needle uses proprietary adaptive foam in both of its mattresses. It works together with the base layer, contouring the body without allowing it to sink while supporting it in a natural position. The effective pressure relief will alleviate any pain you already have.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Since Tuft and Needle is able to conform to every curve of your body, the spinal alignment will be improved. Both models also alleviate the pressure much better than similar polyfoam models. Thanks to proper alignment from head to toe and good pressure relief, you will forget about your problems – aching neck and shoulders.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

All the pains and aches associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis will subside thanks to the fair conforming properties found in both models. Your inflamed joints will be comfortably cushioned.

Hot Sleepers

Tuft and Needle made sure that their products are also suitable for people who get hot. To prevent the surface from overheating, they infused the cover with graphite that wicks away the heat and ceramic gel that has a better cooling effect than the regular blue gel used by most manufacturers.

The cover and open-cell foam provide for maximum airflow to further improve your comfort. Due to more graphite and the upgraded gel, the Mint model scores higher in temperature neutrality.

Heavy People

Although all-foam designs are usually considered not the best choice for overweight people, Tuft and Needle proved that it is not true. Heavy individuals will not only find both Original and Mint to provide necessary support in any position; they will also enjoy a less firm surface with plenty of comfort.


Tuft and Needle is great at motion isolation and noise reduction under weight, which means that your rest will not be disrupted when your partner moves around. Couples, especially those with different weights, should make sure that the model they choose can provide a good balance of comfort and support with their preferred sleeping style.

Since Tuft and Needle uses adaptive foam in the comfort layer, it is quite responsive in comparison to memory foam. Still, some couples might wish to have more bounce to have some more fun in the bed.


Dust mites, which often cause allergies and asthma, prefer warm and humid environment. Tuft and Needle’s experts made sure that both models stay cool to prevent you from sweating and keep you and the surface dry. They also offer hypoallergenic protectors for those who want to take extra measures to prevent allergies.


Just like most mattresses sold online, Tuft and Needle can be purchased in all standard sizes. These include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. When choosing the right size for yourself, the length should be equal to your height plus at least 8 inches, and the width should allow you to comfortably rest and put your hands over your head.


Original is 10 inches thick and has a soft, thin and breathing cover made of a polyester and polyamide blend. The comfort layer is represented by purpose-designed adaptive foam that brings together the best out of memory foam and latex for a balance of pressure relief and responsiveness.

The upper foam layer is infused with graphite gel to make the outer surface feel cool throughout the night. The base layer of the Original mattress is made of 7 inches of high-density polyfoam for maximum support and to ensure a good foundation for the upper layer.

What sets Mint apart from the Original model is its firmer base layer and addition of a transition layer to make the whole construction more comfortable and supportive. More graphite and gel beads will make it cooler and contribute to better support. The edge support is also enhanced in the new model. The cover here is knitted.


Tuft and Needle offers two models with slightly different firmness levels. The both are medium-firm, but Original rates 6 out of 10, while the Mint model is somewhat firmer and has a firmness of 6.5 out of 10.


Both Tuft and Needle models have average durability, about 6 to 7 years. According to the reviews, the users experience minimal sagging and deterioration with time.


Some off-gassing and smell is possible when you unpack the brand-new mattress. However, the odor is weak and usually goes away very quickly.

Edge Support

As with many all-foam models, edge support is questionable in both mattresses. The mattress is likely to slightly sink in spots where it is sat on most often. The firmer base layer in Mint should somewhat improve the situation.

Unless you often sit on the edge, this should not affect the comfort of your rest, as you will feel reasonably supported even when lying close to the edge.


The Original Tuft and Needle and the new Mint can be set up on most frames and foundations. They will work on box spring, slatted frames, and adjustable bases. The only thing you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your investment is to make sure that the foundation is stable and not broken or damaged in any way.

Warranty and Delivery

Either model will be delivered to you without charge, compressed into a small box. Tuft and Needle offers a 100-night risk free trial, which means that if the product is not a right fit for you, the company will remove it for free and give you a full refund. Tuft and Needle will also give you a 10-year limited warranty on their mattresses.


