Among lots of models presented on the market nowadays there are still not so many items which can be called suitable for most customers. Those who start looking for the best thing encounter difficulties and eventually get lost in the variety of characteristics.

Last Updated: Jimmy We have gathered all the possible information and analyzed customer reviews on 3 popular models – Loom and Leaf, Casper and Brooklyn Bedding. All of these models have strong reputation on the market and may be recommended as great products, but which one will be the best of all? The results obtained are summarized in the table below. Read more to see the full texts of detailed reviews and realize what each of the mattresses can offer you!

In this review:

The Comparison Results

 Loom and LeafBrooklyn BeddingCasper
Side SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Stomach SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Lower Back Pain SufferersVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Neck and Shoulder Pain SufferersVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Arthritis and FibromyalgiaVery GoodVery GoodGood
Hot SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Heavy PeopleVery GoodVery GoodFair
CouplesVery GoodGoodGood
AllergiesVery GoodGoodGood
Firmness5.5 Medium and 8 Firm3.5 Soft, 5.5 Medium, 7.5 Firm6.5 Medium Firm
Durability6-7 years expected8 years6-7 years
SmellInsignificant, dissipating in 1-2 daysSlight, dissipating quicklyPossible, disappearing in 2-3 days
Edge SupportGoodVery GoodFair
NoiseVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Warranty15 years10 years10 years

We used many important characteristics in our comparison. Besides materials and construction types, we have compared support levels, firmness and softness balance of each model, conforming and temperature regulation.

We also checked how good these models adjust the surface to the body curves and provide pressure relief, based on customer reviews. The comparison was made for different weight categories and sleeping positions.

What is more, we took into account different health conditions that influence the quality of sleep and the level of comfort or discomfort a person gets at night. These are arthritis or osteoarthritis, frequent muscle pain, spine problems, allergic diseases or asthma.

Suitability for couples was reviewed too. There are some special characteristics like bounce or air circulation, which become much more important when people have a sleeping partner.

1. Loom and Leaf – Best Overall Choice

Loom and Leaf is a model offered by Saatva. It is a mattress with 12” thickness built of 4 layers of foam. Its key advantages are deep support with great spine alignment, balanced firmness and softness ratio and purposefully designed temperature regulation.

Loom and Leaf main advantages

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Loom and Leaf consists of 4 foam layers with carefully picked characteristics. The top layer is responsible for comfort and cooling at the same time. It is made of convoluted memory foam with a cooling gel. This gel penetrates the entire thickness of the foam and distributes the heat evenly.

The purpose of the second layer is contouring: memory foam provides pressure relief and contouring. This layer together with the transitional and support layers beneath creates comfort with deep support, spine alignment and pressure relief.

The base layer is made of 5.5” high-density foam. It is also responsible for support, creates the foundation of Loom and Leaf and plays a role in spine alignment and edge support as well.

The Loom and Leaf’s cover is made of 100% cotton, which gives a cooling feel as it is a breathing material. It adds to the great temperature regulation, which Loom and Leaf is famous for. The way the cover is designed and decorated, with gold ribbon on the perimeter, gives it a luxurious look and feel, thus making it a desired model to have in your bedroom.

What are the detailed characteristics for each of the customer groups? Let us see the full review!

Side Sleepers

Loom and Leaf gets great reviews from those who prefer to have rest on their side regardless of their weight category. Loom and Leaf can cradle the body with all its curves, and at the same time give necessary and targeted support to the parts which need it the most.

Stomach Sleepers

All customers who choose the stomach style find Loom and Leaf a really good and balanced model. It gives necessary softness alongside with support and response in the areas that need it the most, like stomach and hips. Users belonging to this category feel great pressure relief and do not feel sinking when they lie on Loom and Leaf.

