It is difficult to find a perfect bed among all the models offered now. There are lots of types, material combinations, design features and innovational approaches that create comfort for customers, but will they create the necessary comfort level just for you?

We have analyzed 3 current market leaders – Casper, Tuft and Needle, and Saatva. All of the beds have good reputation on the market and a lot of recommendations and reviews from the real users. Which model can become a perfect one for you?

Last Updated: Jimmy Once all the reviews are summed up, we can make a conclusion that Saatva is the best choice of all and rate it as #1, Casper – as #2 (which is still extremely good), while Tuft and Needle is #3 for its high-quality materials and affordable price.

In this review:

The Comparison Results

 SaatvaCasperTuft and Needle
Side SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Stomach SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Lower Back Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Neck and Shoulder Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodGood
Arthritis and FibromyalgiaVery GoodGoodGood
Hot SleepersVery GoodGoodGood
Heavy PeopleVery GoodGoodFair
CouplesVery GoodVery GoodGood
AllergiesVery GoodGoodGood
Thickness11.5” and 14.5” 10”10”
Firmness4 Medium Soft, 6 Medium Firm, and 7.5 Firm5 Medium6.5 Medium Firm
Durability7-8 years expected6-7 years6-7 years
SmellSlight, dissipating in 2-3 daysPossible, dissipating in 3-5 daysSlight, dissipating quickly
Edge SupportGoodGoodSatisfactory
NoiseVery GoodGoodVery Good
Warranty15 years10 years10 years

We have included such characteristics as support and firmness levels, which are most important as far as spine alignment is concerned. We took conforming and cushioning into account as they create that “lying on the cloud” feel that you long for throughout the day, especially if you work is physical.

We paid special attention to temperature regulation. It depends on design features and chosen materials. Based on the real customer reviews, we determined how comfortable Saatva, Casper and Tuft and Needle are for different sleeping positions and if they are good for couples.

We could not leave behind the suitability of all the beds for people who have certain health conditions like arthritis, lower back or shoulder pain, allergies to dust mites and so on. And, of course, we have thought of your budget and added durability and warranty aspects to our complete review.

While all the reviews are subjective, their summary tells the truth, and we managed to determine the best mattress of the 3. Here is the chart containing the rating based on customer reviews. Read further to see complete reviews and comparison results in details!

All the reviews are based on individual feelings of lots of different customers who have used these beds and experienced their positive and negative aspects first-hand.

1. Saatva – Best Overall Choice

Saatva offers an innerspring model where spring layers are combined with memory foam and transitional convoluted foam layers. The model provides conforming, support and bounce with special attention given to the lumbar area and relieving the pain there.

Saatva Sending model

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Saatva is a model with 3 firmness levels available: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. These options are really helpful for those who want high quality for a reasonable price, but need to pick the most suitable firmness variant.

While there are 2 coil layers, the lower and the upper one (with 416 and 884 coils, respectively) combined with memory foam and polyfoam layers to give firmness and optimal conforming, the middle part of the bed feels completely differently in the lumbar area. This design is intended to create maximum comfort for lumbar pain and back pain sufferers.

Saatva’s coil-on-coil design offers support and prevents sagging throughout years of use. This model is great for those who need great spine alignment, bounce, conforming and pain relief perfectly combined in one model. Sturdy foam in the bed’s edges provides enhanced edge support and prevents sinking, thus making the useful surface of the bed a bit bigger.

Let us read the detailed review of Saatva!

Side Sleepers

Saatva offers good support and spine alignment for average and heavy people who prefer side sleeping. These categories of customers may choose Luxury Firm and Firm variants. The best thing is that Saatva has 3 firmness options and, if you are of light weight and prefer the side style, you may choose Plush Soft and enjoy complete relaxation at night.

Stomach Sleepers

Saatva is a supportive bed with enough cushioning, so it is good for stomach-sleeping customers, no matter what their weight is. People of heavy weight enjoy it most of all, but light and average users feel great with it too.