  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-night risk free trial
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Two different models
  • Good motion isolation and noise reduction
  • Good temperature control
  • Above-average support and pressure relief
  • Reasonable price


  • Mediocre edge support
  • Not ideal for heavier people

3. Brooklyn Bedding – Also Good

Brooklyn Bedding offers six different options with one all-foam model and five hybrids. Four models also have three firmness options each to satisfy the needs and preferences of almost every sleeper. Most models are great for hot sleepers and heavy individuals thanks to the hybrid construction.

Brooklyn Bedding

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(more photos are available)

Back and side sleepers can pick almost any model, while those who prefer to lie on their stomach can choose those that suit their weight category best. All the models have high-quality materials in their construction despite reasonable prices because Brooklyn Bedding has its own factory.

Side Sleepers

All Brooklyn Bedding models offer excellent contouring support with great pressure relief no matter one’s weight. An exception is the all-foam Bowery model that is not firm enough for heavy people.

Stomach Sleepers

Although stomach sleepers will have less luck with some of the Brooklyn Bedding models, some of them were rated as good. Lightweight people will like all models except Bowery Hybrid. The Spartan model will not be the best option for average and heavy individuals. Heavy people should also avoid the Bowery model.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will also find that all the models do a great job keeping the spine properly aligned while ensuring that you feel comfort no matter your weight thanks to the hybrid construction, as well as high-density foams and contouring comfort layers.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are considered to be some of the best options for back pain. The wide range of firmness variants will allow to choose the model that offers a good balance of body conforming and support.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Improper spine alignment and inadequate pressure relief usually cause neck and shoulder pain. Depending on your weight and sleeping style, you can find models and firmness levels that will help to alleviate and prevent this problem.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

There are several firmness options, so people with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis can choose a softer one for more contouring and pressure relief. The coil system in hybrids will give support, bounce and responsiveness for ease of movement.

Hot Sleepers

Coils used in most models provide for good airflow and allow to rest cool. Aurora has excellent temperature control with Signature, Spartan and Bloom following close by. Even the all-foam Bowery and Bowery Hybrid (with memory foam layer) models have good temperature control, although not good enough for some hot sleepers.

Heavy People

Obese and overweight people often find it hard to get adequate support and comfort. Bowery Hybrid will be the best fit for heavy people with Bloom, Aurora and Signature following close by. Spartan is also a great choice for back and side positions.


Most models will satisfy the needs of all couples, including those with different weights. They have enough bounce for good sex, and good edge support will allow the partners to use every inch of space. The exception is an all-foam model (Bowery): it lacks the desired bounce.


Those suffering from dust mite allergy and asthma should consider the Bloom model with a latex comfort layer, which is naturally hypoallergenic. Moreover, the cover is made of an organic cotton-and-wool blend. On the other hand, the Spartan mattress incorporates copper-infused polyfoam that features antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.


No matter what size you are looking for, Brooklyn Bedding will have you covered with sizes ranging from Twin to Queen, King and Cal King. Choose one that will satisfy your needs and preferences.


Signature is 11 1/2″ thick and has a quilted polyfoam and cotton top. The base layer has 6-inch high pocketed coils on top of 1″ of high-density polyfoam. It has a 2-inch polyfoam layer followed by 2″ of gel-infused polyfoam on top of the coils, which add comfort, contour the body and keep one cool.

Aurora is 13 1/2″ thick and has the same top. The comfort layer consists of 1 1/2″ copper-infused Phase-change material, 2″ of polyfoam, 1″ of gel memory foam. Pocket coils are 8″ tall and sit on top of 1″ of high-density polyfoam.

Spartan is 13 1/2″ thick with a nanobionic cover. It has the same base as Aurora, while the comfort layer is made of 1.5″ of ‘CopperGel Energex’ foam, 2″ ‘TitanFlex’ foam and
1″ of gel memory foam. The same base layer is also used in Bloom. This model is 12″ thick and has a 3″ Talalay latex comfort layer with an organic cotton-and-wool blend cover.