Back Sleepers

Loom and Leaf works great for those who prefer to lie on their back. It offers wonderful support and spine alignment due to high-density foam in the foundation. Transitional and comfort layers give the body contouring and cradling, as well as pressure relief and distribution of weight all over the surface.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Those who have troubles with the lower back pain find Loom and Leaf rather pressure and pain relieving. It offers good spine alignment due to the dense foam in the base part, and also conforms to body curves with its comfort and transitional layers.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

People having problems with frequent neck and shoulder pain due to physical work, a lot of exercising or disc bulging are going to appreciate Loom and Leaf. It gives wonderful cradling to the sensitive areas like shoulders or neck, and also offers good support throughout all the body surface.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Loom and leaf serves well for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. People with this disease often have their joints feel painful and hot, and Loom and Leaf with its pain relief and cooling effects helps to reduce the discomfort and relieve excessive pressure.

Those suffering from osteoarthritis are going to enjoy Loom and Leaf too. It gives great support and provides wonderful pressure relief with its foam layers in the comfort part and high-density foam in the foundation.

Hot Sleepers

Loom and Leaf may be recommended for those who feel hot at night and are looking for a foam model. Memory foam convoluted with gel in the top layer provides a cooling effect, which distributes any excessive heat all over the foam layer. A cotton cover also helps your body to stay cooler at night.

Heavy People

Overweight individuals will find Loom and Leaf supportive and bouncy enough for their weight category. This model can provide great support for any weight, and offers 2 firmness options to help obese people find the most suitable one.

Heavy customers enjoy exceptional pressure relief offered by Loom and Leaf. The transitional layer provides compressional support, which is especially useful for people whose weight is above 230 lbs.


Those who have a sleeping partner find Loom and Leaf having several great features for them. Firstly, it offers good motion isolation due to its high-quality foam materials. Secondly, it is bouncy and responsive enough, along with good support offered for people with different weights.

Another feature important for couples is temperature regulation. Loom and Leaf creates much better conditions than most foam models and allows you to sleep cool even if you have a partner.


Loom and Leaf is a foam model without any space inside for dust to accumulate, so it is safe for people suffering from allergy to dust mites. It is also good for those who suffer from asthma of allergic origin.

By the way, Loom and Leaf is suitable for use on an adjustable foundation, which asthma sufferers often need, if their disease is on a serious stage.


Loom and Leaf is offered in Twin, Twin Extra Long (XL), Full, Queen, King and California King dimensions. Twin and Twin XL are meant for single adults and children. An XL option is suitable for taller adults who need more space to spread their legs.

Full size is also good for single people and is often considered by couples as a good option for them. But, in comparison to Twin with 38” width, Full with its 54” offers only 27” of space for each partner, so couples should consider a wider option.

Queen is a good option for single people and for couples as well. It is a model which can give you a luxurious feel when in your bedroom. It gives enough space for taller people too.

King and California King are good for those who have a partner, as they offer real freedom of motion. It may be used by single people who are overweight or turn round a lot at night and need more space because of this. These options also give you a feeling of luxury and let you enjoy the excitement of all that space around you.


Loom and Leaf is offered in 12” of thickness. It is built of 5.5” polyfoam in the foundation part, 2” transitional layer, 2” memory foam and 2.5” gel memory foam in the comfort part. Above all of these there is 5/8” cover made of foam quilted with organic cotton.


Loom and Leaf is produced in 2 firmness options called Relaxed Firm and Firm. They are 5.5 (Medium according to the standard classification) and 8 (Firm).

When choosing the right firmness option, consider your own preferences, weight category and necessity of significant or gentle spine alignment.


Like many other foam beds containing memory foam, Loom and Leaf is promised to last for at least 6-7 years without any signs of wear. The exact period of use depends on the customers and number of hours spent in bed.


There may appear some insignificant smell which reminds of the “new car odor”, but does not make using this model even a bit more problematic. The odors dissipate within 1-2 days without any additional efforts.

