When you start shopping for a new mattress, it seems that the choices are endless. We picked three popular models to help you figure out the best options for your needs and preferences. We based our review primarily on user experience and also took into consideration the materials, construction and other features of each model.

We also looked at the pressure relief, spinal alignment and other features that help to prevent and alleviate pain in the lower back as well as neck and shoulders. People suffering from arthritis and allergies are going to find out whether a particular model is a good fit for them.

Last Updated: Jimmy Based on the user reviews and our own observations, we came to a conclusion that Loom and Leaf has more to offer to its buyers and can be considered Loom and Leaf among the three. Leesa is slightly behind and takes a second place with Bear being the third.

In this review:

The Comparison Results

 Loom and LeafLeesaBear
Side SleepersVery GoodVery GoodGood
Back SleepersVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Stomach SleepersGoodVery GoodGood
Lower Back Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodVery Good
Neck and Shoulder Pain SufferersVery GoodGoodVery Good
Arthritis and FibromyalgiaGoodGoodGood
Hot SleepersGoodGoodGood
Heavy PeopleGood (Very Good for side sleepers)GoodGood (Satisfactory for stomach sleepers)
AllergiesGoodVery GoodGood
Firmness5-7 (Relaxed Firm) and 8 (Firm)5 Medium6.5 (Medium Firm)
Durability6-7 years6-7 years6-7 years
SmellPossible, dissipates in a couple daysPossible, dissipates in few daysPossible, dissipates in a couple days
Edge SupportSatisfactorySatisfactorySatisfactory
NoiseVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Warranty15 years10 years10 years

We are aware that every individual looks for different properties, so we’ve summarized how each of the mattresses can meet certain most common personal requirements. We checked how well each model can provide a balance of support and comfort based on the individual’s weight and preferred sleeping position.

In our review, we also considered the ability of models to keep neutral temperature, provide enough support for heavier individuals and suitability for couples, including motion isolation, bounce and edge support.

We also know that a mattress is an investment that you’ll want to use for as long as possible, so we included durability as well as the warranty period in our evaluation to help you decide whether the product is worth the money you are going to pay. So, which model will be the winner for you? Read more and find out for yourself!

1. Loom and Leaf – Best Overall Choice

Loom and Leaf is a luxury high-quality all-foam model that features memory foam for excellent pressure relief and better spinal alignment. Its high-density base foam along with a cooling gel panel laminated on the bottom of the memory foam layer will evenly distribute the weight and keep the spine properly supported.

Loom and Leaf high comfort of rest

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The cooling gel (swirled into the memory foam and laminated on the bottom of it) prevents the foam from getting too hot. Loom and Leaf also has a breathing, soft cotton cover, which really enhances the comfort.

Two firmness options allow people with different preferences to find what they are looking for. An above average warranty period shows that the company is confident in its product. As a bonus to a great mattress, buyers will get free White Glove delivery and a 120-night risk-free trial period.

Side Sleepers

Loom and Leaf does a great job at alleviating pressure around hips and shoulders and contouring the body to keep the sleeper aligned as he or she lies on your side. It is perfectly suitable for all weight ranges. This memory foam model will ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed instead of feeling like you just came from a tough workout.

Stomach Sleepers

When lying on the stomach, a person usually needs more support than pressure relief to keep the back in a natural position and prevent the hips or other parts of the body from sinking too deeply. Despite being an all-foam model, Loom and Leaf is able to provide good balance of support and pressure relief, including for heavier individuals.

Back Sleepers

On Loom and Leaf you will feel how your weight is being evenly distributed and your spine is kept properly aligned. Loom and Leaf is a good choice for lightweight and heavy people, as well as an excellent option for average individuals. Depending on your weight, you can choose either a firmer or a softer alternative to feel comfortable and well supported.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Since Loom and Leaf offers two firmness options, people of any weight and sleeping style will feel contouring support allowing to keep their spine properly positioned to prevent and alleviate this pain. Comfortable, pressure-reliving upper layers will also ensure that inflamed nerves and strained muscles are not stressed any further and can start healing.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferer

Aching neck and shoulders are usually associated with improper alignment of the head and neck with the rest of the body. This problem is often experienced by side sleepers. The exceptional pressure relieving and contouring properties of Loom and Leaf will ensure that your body is aligned from head to toe no matter your weight or sleeping style.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Thanks to the softness and close contouring of the memory foam, inflamed and aching joints of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis will feel much better. At the same time, Loom and Leaf does not allow the body to sink in too much and restrict the sleeper’s movements.