Back Sleepers

As Saatva has special design elements that provide enhanced comfort in the lumbar zone, this model is especially recommended for back style customers. It is good for people of all weight categories, but those of heavy weight enjoy it most of all. If you are of light weight, choose Luxury Firm or Plush Soft to feel comfortable.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

People suffering from lower back problems like disc bulging or muscle tension love Saatva for special cushioning in the lumbar area achieved with special elements in the middle part of the bed. What is more, Saatva offers great spine alignment and distributes weight uniformly, which makes it even more comfortable for this category of customers.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Saatva’s construction is responsive and provides good cushioning to the sensitive body parts. People having pain problems need special care in this regard. The regions like neck and shoulders need special support combined with the right balance between softness and firmness. Thus, if you choose the right firmness option, neck and shoulder pain gets mitigated soon after you lie on the bed.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis need their mattress to be supportive, conforming enough to reduce the pain in the sensitive points, and having good temperature regulation. All these features are present in all Saatva’s options.

People diagnosed with osteoarthritis need the same, but they pay closer attention to support and spine alignment. And Saatva is good for them as well. It provides significant support due to the coil-in-coil structure and aligns the spine efficiently.

Hot Sleepers

Saatva is a model with good air circulation due to its coil-in-coil structure that takes up most of its thickness. The heat accumulated during the night dissipates quickly; there are no heat traps or excessive heat to be felt. Therefore, those who often feel hot at night are going to enjoy this bed.

Heavy People

As Saatva offers 3 firmness options, it is fairly easy to find the right variant for overweight customers. Those who need more support should take Luxury Firm or Firm, as they offer more support and prevent some body parts from sinking into the bed, which is what obese people often experience.

Temperature regulation in Saatva is also very significant, and this parameter is important for heavy people as they often feel hot at night.


As Saatva features special coil-in-coil design, it gives significant bounce and high response, which are very important for couples and amorous activities they enjoy. Push Soft and Luxury Firm receive more positive reviews from couples than the Firm option.

Some couples, especially with partners of different weights, complain about slightly lacking motion isolation in Saatva. As most of the innerspring models, it cannot absorb the motion at night completely. To make this parameter better, couples should choose a variant with a higher profile.


Saatva is a well-known company producing eco-friendly products. There are from little to no potential allergens in its beds. Speaking about allergies to dust mites, there may be certain safety concerns, but there have been no complaints about any allergic reactions experienced after using Saatva.

Those suffering from asthma should not worry about their health condition with Saatva, as it does not accumulate dust inside – all the coils are tightly pocketed.


Saatva is offered in a standard range – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Twin and Twin XL are the narrowest models meant for single sleepers like children, adolescents and adults. Twin XL is a bit longer so taller people can choose this option.

Full is 16” wider than Twin. While there are many couples who think it is good for them, Full is more suitable for single people, and is good for obese customers as well. It offers more space to spread out.

Queen is good for single sleepers and for couples. Its width of 60” offers 30” of space for each of the partners, which sounds good for couples. But couples where one or both partners are overweight should consider a bigger option.

King and California King are the biggest dimensions available. They are suitable for all kinds of customers. King is 4” wider, but California King is 4” longer, so California is more suitable for taller people.


There are two thickness options for Saatva – 11.5” and 14.5”. The difference is created by adding 3” of thickness to the coil support layer. These thickness options are available for all firmness variants. The thicker model provides better support and is more suitable for overweight people.


There are 3 firmness options available for Saatva. Their commercial names are Push Soft, which is 4 (Medium Soft) by standard classification, Luxury Firm which is 6 (Medium Firm), and Firm which is 7.5 (Firm). They are created for customers with different needs.

The softness in these models is reached by different thickness of polyfoam and memory foam layers in the comfort part of the bed. The coil layer thickness remains the same.