Edge Support

Due to its dense foams in the foundation part, Loom and Leaf offers good edge support even to heavier people. There is no roll-out feel when you lie close to the edge. But some sinking is noticeable when you sit on the edge, which happens because of softer foam layers placed in the comfort part of the bed.


Loom and Leaf may be used on special foundations the company offers together with the mattress. Or you can use it on something you already have like platform slats, box springs or even the floor if you feel comfortable with that.

Loom and Leaf can be used on an adjustable foundation if the sleeper’s health condition needs elevation of some body parts.

Warranty and Delivery

Loom and Leaf is offered with 120 nights of sleep trial with a full refund, if you find any inconvenience. The warranty period lasts for 15 years; the warranty is non-prorated and non-transferable.

Shipping is provided to the continental territory of the USA and to Canada. Delivery to Hawaii is not available, while delivery to Alaska can be carried out after coordination with Saatva.


  • 15-year warranty.
  • 120-night period of sleep trial with full refund.
  • High-density polyfoam in the foundation part makes the model supportive.
  • Transitional layer provides bounce and response.
  • Gel memory foam layer at the top allows to sleep cooler than on other foam models.
  • Good for all weight categories and sleeping styles.
  • No noise produced.
  • Great motion isolation.


  • Price is higher than of other models.
  • Some odor is possible within the first 2 days of use.

2. Brooklyn Bedding – Runner Up

Brooklyn Bedding has been present on the market for many years and operates its own manufacturing facilities. Several models are produced on a regular basis: Brooklyn Bedding Signature, Aurora, Bloom, Bowery, Bowery Hybrid and Spartan.

Brooklyn Bedding represents Signature model

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All the models have their own positive aspects. We’ve reviewed the Signature model here as one of the most popular options suitable for different customer needs. This mattress can give you a luxurious feel, but it is offered for prices up to $1000 or a little more.

Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid model with 3 firmness levels – Soft, Medium, and Firm. The construction may slightly differ depending on the firmness level you choose.

The bottom part of Brooklyn Signature is made of dense foundation foam. It creates the base of a model and provides support. This level harbors 6” of individually pocketed coils. This feature makes the bed really supportive for different body types, and also makes the whole construction more durable.

The 2 layers in the comfort part right above the coils are proprietary foams with unique characteristics. The lower layer is made of so-called TitanFlex Support Foam, which works as a transitional element between coils and the next layer. In fact, the firmness level depends on density of this layer.

The upper layer is also made of proprietary material – TitanFlex Comfort Foam – which is elastic and gives bounce and response when you lie on it. This foam also includes cooling gel and helps with temperature regulation at the night.

Is this model comfortable for all kinds of sleepers? Let us see the full characteristics!

Side Sleepers

Brooklyn Bedding works quite well for those who prefer lying on their side. The comfort layers provide good support for shoulders and hips. The body gets necessary conforming as well. Depending on your weight category, you may choose medium (for average or heavy) or soft option (for lighter customers).

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers enjoy Brooklyn Signature with its even support and low level of sinking. If you are an average or heavy person (over 250 lbs) and you think you need more support, try out medium or firm options. One of them will definitely match your preferences.

Back Sleepers

Brooklyn Signature is great for this category of customers too. Its carefully picked layers provide even support and create great comfort for hips without any signs of sinking. People of all weight categories find it supportive and responsive for their bodies.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Those who have problems with the lumbar region find Brooklyn Signature a supportive and bouncy model that allows them to feel the sought-after pressure relief. The pain gets significantly reduced on this hybrid model, and muscle tension is significantly relieved.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

People suffering from problems in the neck or shoulder regions accompanied with pain or muscle tension, are going to find Brooklyn Bedding a great model for them. Its construction gives great even support and pressure relief to all body regions, while the sleeper’s neck and shoulders get muscle relaxation as well.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Customers looking for pain relief in case of rheumatoid arthritis are going to find it with Brooklyn Bedding. Its hybrid construction offers significant and even support to the sensitive points of body, and pain relief is always provided along with a cooling effect.