Hot Sleepers

Although all-foam models are not the best choice for hot sleepers, Loom and Leaf designers took steps to make it one of the most temperature neutral models in this category. It has a breathing cotton cover, cooling gel infused memory foam with a layer of cooling gel underneath. The memory foam also has air channels for improved air flow and cooler rest.

Heavy People

Obese and overweight individuals often find that memory foam does not give desired spinal support. Thanks to the gel panel and high-density foams, a firmer option of Loom and Leaf showed to be a good choice for heavy stomach and back sleepers, while side sleepers can choose either variant based on their needs and preferences.


If you plan to share the bed with a partner, you‘d better make certain that it has good motion isolation and does not make noise when moving around. Loom and Leaf meets the both requirements.

Before choosing the firmness level, couples with different weight should check that it will satisfy the needs and preferences of both partners. They should also keep in mind that like most foam models, Loom and Leaf might not be bouncy and responsive enough when they want to get intimate.


Saatva has an organic cotton cover with hypoallergenic fibers, which is an important addition for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. The high-density foams and good temperature control will ensure that the whole structure does not a have a dust mite friendly environment.


Loom and Leaf has a perfect size for everyone. Couples can look into California King, King or Queen models, while single adults and teenagers can get a Full or Twin XL size. A Twin-sized bed will be a good choice for a child who grew out of the crib or for kids who are not very tall yet.


Loom and Leaf is 12 inches thick. The comfort layer consists of 5/8-inch quilted memory foam with an organic cotton cover followed by 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. To further enhance the cooling effect, weight distribution and spinal support, a thin layer of cooling spinal gel was laminated onto the bottom of the memory foam.

Elastic memory foam of higher density makes up the next 2 inches of the mattress and gives the mattress more contouring support to ensure proper spinal alignment. Next is a 2-inch transition layer, followed by 5 ½ inch high-density foam base that supports the whole structure and prolongs its durability.


Loom and Leaf is offered in two firmness options. Its Relaxed Firm option is more suitable for side sleepers and lightweight or average individuals. This is the most popular choice. Firm will be a better choice for heavier individuals and stomach sleepers or those who prefer a firmer feel.


Durability of Loom and Leaf is ensured through using high-quality and high-density foams. It should last you on average about six to seven years, which is on par with similar models.


According to reviews, only a few people have experienced initial off-gassing. The good news is that even if there is any smell, it will disappear within a few days.

Edge Support

Although there is no feeling that you are going to slide off the bed when lying near the edge or sitting there, the edge support is not very strong. Only you can tell whether you need stronger support or will be satisfied with what most all-foam models have to offer.


All Loom and Leaf needs to give you all its comfort and support is a foundation able to support it evenly and keep it from sagging in any area. Loom and Leaf can also be used with an adjustable base or a Saatva base that has everything needed to give you the best experience.

Warranty and Delivery

Free White Glove delivery that includes a full set-up and a free option to get your old mattress removed will make it a lot easier to switch your bed. You will also have 120 days to test and see if you like your Loom and Leaf and if it can meet all your needs and preferences.

Loom and Leaf has high-density foams in the design, which prolongs its life and gives you at least 6 to 7 years to enjoy the product.  A 15-year warranty will ensure that any defects other than normal wear and tear are covered.


  • 120-day risk free trial and 15-year warranty
  • Free White Glove delivery and old mattress removal
  • Two firmness options
  • Balance of support and pressure relief for proper alignment
  • Perfect motion isolation


  • Satisfactory edge support
  • Possibility of being too hot for some
  • Not very suitable for heavier stomach and back sleepers

2. Leesa – Runner Up

Leesa is a memory foam model that has three premium layers. Its structure is designed to provide sleepers of all body types with spinal support and contouring pressure relief for maximum comfort. Leesa is also able to meet the needs and preferences of people with different sleeping styles.

Leesa trial period

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It features the Avena foam in the top layers, which is comfortable and pressure relieving like memory foam but keeps the body on top without restricting movements. In fact, Leesa is able to quickly adjust to your new position. Avena foam is hypoallergenic and provides for a good airflow to keep you cool and comfortable.

Leesa is a good option if you have lower back pain or wake up with achy neck and shoulders: it keeps the spine naturally aligned and alleviates any excess pressure. With a 100-day trial period, you will be able to test Leesa yourself and see if it is the right choice for you.

Side Sleepers

With Leesa, you will feel as if you are floating, as your shoulders and arms will not feel any pressure at all. Your hips will also sink in just far enough to keep you comfortable. At the same time, your spine will be kept in a natural position to prevent problems with your back.