According to many customer reviews, Saatva is expected to last long enough, 6-7 years, which is rather decent for innerspring models. There is no sinking noticeable during this period, and the warranty is twice longer.


Due to polyfoam and memory foam layers present in the comfort part, Saatva may produce some insignificant odor in the first 3-5 days of use. This smell dissipates without any additional measures and leaves no traces.

Edge Support

As Saatva has coil layers in the support part and high-quality polyfoam in the comfort part, its edge support is really great. Customers can sleep near the edge without rolling off. When sitting on the bed, you may experience higher than average support and from little to no sinking.


Saatva may be used on any foundation type you prefer: platform slats, box spring and even on the floor. In case you need it, you may place it on an adjustable foundation as well. You should choose a thinner option for an adjustable base though. Saatva does not change any of its features depending on the foundation type.

Warranty and Delivery

The company offers a 15-year warranty for all its models. The trial period lasts for 120 nights and in case you want to get a refund, $99 is deducted from the refund amount as a delivery fee. Shipment is available to the continental US territory and to Canada. Delivery to Alaska is possible after coordination with Saatva.


  • 15-year nontransferable warranty.
  • 120-night trial period with full refund minus $99.
  • Coil-in-coil construction makes the model supportive and provides good spine alignment, response and bounce.
  • Good for couples.
  • Great temperature neutrality.
  • 3 firmness options.
  • 2 thickness options.
  • Eco-friendly materials.


  • Some odor possible.
  • The price is higher than of other models.

2. Casper – Runner Up

The Casper company offers 3 different models – Casper, Wave, and Essential. They all have a little different structure, but all of them are foam models with a specific layer and material combination. The best reviews were for the Casper model, so we included it in our comparison.

Casper comfort part

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Casper’s comfort part is made of 3 layers – top and bottom ones are polyfoam layers, and the middle one is of memory foam. The support part is also made of polyfoam. The whole construction taken together provides good support and motion isolation, while producing no noise. However, there are more features to discuss.

The support here is zoned: the bed offers a softer type of foam in the shoulder region and a firmer one – in the hip region. This feature makes Casper more adaptive to the customer needs and creates additional comfort for those who suffer from different types of pain in shoulders and hips – muscle pain, disc bulging and so on.

As Casper is a foam product, it is good in conforming, motion isolation and noise prevention. It also sleeps cooler than other comparable foam mattresses, absorbs heat and dissipates it without creating heat traps. It also reduces motion transfer and allows couples to have undisturbed rest.

What are Casper’s detailed characteristics? Let’s have a look!

Side Sleepers

Casper offers good spine alignment and distributes weight uniformly when a person is lying on his/her side. Those of light and average weight find it great, while people of heavy weight leave good reviews too, as Casper supports their hips and lumbar area in an aligned position throughout the night.

Stomach Sleepers

If you prefer to lie on your stomach, Casper will provide great comfort. It ensures support of your chest and hips, while preventing your stomach from sinking into the layers. Customers of all weight categories enjoy it, but to some heavy people it may seem too soft. In general, Casper provides great spine alignment for everyone.

Back Sleepers

Casper is perfect for those who like to have rest on their back. It offers necessary cushioning to the shoulder and neck area, and provides enhanced support to the lumbar zone. It distributes the body weight uniformly and provides wonderful spine alignment and significant lift in the lumbar region.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Those who have pain-associated lower back problems are going to enjoy Casper’s scientifically designed structure with enhanced lumbar support. Additional density of foam layers allows your spine to get aligned and feel the lift. Thus, pain is alleviated soon after you go to bed.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Due to its construction with softer foam type in the shoulder area and firmer one in the lumbar region, Casper provides wonderful relaxation for those who have neck and shoulder pain problems. It tends to pain problems by relieving muscle tension, thus allowing to enjoy undisturbed rest throughout the night.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

People suffering from osteoarthritis need their mattress to be supportive, conforming and responsive, because these features help them to relieve chronic pain. Casper creates great conditions for that with its foam layers masterfully combined to ease pain and muscle tension.