People diagnosed with osteoarthritis find Brooklyn Bedding a comfortable model. It provides great spine alignment and has good airflow, so pain and pressure are much lower with this mattress.

Hot Sleepers

Due to the coil layers, Brooklyn Bedding provides great airflow and allows heat to be distributed all over the model. Thus, the users do not feel any excessive heat at night. A stretch knit cotton cover also helps you feel much cooler as it is a breathing material too.

Heavy People

Obese people usually need more support than those of light or average weight. Brooklyn Bedding is a promising model in this context as it offers 3 firmness levels (from soft to firm), so overweight customers can always find a suitable option.

Heavy people obtain the desired comfort thanks to the coil layer and proprietary materials in the comfort part. Due to all this, sleepers over 250 lbs feel supported and do not get their body stuck in the foam.


Those who have a partner appreciate good motion isolation in their beds. Brooklyn Signature isolates motion better than many hybrids due to the foam layers above the coils. But in couples with different weights, motion of the heavier partner can still be felts by the other one as coils cannot absorb all the motion anyway.

Brooklyn Bedding is great in terms of temperature regulation and bounce. All in all, it offers great general comfort to couples.


Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a model with a good reputation among people who experience allergic reactions. Based on customer reviews, it can be considered safe for use in case of allergy to dust mites. The same can be said asthma.

The coils are pocketed separately from each other in individual sacs of thick fabric, so no dust accumulates inside during all the time of use.


Brooklyn Bedding is available (for all its modifications) in the standard range: Twin (with XL option), Full, Queen, King and California King.

Twin or Twin XL should be chosen by single adults or purchased for children and adolescents. These options offer enough space only for one person. The XL option is 80” long instead of 75” and is meant for taller people.

Full size is good for single people, as well as for overweight or bigger-than-average customers. It can seem suitable for some couples but there may be too little space for each of the partners – 27” per person is sometimes not enough to feel comfortable.

Queen is 60” x 80” and it is good for single adults who love to have lots of space for themselves, and also for couples.

King and California King are the biggest models available. King is 4” wider and California King is 4” longer. When ordering one of these options, mind your foundation size too.


Brooklyn Signature is available in one thickness option, 11.5”. It is formed of 1” of high-density polyfoam in the base part, 6” of pocketed coils, 2” of support polyfoam and 2” of gel-infused polyfoam in the comfort part.


There are 3 firmness options in Brooklyn Bedding – Soft (3.5), Medium (5.5) and Firm (7.5). The soft option may be a good choice for light-weight customers or those who love to feel some sinking and cushioning in bed.

Medium and Firm options are for average or heavy customers, who need better support or prefer the feel of being “on” and not “in” the comfort layers.


Using high-quality materials, coils and dense foams, Brooklyn Signature is promised to be a durable model. The manufacturer expects it to last for at least 8 years without any signs of wear.


Some slight smell of “a new mattress” may be possible in the first few days of using Brooklyn Bedding, but it does not entail any serious issues. The smell dissipates quickly without any additional measures.

Edge Support

Due to the coil layer and dense foams in the construction, Brooklyn Signature provides good edge support to all styles and weight categories of customers. People sleeping with a partner may use all the surface of the model without any risk of rolling off it.


Brooklyn Bedding works well regardless of the kind of foundation you decide to use it on. You can get platform slats or a wooden frame, you can place it on a box spring (not a good option for allergic people) or on an adjustable base. The foundation type does not influence the characteristics of the bed.

Warranty and Delivery

The model is offered with 120 nights of sleep trial. If there are any inconveniences, the company offers full refund. The warranty period lasts for 10 years. Shipping is provided for free to all the territory of the USA and Canada.