Finally, the Bowery model is 10″ thick. It has a quilted polyfoam-and-cotton top and a comfort layer made from 3″ gel polyfoam and 2″ polyfoam. 5″ of high-density polyfoam serve as a base for upper layers.

Bowery Hybrid is also 10″ thick, but here 6″ of pocketed coils and 1″ of high-density polyfoam serve as the base. On top of the coils is a 2-inch layer of polyfoam topped with 1″ of quilted memory foam.


Brooklyn Bedding ensured that every customer can find a model and firmness level that is a perfect fit for them. Four models are available in three firmness levels: 3.5 Soft, 5.5 Medium, and 7.5 Firm. The other two are Bowery 5.5 (Medium) and Bowery Hybrid 6.5 (Medium Firm). With such a wide range, you will undoubtedly find “the one”.


All Brooklyn Bedding products offer average or above average durability. The Aurora and Signature models, for example, should last for at least 8 years, while Bowery – 6 to 8 years. Bowery Hybrid and Spartan’s durability ranges between 6 and 7 years, while the Bloom’s lifespan is from 7 to 8 years.


As with most other models available on the market, there is some chance that you will have a slight odor coming from your new Brooklyn Bedding mattress. The smell is usually nearly imperceptible and dissipates within few days after unpackaging.

Edge Support

Since most Brooklyn Bedding models are hybrids, their edge support is very good. The pocketed coils in combination with a high-density foam base help to reinforce the structure and minimize sinking around the edges. The exception is again the Bowery all-foam model – weak edges are common for all-foam designs.


You can use Brooklyn Bedding mattresses on any foundation that will properly support it. These included slatted foundations with slats spaced no more than 3 inches apart and are not bowed (otherwise, support them with an added non-flexible foundation) as well as box springs that provide adequate support without allowing the bed to bend.

Warranty and Delivery

After purchasing any model from Brooklyn Bedding, you will have it delivered for free and will be able to test it for 120 days risk free. If you end up not liking your new investment, you can return it 30 days after the purchase for a full refund or Brooklyn Bedding will help you adjust current model or pick a more suitable one.


  • 10-year warranty
  • Free shipping and 120-day trial period
  • Six different models with multiple firmness and thickness options
  • Discounts for military personnel, first responders, teachers, and students
  • Good motion isolation in all six models
  • Good airflow and strong edge support in hybrid models
  • Good pressure relief and support
  • Beds are manufactured in own factory for best quality and price


  • 30-night break-in period for sleep trial
  • Most models are relatively heavy

Mattress Comparison Features

Comfortable and healthy sleep helps to cope with a feeling of constant fatigue and irritability. A correct choice of mattress can be a reliable help in treating insomnia, pain in the muscles and spine, allergic reactions, etc. Although you can take melatonin to help you sleep, experts say it’s probably not your best bet if you’re having troubles with sleeping.

Mattresses can be divided into three firmness categories: firm, medium and soft. If you do not have any problems with the spine, pick the most comfortable one. Medium firmness is suitable for almost everyone, the main thing is to make sure it is comfortable for you.

It is also important to stay well supported. Optimal spinal support will maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system. It conforms to the anatomical contours of the body, preventing numbness in the limbs and other discomfort.

People suffering from pain in the spine and joints or other similar illnesses need good support to keep the spine naturally aligned. A high-quality mattress will effectively prevent back problems in healthy individuals.

Caffeine and stress are not the only reasons you are having troubled sleep. An old, uncomfortable mattress not only makes it harder to fall asleep but can also cause back and muscle pain that will only worsen the problem.

We would also like to note that prolonged use of a wrong sleeping surface will make your spine slightly bent due to lack of support or surface unevenness, so will need time to adjust to a new proper mattress and to assume the natural and healthy sleeping position.

During this period of restoring the correct position, you may feel discomfort upon waking up – it is normal, but any unpleasant sensations should not last more than three weeks. If you sleep on your new bed for a month or two and the discomfort does go away, it means that the mattress you picked is not suitable for you.