Those who have rheumatoid arthritis enjoy Casper’s ability to align the spine and reduce pain in the joints. They also appreciate its good temperature regulation, as it helps to alleviate pain caused by inflammation.

Hot Sleepers

People who feel hot at night and suffer from night sweats may enjoy Casper, because it is able to absorb the excessive heat and create a cool cradle for your body. Its construction allows to dissipate heat and to prevent heat traps at night.

Heavy People

Casper is a comfortable model for overweight people. It is able to distribute weight uniformly and to provide necessary support to people of all weight categories. Heavy users leave positive reviews about Casper regardless of the sleeping style – back, stomach or side.

Obese customers choose Casper because of its good temperature regulation, which prevents heat accumulation, and because of good motion isolation, which is important in case of sharing the bed with a partner.


Couples who choose Casper for their family bedroom find it quite suitable and are satisfied with its quality. Being a mixed foam model, Casper produces no noise and offers good motion isolation, which is really important, especially for partners with different weights. Besides this, Casper boasts good bounce and is good for amorous activities.


Foam mattresses are not prone to accumulate dust inside their construction, and Casper is not an exception. People who suffer from allergy to dust mites may use Casper without fear for its safety for their health.

The same may be said about those who suffer from asthma. Besides being resistant to dust accumulation, Casper is also suitable for use on an adjustable foundation with elevated head part, which asthma sufferers often need.


Casper is offered in a standard dimension range – Twin and Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Twin and Twin XL are meant for single sleepers. These may be children which are too tall for a crib, adolescents, and adults. Twin is better for those who are of light and average weight, while heavy sleepers should consider a wider option. Twin XL is created for taller people who need more space to spread out their legs.

Full is suitable for all single sleepers, but it is especially good for heavier individuals. It is not so suitable for couples. Although some of them consider it wide enough, it offers only 27” of space for each of the partners, which may be insufficient.

Queen is a very popular size nowadays, as it is convenient for single sleepers and for couples as well. It offers enough space for both partners, and creates luxurious feeling in the bedroom. However, for couples where one or both partners are heavy, Queen may be not completely suitable.

King and California King are the biggest models, with King being 4” wider and California King 4” longer. So, if you choose King or California King, you are going to bring the maximum comfort in your bedroom. People of all weight categories can enjoy these dimensions with a lot of space they offer.


Casper is available in one thickness option, 10”. It is a little less than that of competitors, but it is enough to provide all the necessary features and comfort to the customers. These 10” include 5” of the base polyfoam layer, and three 1.5” layers of polyfoam, memory foam and dense polyfoam.


The firmness of Casper is measured as 5, which is Medium. This option is suitable for those who prefer soft models, and for those who prefer firm ones, as it is just in the middle between two parameters. This one provides good support and spine alignment without sinking.


Casper is thought to be a durable model, as it uses high-quality foams and combines them so that there are dense and soft layers interchanged. Polyfoam, which makes most part of the construction, is a long-lasting material, and there are no reports telling about sinking or sagging during the warranty period. It is expected to last for 7-8 years without signs of wear.


There are no reports mentioning significant smell of this mattress, but some odor is possible in the first few days, as many foam models tend to produce it. The smell dissipates after some time without any additional measures needed.

Edge Support

As Casper is made of foam layers without any special reinforcement like innerspring units, edge support is sufficient, although slight sinking is still noticeable. On the other hand, it is the comfort layer that demonstrates sinking, while the support polyfoam layer does its job really well and keeps the contours.


You can use Casper on any type of foundation without losing its comfort features. It provides all the necessary cradling, conforming and support regardless of whether it is placed on the floor or on platform slats of a box spring. You can also use this mattress on an adjustable foundation if needed, like in case of asthma.