  • 10-year warranty for all options.
  • 120-night trial period with full refund.
  • Hybrid construction offers great support and response.
  • Motion isolation is much better than of other hybrid models.
  • Proprietary foams in the comfort part give bounce and conforming.
  • Temperature regulation is great.
  • 3 firmness options.
  • Suitable for all sleeping styles and weight categories.


  • Some odor possible.

3. Casper – Also Good

Casper is built of different foam types with thoughts about customer comfort, even support and cooling.

Casper consists of 4 foam layers, and each of them has its special function. The foundation is made of high-density foam, which provides great support and gives the model its contours. The comfort part of the mattress is made of memory foam, which provides contouring and pressure relief.

Casper comfort part Mattress

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(more photos are available)

Between the foundation and memory foam layers, there is a transitional polyfoam layer. It works like an intermediary between dense base part and pressure-relieving memory foam. It also has a zoned support feature with softer material closer to the edges and a firmer one in the middle to give more pressure relief to the lumbar area.

The top layer closest to the sleeper consists of responsive polyfoam. It provides bounce, body contouring and pressure relief and works together with memory foam beneath to ensure a high level of comfort.

Responsive polyfoam helps the user stay cool while being in bed, as memory foam tends to sleep warmer than average. Casper’s cover is porous and provides good airflow throughout the layers, so heat does not accumulate inside this model much.

What are the detailed characteristics? Let us see the full review!

Side Sleepers

People who prefer to lie on their side find Casper a good model for them as it is bouncy and supportive enough. Shoulders and hips do get enough support here. Those of light and average weight find it more comfortable than people weighing over 180 lbs, because a heavier body can press the materials down to the very foundation, and Casper may feel firmer.

Stomach Sleepers

People who prefer the stomach style give mostly good reviews about Casper. They appreciate its response and support, which does not allow stomach and hips go deep into the mattress. People heavier than 230 lbs may press the softer layers and perceive the bed to be firmer due to the closer contact with foundation layer.

Back Sleepers

Casper is recommended for the back position most of all, as its design and construction demonstrate their best when the user sleeps on his back. Casper is comfortable for any weight category and provides its zoned lumbar support and great response to back sleepers.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Casper has recently been enhanced with the Zoned Support technology. It means using firmer polyfoam in the middle of the model (transitional layer), and people suffering from chronic back pain or pain caused by uncomfortable sleep, feel much better now with it.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Those who have problems with the neck or shoulder regions like disk bulging, muscle tension or trauma consequences will really enjoy Casper’s comfort. Zoned Support also implies softer polyfoam in the neck and shoulder region, which helps to get more cradling in these areas and enjoy pressure and pain relief.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Casper is a comfortable model for those who need to ease rheumatoid arthritis pain. It gives response, support and conforming, while allowing to reduce pain in the inflamed joints. Besides this, Casper features good airflow and a cooling effect, which also reduces pain.

Osteoarthritis patients are going to find Casper comfortable enough. Its zoned support, conforming materials, pressure and pain relief give great comfort to those who need enhanced spine alignment and cushioning at the same time.

Hot Sleepers

Those who often feel hot at night can choose Casper as an alternative to many other foam models. It has enhanced air circulation made possible by the responsive polyfoam in the upper part and the porous cover material. All these things promote temperature neutrality and the sleeper’s comfort.

Heavy People

Casper works well for people up to 220 lbs, but may feel firmer for people over 230 lbs. It provides good spine alignment and support to obese people as well, but some of them may complain of it feeling firmer. Overweight people tend to apply more pressure to the bed, and the softer comfort layers get pressed to the foundation, so the mattress feels generally firmer.

This review is focused on the Casper Original model as the one getting more positive reviews than the rest. Heavy sleepers may consider other models of Casper like Essential, because Firm and can provide better support and response.


Casper is noteworthy for couples because of its great motion isolation, according to hundreds of customer reviews. It is also noiseless and allows both partners to sleep without any disturbances.

Due to the good support it offers, partners with different weights get good spine alignment and pressure relief. People heavier than 230 lbs may find this model too firm and need some time to get used to it.