Mattress Types:

Whether to acquire a mattress with or without springs is, by and large, a matter of personal preference. However, we would like to point out the advantages and shortcomings of each design type as well as of popular fillers, so you could make the right choice yourself.

Mattress Types

Each type has different features that you might find appealing. An article on “How often should you replace a mattress?” will help you decide whether you need to purchase a new one and what type to consider based on its durability.


Innerspring mattresses come with connected (Bonnel type) and independent springs. In the first case, the springs are intertwined with each other in a certain way, while in the second one, each spring is in a separate fabric/foam pocket.

Mattresses with independent spring blocks are more convenient, since the springs, isolated from each, adapt to the shape of the body better, transfer no motion and are more durable. More springs per square foot make both types more comfortable and more supportive.

The only drawback of models with pocketed springs is the higher cost of the product, while the only advantage of ones with Bonnel type springs is their relative inexpensiveness.  Manufacturers of innerspring models try to satisfy all users. Independent springs are designed for different customer categories:

  • Dual spring (spring in spring) – for partners with very different weights. The inner spring is firmer, the outer spring is softer. When a person with a large weight lays down, the external springs are pressed down, while the firmer internal ones are released.
  • Reinforced blocks – independent springs made of more rigid wire are designed for people with high body mass.
  • Spring blocks with zoned firmness/support. The weight of the human body is not evenly distributed: the head is lighter than the pelvic area. Here, the stiffness of springs varies depending on their location.


Hybrid models can be both innerspring and springless. They can include a layer of independent springs and multilevel density layers of various materials. Together, all these layers create a construction that is both supportive and comfortable and usually is able to combine the best qualities of innersprings and springless models.

Springless hybrid models can have artificial or natural latex, memory foam, as well as a variety of synthetic high-tech materials. They are made up of layers of different densities and materials and can provide a comfortable rest for people of any build or sleeping preferences. However, it is also important to consider the quality of the filler.


Natural latex (natural material from the milky sap of the Hevea tree) is very popular material in both innerspring and springless models. The porous structure, somewhat similar to a honeycomb, provides good air circulation, removes excess heat and moisture. Natural latex has an excellent property: it closely contours the body and supports it.

In addition, latex is hypoallergenic, hygienic, elastic, provides good spine support and keeps its properties for a long time. Depending on the way it was made and combination with other materials, it can be both soft and firm.

Man-made latex features all the same properties, although it is not as good at staying cool and is not naturally hypoallergenic.

Memory Foam

It is a hypoallergenic high-tech filler for mattresses based on polyurethane, reliable and durable. Cells of this viscoelastic foam are similar to small springs that get compressed under the influence of body weight and heat.

Memory foam is able to successfully take the shape of the lying person’s body and provide comfort in any position. However, if during the night you often change your position, it is better to look for a firmer mattress, no matter the filler. Unless modified by the manufacturer, it can get trap heat and feature too much sinking.

Airbed mattress

Airbeds have several features that make people choose them over the other models. They are good for those who suffer from back pain, have adjustable firmness, do not sag with time and usually stay cool.

However, some models do not have good air retention and puncture resistance and simply are not intended for everyday use. They can also make noise and transfer motion when one person is moving around and getting in or out of the bed.

What to Look For?

Although there are always individual needs and preferences that determine the choice of a new mattress, we believe that there are groups of people that have very similar needs. Here, we point out which features each group should consider when making their purchase decision.

Choice of mattress

Single adults and couples

Single adults should primarily look for a model that feels comfortable and will keep their spine properly aligned, especially in their preferred position. Other factors, such as temperature neutrality, allergies, health problems, weight limits, etc. are to be taken into account based on individual needs and preferences.

The best mattress for two is a model of medium firmness with independent springs. If one partner often turns over in his/her sleep or gets outs of the bed, the second half of the mattress should remain motionless. If lovemaking is a big part of the couple’s life, they should also consider noise reduction, bounce and edge support that the product delivers.


Since elderly people have fragile bones, a soft or medium-firm surface will give the best comfortable support. Older people are also not recommended to sleep on firmer surfaces because this can cause problems with the spine and blood circulation.