Warranty and Delivery

The company offers a 10-year warranty with a 100-night sleep trial. In case of any inconveniences you may take the product back with a full refund. Shipment is available to all the contiguous states and to Canada for free, except shipment to Alaska and Hawaii, which require special fees.


  • 10-year warranty.
  • 100-night full refund trial period.
  • Free delivery.
  • All-foam construction provides great support and conforming.
  • Good for couples – great motion isolation, no noise and good edge support.
  • Dissipates accumulated heat and prevents heat traps.


  • Some odor possible in the first few days.
  • Bounce is weaker than in other comparable models.

3. Tuft and Needle – Also Good

Tuft and Needle is a model made to satisfy as many customers as possible, and it is aimed at people with completely different preferences about the way they sleep. Its construction allows it to give support, pressure relief and cooling effect at the same time, making it one of the market leaders.

Tuft and Needle very popular

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(more photos are available)

The company has performed thorough technical work on innovations in materials and structure to provide the best quality for an affordable price. As a result, Tuft and Needle developed its proprietary foam, which is placed in the comfort layer of the mattress.

Tuft and Needle is simple but efficient. The base layer is made of polyfoam with the density of 1.8 lbs. This part gives support, provides spine alignment, durability and edge support.

The comfort layer is made of the proprietary Tuft and Needle foam (polyfoam with the density of 2.8 lbs, infused with gel and graphite). These additional components, hardly ever used in other models, ensure better temperature neutrality in the whole structure.

Thus, the positive features of Tuft and Needle are support, pressure relief, motion isolation and breathability. What are the detailed aspects for different customer groups? Let us read the full review!

Side Sleepers

Tuft and Needle distributes the body weight uniformly and provides the best support to hips and chest zones, which means good spine alignment throughout all the night. The lower back part is well-supported and all the excessive pressure is relieved. T&N gets most of positive reviews from those who are of light weight, but those of average and heavy weight enjoy it too.

Stomach Sleepers

When a person lies on their stomach, T&N offers great support in the chest and stomach areas, and also provides significant alignment. All these aspects make it suitable for this sleeping style. Tuft and Needle helps to breathe easily, as it prevents stomach sinking and excessive pressure in the chest part.

Back Sleepers

Those who prefer the back position at night find Tuft and Needle a model which distributes their weight evenly across the surface. It creates a comfortable cradle that keeps all the spine regions in line, relieves pressure and pain and grants great support and care for the lumbar region.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Tuft and Needle creates good conditions for those who have lower back pain and need to alleviate it. Its 2 layers with carefully picked density levels create the necessary alignment and muscle tension relief, which helps to alleviate the lower back pain as well.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Customers who have problems with pain in their neck and shoulders, give positive reviews about Tuft and Needle, especially because of its optimal firmness and even support. This model provides cushioning to the sensitive parts like the neck and shoulders, and also ensures the necessary level of support in this region. Thus, the pain is relieved fast after going to bed.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

People who suffer from osteoarthritis need their bed to be supportive, pressure and pain relieving and have good cushioning, because this group of customers needs significant pain alleviation. Tuft and Needle is able to provide all these things together in one model due to its purposefully designed comfort layer and base polyfoam layer with great support.

Those who are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis need the same, and they also appreciate when their bed has a cooling effect. Luckily, Tuft and Needle provides it through gel and graphite added to the comfort layer foam.

Hot Sleepers

People who suffer from heat accumulation, heat traps and night sweating are going to enjoy T&N as a bed with a cooling effect. First, the cover is breathable and allows good ventilation throughout all night. Second, the foam layer in the comfort part is infused with gel and graphite particles that absorb heat and let you feel cool at night.

Heavy People

Overweight customers leave good reviews, because T&N gives them good support and prevents certain parts of their bodies from sinking. Obese people love its base high-density polyfoam layer, which helps to keep the spine aligned.

Heavy people also love the lumbar zone support, which is great in T&N, and its good air circulation.