Casper consists of foam layers of different types, so it is not prone to dust accumulation inside its construction. Therefore, it is safe in case of allergy to dust mites and may be used by allergic people without worrying about their health.

Casper works well for those who suffer from asthma because of allergy to dust mites. It also can be used on an adjustable foundation to provide more comfortable body position for people who suffer from problems with breathing.


Casper is offered in a standard range of dimensions – Twin and Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Twin and Twin XL are 39W” x 75L” and 39W” x 80L”, respectively. These narrow models are suitable for those who sleep alone, adults, children or adolescents.

The Full size is wider than Twin and has 54″W x 75L”. It is also meant for single people and is more comfortable for overweight users as it gives them more space. Couples who think that Full is wide enough for them may feel lack of space to move at night – it offers only 27” for each partner.

Queen is a model suitable for single sleepers and for couples. It offers enough space for two partners and gives a luxurious feel and freedom for single sleepers.

King and California King offer the most comfort and space for all kinds of customers. They serve well for light, average and heavy people, those who have having a partner and for single people. These models are meant for those who want to get maximum freedom of motion.


Casper is offered in 10” thickness. It is formed of 5” of high-density polyfoam placed in the foundation, and 3 layers of 1.5” each of polyfoams and memory foam in the comfort part.


Casper has one firmness option of 6.5, Medium Firm. It offers the right balance between soft and firm feels and provides the right amount of spine alignment for most customers. While soft comfort layers allow the sleeper to sink, the transitional and foundation ones lift the body up and prevent getting stuck in the layers.


Casper is considered to be a durable model, as it uses high-quality and high-density polyfoams. Its expected lifespan without any sinking can be estimated as 6-7 years, and the exact term depends on the sleepers themselves.


A new Casper mattress may produce some slight odor, which appears mostly because of the foam-based materials. The smell dissipates in 2-3 days and neither annoys too much, nor causes any problems with sleep.

Edge Support

Casper boasts good edge support which keeps your lying body on the mattress stopping it from rolling out in the night time. It allows people who have a partner or who turn round a lot to feel safe and have more space in bed.


Casper is suitable for use on any type of foundation you may choose for you. It works well, no matter what you put it on – box springs, platform slats, solid foundations or even on the floor. It can be used on an adjustable base if you need it for your health condition.

Warranty and Delivery

Casper offers 100 nights of a sleep trial with a full refund in case anything goes wrong. The warranty period lasts for 10 years. Shipment is free and is performed within 7-15 days to the continental territory of the USA. Delivery to Hawaii, Alaska and parts of Canada is paid.


  • 10-year warranty.
  • 100-night trial period and full refund in case of any doubts.
  • Foam construction provides support and response.
  • The construction is breathing enough and allows to stay cool at night.
  • Zoned Support technology provides more comfort to back sleepers and those who have problems with lumbar region.
  • Good motion isolation.
  • High level of bounce and response.


  • Some odor possible in the first few days of use.
  • People heavier than 230 lbs may feel it too firm for them.

Mattress Comparison Features

There are many factors and features which become important when you start choosing a perfect bed for you. All of them influence the way you are going to feel having a certain model at home, and you may feel lost trying to take everything into account. There is a short guide to help you understand what model is worth to be chosen.

Right choice of Bed

The basic characteristics of a bed are support, firmness and conforming. Support is provided by construction features and materials of a particular bed. Firmness also depends on the type of materials used and their density.

Choosing a new model, you have to look for the right level of firmness provided by it. If you pick the model, which is too soft, you may get your spine curved at night, and the condition of your back may get significantly worse.

Conforming is another feature present in almost all the modern models of mattresses. It means the ability of the materials to adjust to the body curves of a person who lies on it. Thus, all the sensitive points of the body get targeted support and relief, being cushioned in the cradle of the conforming material.