Since with age people find it harder to get in and out of the bed, good edge support, responsiveness and bounce are other factors that will make a particular model stand out from the others.

Large people

For an overweight person, it is extremely important to give rest to the spine and joints while sleeping. Thus, the primary criterion is the weight limit, so the whole structure would perform properly. The second important point is the durability of the structure, since it will be under more stress.

Large people should also give preference to firmer models because they are able to perform the most important function – to supporting the back muscles and the spine – better. However, an excessively firm surface also has its drawbacks. In this case, heavy people are more likely to experience restricted blood circulation where pressure is applied.

A firm, durable mattress should evenly distribute the body pressure over its surface, ensuring healthy positioning of the back, pelvis and limbs. Overweight people react to temperature drops more than others. Therefore, good temperature control at any time of the year should also be payed attention to.


If snoring prevents you and maybe your partner from having a restful night, then consider a model that will allow to comfortably lie on your side or lift your upper body (compatible with adjustable base) to ensure that your airways are open.

Also, remember that no matter which model you choose, it should keep your whole body properly aligned and supported to prevent your airways from being blocked. The best choices will have zoned support and pressure relief to allow you to get a restorative sleep and to reduce snoring or eliminate it altogether.

Post-surgery recovery

If you are recovering from a surgery, there are many features intended to make your post-surgery life easier and better. First, you want to look for good pressure relief, spine alignment and temperature control to feel comfortable when you are lying in your bed. Compatibility with an adjustable base will make things even better.

Once you are feeling better and want to move more in your bed and maybe get in and out of it, good responsiveness and edge support will make these actions much easier. If you have an allergy or large body size, make sure your new acquisition can meet these particular needs.

Mattress Sizes:

Mattress Sizes

Twin/Twin XL

If you are looking for a bigger bed for your kid, a Twin will be a good choice. It is also suitable for a single adult. Taller individuals can go for Twin XL and some use two Twin XLs for a split King with an adjustable base.


This is a great option for teens and single adults who would like to have more space. However, it is not very suitable for taller individuals. It can also fit two kids/teens.


Queen size is a perfect fit for people who love to have plenty of freedom in their movement. It is also often purchased by couples who are limited in space/budget or those who enjoy sleeping cuddling and do not need extra space.


This is size most commonly purchased by adults. It gives plenty of space for comfortable rest and for getting intimate. It will also allow them to snuggle with their pet or kid without feeling limited in space.


Brooklyn Bedding’s line of mattresses is made to fit a wide variety of needs, preferences and budgets.  Four models are offered in three firmness options – soft, medium-firm and firm. Five out of six models are hybrids and have strong edges; most of them do a very good job at alleviating pain, with Spartan being the best choice for pain reduction.

All models by Brooklyn Bedding, except for the all-foam one, are an excellent choice for hot sleepers. There are also models that will be able to deliver contouring comfort and adequate support to heavy individuals.

If you have allergies, Brooklyn Bedding offers Spartan and Bloom mattresses to make sure that nothing stops you from getting your sleep. The student, military, etc. discounts and own factory for price and quality management are other factors that set it apart.

Leesa is a mixed foam mattress that is one of the best among similar models. It is a great option for all sleeping styles and weight ranges. Leesa is also great for back pain, especially in the lower back area. Some hot sleepers find that it can trap heat and warm up by the end of the night.

Just like the majority of the comparable models,Leesa lacks good edge support and might not be responsive enough for some. However, unlike most all-foam models, Leesa is able to provide enough support for heavy individuals, especially for back sleepers.

Tuft and Needle offers two models that both have mixed foam design. Both will give you proper support and pressure relief, especially for back sleepers. They have medium firmness, so they are not too soft or too firm for most.

Thanks to the use of graphite and cooling gel in the top layer, Tuft and Needle is good at controlling the temperature. It is great at noise reduction and motion isolation. The prices are below average, so Tuft and Needle can be a good investment for those who do not have much to spare but still want to change their old mattress.

If you want to know how these models stack up to each other, check out the results table.