If you are going to share T&N with someone, it’s a good choice. This model offers great motion isolation and is completely noiseless when you move, get up or turn round at night. Besides, it grants great support for people with different weights and is an optimal variant for those who have a partner.


People who suffer from dust mite allergy and look for a good model may purchase T&N without any doubts in its safety. As a foam model, Tuft and Needle does not allow dust accumulation inside its construction and is completely safe for allergic people.

The same can be said about asthma sufferers, if their disease is also caused by dust mites. Tuft and Needle will create a comfortable and safe environment, and it is suitable to be used on an adjustable foundation in case the sleeper needs to elevate his/her head.


The most often ordered T&N size is Queen, but it is also offered in Twin and Twin XL, Full, King and California King variants.

Twin and Twin XL are suitable for narrow beds meant for children, adolescents and single adults. They offer enough space and help to feel relaxed in any position.

Full is wider than Twin but still not so comfortable for two people at once. It is good for heavy customers or for obese people who need more space than Twin offers.

Queen is suitable for single people and for couples as well. With its dimensions, it creates a luxurious feel in your bedroom.

But for couples where one or both partners are overweight, King or California King are the recommended options. These sizes are 16” and 12” wider than Queen, respectively, and they provide maximum space and comfort to anyone who chooses them.


T&N is 10”, which include 7” of high-density polyfoam in the base part and 3” of the proprietary Tuft and Needle foam in the comfort part. This parameter is quite enough to give good support and alignment to every customer.


T&N’s firmness index is estimated as 6.5 which is Medium Firm. It means that this bed lies between “too soft” and “too firm” feels, so it offers great support without allowing sinking of any body part.


As this mattress is constructed of high-density and high-quality materials, it is expected to last on par with its competitors. The manufacturer promises at least 6-7 years of perfect condition without any signs of sagging.


Like many foam models, T&N produces some slight odor in the first days of use, but these smells dissipate quickly and do not appear again. There are no measures needed to get rid of the smell.

Edge Support

High-density polyfoam in the base layer helps Tuft and Needle to provide good edge support. Lying close to the edge, customers do not experience any rolling off and do not have the feel that it is going to happen. There is some slight sinking noticeable when you sit on the edge, but it is limited to the comfort layer, not the base one.


You can use Tuft and Needle on any foundation you prefer or find the best for you. It does not influence the positive properties of this bed. If you need to place it on the floor, on platform slats, or a box spring, it will not change the model’s qualities. T&N is also suitable for using on an adjustable foundation as well.

Warranty and Delivery

The company offers a 10-year warranty for T&N and allows you to have 100 nights of sleep trial with full refund in case the model is not completely suitable. Shipping is free of charge for contiguous US states, but deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii may require payment.


  • 10-year warranty.
  • 100-night full refund trial period.
  • Purposefully designed polyfoam in the comfort layer with gel and graphite added to provide a cooling effect.
  • Good motion isolation and conforming.
  • Affordable price.
  • Good support for all sleeping styles.
  • No noise produced.


  • Some odor possible in the first days of use.
  • Bounce and response are weaker than in other models on the list.

Mattress Comparison Features

When choosing a perfect model, you should first of all focus on what you really want from your mattress. There are some general parameters like support, conforming, temperature regulation, bounce and response, which are important for everyone. But you also need to take into account a lot of options which will matter specifically for you.

General parameters mattress

Browsing through mattresses, you should consider many factors which influence the quality of your sleep. They are: softness and firmness balance, support level, conforming and adjusting to body curves, suitability for a certain position you mostly take at night, motion isolation and noise potential.

While all of us have certain personal preferences, the most common requirement to the mattress is to help the user get complete relaxation at night. It means, the model should create maximum comfort throughout all the night.

Another important thing is keeping the correct posture at night. It is related to the model’s ability to align the spine. During the day our spine may suffer because of static positions or excess physical activity, and we need proper pressure relief at night.