Another important feature we included in our review is temperature neutrality, also called temperature regulation or air circulation. It means enabling the air to circulate inside the bed to take all the excessive heat out of the mattress. This way, the sleeper will feel cooler at night.

Some companies use materials that include cooling gels or particles to absorb excessive heat.

Besides these key characteristics, there are some others that are valued by people with particular health conditions or individual preferences. For example, people who have difficulties with falling asleep (insomnia) or wake up because of the slightest disturbance may appreciate low level of noise and good motion isolation.

People whose health condition makes them choose special models can be assigned to different groups. For example, those who have spine problems, like disk bulging, or people doing a lot of physical exercises, will look for a mattress with very good conforming together with great support.

We included the most popular requests of people with health conditions like arthritis, allergy, asthma, fibromyalgia, lower back pain and so on. Each of these problems makes special demands to the quality, materials and construction type.

So, what are the most popular mattress types and materials? Which of them should we choose?

Mattress Types

There are several popular construction types nowadays, each of them with its own positive aspects and disadvantages. Which one is the most comfortable option?


A hybrid model is a mattress that incorporates several different material types, most often with a coil layer in the construction. This type takes the best from each material and minimizes the negative aspects they have. Besides coils, they include memory foam, polyfoam or latex layers of different density.

The thickness of the hybrid model

One of the most important features of hybrids is their good support and pressure relief. Their comfort part consists of different foams combined to offer the best conforming and cushioning.

Common disadvantages:

  • Heavy weight of the mattress.
  • Relatively high price.
  • Thickness is above average, which can make getting in and out of the bed more difficult.


This construction type contains coil layers, where coils are joined to each other in some special way that allows to distribute the body weight. Coils may be pocketed or left without cover. Each innerspring model has its special number of coils and original construction of these layers.

Innerspring is durable

These models are durable, provide good spine alignment and pressure relief, and are more suitable for heavier people than other types.

Common disadvantages:

  • Heavy weight.
  • If coils are not pocketed, noise potential is higher than usual.
  • Possible dust accumulation and allergy potential in models where coils are not pocketed.


This type consists mostly of latex layers. The material can be of natural or artificial origin. Its key strengths are softness and contouring to the body curves. Due to its higher-than-average softness, latex is often combined with other materials like dense polyfoams to give it better support and pressure relief.

Latex layers main advantages

Motion isolation is also a positive feature of this material. Sometimes latex layers are combined with innerspring or pocketed coil layers.

Common disadvantages:

  • Price higher than average.
  • Specific smell is possible in the first days of use.

Memory Foam

This relatively newly designed material has a special feature which makes it almost irreplaceable on the market. This material can take the exact shape of the thing placed on it, and then become even again in a short time.

Memory foam newly designed

This feature allows the memory foam to be a wonderful pressure relieving material – it conforms to the smallest curves of the body, reducing all the excessive pressure and helping the muscles to relax thus alleviating pain.

Common disadvantages:

  • Relatively high price.
  • Air circulation is generally worse than of other materials.
  • Possible odor in the first days of use.

Airbed mattress

This type of bed has one or several empty chambers inside, which are inflated with compressed air. The owners do it themselves with a special pump.

View from the middle

Airbeds are good for those who love to change the place of night rest often. They are mobile, have a light weight and are durable enough.

Common disadvantages:

  • Need constant care for the necessary support level.
  • Easy to damage, costly to repair.

What to Look For?

Different customer categories have their special needs and requirements to the models they want to have in their bedrooms. Having a certain health condition makes them be especially careful about their choice.

Single adults and couples

People having a partner need their bed to create maximum comfort possible for both of them. They often care for motion isolation, low level of noise produced in the night time and good air circulation to avoid heat traps.

If partners are of different weight categories, which happen really often, they need the bed to provide the same comfort and level of support to both of them.

Single adults do not care so much about motion isolation, but have identical requirements about temperature neutrality and also look for the appropriate levels of firmness and support.