Another important factor is the firmness and softness balance. It contributes to the bed’s support level, but it also does not allow us to sink and helps us feel the right bounce. A correct firmness rating means that all the regions of your body get the necessary level of support.

Due to different weight categories and figure types, some people may have their hips or stomach sink into the bed, while others may have their shoulders immerse into the bed so that their head remains on a much higher level all night.

It provokes muscle tension and neck pains and may lead to worsening of disk bulging. To avoid all this, we need to have a firm mattress and a supportive pillow.

Adjusting the mattress surface is important for those who suffer from chronic pain or have a spinal curve. For example, those having lower back pain, arthritis or disc bulging should choose a model which can easily change its contours – there are lots of memory foam or other foam models nowadays.

These materials adjust their surface contours to the shape of things placed on them. This feature helps to reduce the pain in those body regions where it is especially significant.

So, what else are the features of a perfect bed? Let us review all the existing requirements and find out what opportunities the market offers nowadays.

Mattress Types

There are several main types of beds available. They are significantly different in terms of features and are aimed to satisfy the customers’ needs in certain ways. The features depend on the chosen design and materials. It must be noted that all the characteristics described here are generalized, and particular model can offer different properties.


As the category name suggests, they unite 2 or 3 different materials and layer types in one model. A typical hybrid mattress on the market usually consists of:

  • Pocketed coils layer.
  • Foam layer.
  • Latex layer.

Hybrid layer type

Pocketed coils or innerspring layers provide more support and firmness than all-foam or latex designs. Positive aspects of hybrids are strong spine alignment and good conforming.

Common disadvantages:

  • Heavy weight of the mattress.
  • High price in comparison to other models.


Innerspring models contain a layer with springs or coils, which are often wrapped into special fabric pockets. These pockets help the coils to last longer and prevent dust accumulation inside. These models are long-lasting, they give good support and spine alignment, and their firmness is higher than that of other models.


Common disadvantages:

  • Heavy weight.
  • Noise potential is higher than in other types.
  • Possible dust accumulation with time.


Latex models contain layers made of this natural or synthetic polymer. Natural latex is obtained from rubber tree sap. The main latex feature is elasticity, it gives great contouring and pressure relief, and you should take the softness level into account – when the bed is too soft, you can feel that you are “in” your bed and not “on” it.

Latex models advantages

Latex layers are often combined with polyfoam or memory foam layers to ensure propere firmness and support.

Common disadvantages:

  • Odor potential.
  • Relatively high price, especially for natural latex.
  • Allergy potential (very rare yet possible).

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a relatively new material. It is attractive due to its special feature – to adjust the surface contours to the shape of things placed onto it for some time and then to assume the initial flat shape after a short period of time. It allows memory foam models to provide perfect contouring and pressure relief. This material is also wonderful for those who need targeted pain alleviation.

Body shape

Memory foam is often mixed with other materials – polyfoam of various density, innerspring layers or latex.

Common disadvantages:

  • Weak temperature regulation.
  • Off-gassing potential.
  • High price.

Airbed mattress

This type of beds is completely different from all the other types. Made of elastic materials, air beds are designed to accommodate empty chambers inside which are inflated with compressed air from time to time. The number and size of chambers may vary.

Airbed light weight

Key positive aspects of airbeds are their mobility and light weight. Also their support and firmness level may be regulated by the sleepers depending to their individual preferences. Spine alignment is good, but contouring is usually inferior to other models.

Common disadvantages:

  • High damage potential.
  • Complicated repair.
  • Difficulties with correct choice of firmness and softness balance.

What to Look for?

Depending on health condition and individual preferences, there are groups of customers which look for models suitable just for them. Let us see what parameters each of the groups may look for.

Which model to choose

Single adults and couples

The main features which single people look for are:

  • Good contouring.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • Pressure and pain relief.
  • Necessary support and firmness level.

When couples are looking for a bed, they focus on parameters like good bounce, motion isolation and low noise potential. When two people are on the same bed, they do not want to disturb each other by moving, so motion isolation is the most important feature for couples.


For those who have reached a mature age, the important features are:

  • Pressure and pain relief.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • Low noise potential.
  • Good support and spine alignment.

Elderly people often sleep lightly. They may wake up because of any little noise, so they should choose models with the lowest noise potential possible. Spine alignment and pressure relief are necessary, because people of this age often experience back and/or joint problems.

Large people

Heavy people often suffer from weak support and sinking of the stomach or hips. They should choose models with the firmness level over 5 points and good air circulation. Obese people are more prone to night sweats, and they need more cooling than people of light or average weight.

The most important aspects for heavy customers are:

  • Good temperature regulation.
  • Firmness should be Medium Firm or Firm.
  • Thickness may be above average.
  • Strong edge support.


If a person suffers from snoring, it is often a sign of respiratory or heart problems. Most often, it is caused by obstruction of the upper airways. To avoid this, the snoring person should opt for a bed with good support and cushioning for the shoulders and neck regions and, probably, with a possibility to elevate the head part of the bed.

These customers need a higher support level and possibility to use the mattress with an adjustable foundation.

Post-surgery recovery

Those during the post-surgery recovery period need optimal firmness level (Medium or Medium Firm). The possibility of using the bed on an adjustable foundation is a must, because such people often need some parts of their body to be elevated constantly.

Another important feature is temperature neutrality and good pressure relief. People during the post-surgery recovery period may suffer from night sweats and feel hot more often than usual.

Mattress Sizes:


Twin size is 39” x 75” or 38” x 75”. It is suitable for children and single adults, especially for those of light and average weight. There is an option called Twin XL, which is 39” x 80” and is meant for taller people.


It is 54W” x 75L” and is more suitable for single adults who love to spread out at night, change their position a lot and need more space. Also it is good for heavy single people. Combination sleepers will definitely appreciate this size.


This size is the most popular choice, measuring 60W” x 80L”. It is mostly ordered by single adults of any weight category and, obviously, by couples. If both partners in a couple love to spread out or they are both heavy, they should think of a bigger size.


This size is 76W” x 80L” and California King is 72W” x 84L”. They are suitable for all categories of customers. Couples and single adults will enjoy the luxurious feel of this size and lots of space it offers.


Saatva is an innerspring model made with high-quality materials. It offers a wide variety of options to create the maximum level of comfort. Offering several combinations of foam layers with different density and thickness, Saatva has 3 firmness and 2 thickness options to choose from.

It may satisfy literally all customers, even those who are really demanding, with its eco-friendly approach and high-quality materials. This model offers wonderful support, spine alignment and cushioning at the same time.

It is suitable for all weight categories and sleeping positions. Overweight and heavy people love its support and pressure relief with Luxury Firm and Firm models, while those of light weight may choose the Push Soft option if Luxury Firm seems too hard.

Saatva also provides great temperature neutrality due to its innerspring design that also allows for decent response and bounce.

Casper is a mixed foam model suitable for different weight and sleeping position. It will do its best for light and average customers, but heavy people are going to feel comfortable with it too. It has one firmness option (Medium), which may seem too soft for people larger than 230 lbs.

This bed offers great spine alignment and pressure relief, and works perfectly for those who have lumbar pain or shoulder pain problems. It can cushion the sensitive points and make the muscles relax at night, for you to wake up truly refreshed.

Tuft and Needle is an attractive model because of its simple but effective design. It uses dense polyfoam in the base part and proprietary Tuft and Needle foam in the comfort part. The innovation is that the proprietary foam is infused with gel and graphite to provide a cooling effect just with the material itself.

What is more, Tuft and Needle is also great at alleviating pain due to its superb conforming, optimal support and spine alignment. Couples appreciate it for good motion isolation and no noise when moving at night.

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