Those who have reached the mature age need their beds to give as much pressure and pain relief as possible. Also they appreciate:

  • Right softness and firmness balance.
  • Good spine alignment.
  • Very low level of noise produced or complete noiselessness of a bed.

Many elderly people may have heart or lung diseases, or have problems with breathing. So they would prefer their beds to be suitable for use on an adjustable foundation as well.

Large people

Overweight people tend to need stronger support than light and average customers. It happens because their body weight has much more significant pressure on the layers, and they may feel the firm foundation layers that do not provide necessary comfort.

Large people need their beds to give good support throughout all the body, offer special support for the lumbar region and to be breathing enough to avoid heat accumulation.


Snoring happens because of the airways obstruction when a person is sleeping. It may happen because of the disease or be just a physiological feature. People who often snore at night need their bed to give additional support and provide good cushioning in the shoulders and neck area.

Also those who suffer from snoring may appreciate having a special supportive pillow which helps to hold the neck and head in a comfortable elevated position.

Post-surgery recovery

Those who have to recover after a surgery need their beds to provide even support without sinking of any body region. They also tend to have higher temperature, especially if the recovery process is complicated. So they will find models with cooling layers or breathing constructions best for them.

The special need this category may have is to use the model on an adjustable foundation. So, the mattress must be suitable for some bending without losing its comfort characteristics.

Mattress Sizes


Twin is 38” or 39” x 75”. Twin XL is 80” and meant for taller sleepers. Both of these dimensions are good for single adults or children.


The Full size is 54” x 75” and is good for those who need to have more space but still sleep alone. Full will be good for overweight people and for those who turn round a lot at night. Couples may find it too narrow for them after some time of use as it does not offer enough space for each of them, so it is better to consider a wider option.


Queen is 60” x 80” and it offers a lot of comfort for couples and single people. It is good for heavy and active sleepers and for couples where partners are of light or average weight. If both partners are heavy, they may need the following dimension.


King and California King are 76” X 80” and 72” X 84”, respectively. They offer maximum of comfort to any type of customers and provide the best feeling of freedom and luxury in your home. The weight category does not matter, but mind your foundation size ordering one of these dimensions as King is 4” wider and Cal King is 4” longer.


Loom and Leaf provides the customers classic memory foam feel. It consists of 4 layers which are base high-density polyfoam layer, transitional layer, memory foam and cooling gel memory foam. It uses plant-based foams, natural cotton in its cover and sounds like an eco-friendly and natural model.

Loom and Leaf provides all the best features in one – exceptional deep support, good conforming and temperature regulation. It has 2 firmness options – Medium and Firm, and customers may choose what they prefer the most. Warranty on it lasts longer than on other models – 15 years against 10 years as usual.

Loom and Leaf is suitable for all weight categories and satisfies the needs of all sleeping styles. Together with its luxurious look and feel, it may be recommended to all customers.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a hybrid model with a relatively thick coil layer of 6”, dense foam in the foundation part and proprietary foam layers in the comfort part. It provides great support and pressure relief and is good for people of all weight categories and styles. Bounce and response of the upper layer make it great for couples, too.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature is also a model which provides wonderful temperature regulation. It offers 3 levels of firmness – Soft, Medium and Firm. All customers may choose the type they feel the most comfortable with.

This company often offers significant discounts and beats many other companies doing their business online. With its affordable prices it makes Brooklyn Bedding the most attractive model economically.

Casper is an all-foam model with 4 layers of different foam types. It provides great support and spine alignment, and its special attractive feature is the Zoned Support technology. It means using softer polyfoam closer to the bed edges, and a firmer type in the middle of the product.

It makes Casper a good model for back sleepers and those who suffer from lower back pain and other spine problems. But it may not have enough support for people heavier than 230 lbs and make them have a firmer feel lying on it. It will be a great option for light and average sleepers though.