Stomach Sleepers

Leesa is one of the best choices for stomach sleepers. Although the comfort and spinal support were rated the highest by average-weight people, Leesa, unlike most all-foam models, is also suitable for most stomach-sleeping heavy and lightweight individuals thanks to the high-density base foam and responsive Avena foam at the top.

Back Sleepers

Leesa is a very good option for heavy and average people who prefer this position and does a great job at evenly distributing the weight and keeping the spine properly aligned. Lightweight individuals will also find that it is able to contour their body and relief pressure to a good extent.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Leesa delivers good spinal support regardless of your weight or preferred sleeping style. This ability to keep your body in a natural position will make it a good option for those who usually experience back pain. All your muscles will also be able to relax on this mattress along with the rest of your body.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

If you feel achy in the morning and it prevents you from being active during the day and falling asleep at night, then Leesa will give you the relief you are looking for. It will contour and support your upper body, keeping it in one line with the rest of the body, and alleviate pressure applied on the shoulder to prevent any troubles.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Leesa features exceptional contouring and pressure relief; at the same time, it does not allow you to sink in too much to feel restricted. Additionally, it is more responsive than a regular memory foam mattress, which makes it an overall good choice for those with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Hot Sleepers

Leesa has 2 inches of Avena foam at the top. This material feels just as comfortable as memory foam, but it has good airflow, similar to latex. This feature is one of the reasons Leesa does not get uncomfortably hot. Despite this, some users did complain about Leesa not being cool enough for them.

Heavy People

Thanks to the use of the Avena foam in the comfort layer and the high-density base foam, Leesa is more suitable for overweight people than other all-foam models. It offers good spinal support to stomach and side sleepers and an even better balance of support and comfort to those who prefer to lie on their back.


Leesa is designed to cater to all body types and sleeping styles, so even couples with different weights and sleeping preferences should find it suitable. Leesa is also great at isolating motion transfer and is virtually noiseless. The use of the Avena foam (a latex alternative) at the top gives it better bounce and responsiveness.

Nonetheless, some couples find that Leesa is not bouncy enough during sex, while its satisfactory edge support might disappoint some. An ability to try it before committing to your purchase will allow you to decide whether it is a right choice for you or not.


Leesa uses the hypoallergenic Avena foam at the top of its construction. Avena is CertiPUR-US Certified and is a good choice for those who have allergies or asthma. The construction also features good airflow and, in combination with high-density foam below, these properties make Leesa more resistant to dust mites.


Leesa is sold in all standard sizes. You can use the table below to help you choose an optimal size for you.

Twin39"w x 75"d x 10"h
Twin XL39"w x 80"d x 10"h
Full size53"w x 75"d x 10"h
Queen60"w x 80"d x 10"h
King76"w x 80"d x 10"h
Cal King72"w x 84"d x 10"h


Leesa is 10 inches thick and has three different layers. It has a woven cover that is soft and cool to the touch. At the top, you will see 2 inches of Avena foam followed by 2 inches of memory foam. These layers provide contouring support, pressure relief and some bounce and responsiveness for ease of movement and keep it cool.

The base layer is made from high-density polyfoam. It is 6 inches thick and gives the whole construction and your body additional support to prevent too much sinking and unnatural bending of the spine.


Leesa is a medium-firm model, scoring about 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It has just the right feel to satisfy various needs and preferences and offer a good balance of contouring support and comfort.


Leesa has average durability and should last for about six to seven years. It has a no-sinking 10-year warranty and you will see that layers quickly regain their shape after pressure has been released. The high-density foams used in the construction ensure its sturdiness and support the upper layers.


As with many foam mattresses, there is a potential for some off-gassing during the first few days. If you can sense it, you should know that it is not toxic or allergenic and will disappear soon.

Edge Support

Leesa has satisfactory edge support, although some find that it is better than in similar foam models. Nonetheless, if you are looking for strong edge support, you might fail to find it in all-foam models such as Leesa.


Leesa can be used on practically any flat, stable surface. The foundation choices include a platform, spring box and even the floor. For the best experience, check that the foundation is not broken and there is no more than 3″ between the slats. An adjustable base can also be used, but it is not recommended to bend it at a more than 30-degree angle.

Warranty and Delivery

Leesa is shipped compressed in a box. The shipping, delivery and returns are free of charge. Leesa has a 100-night trial period, so you can be confident that you chose the right model for yourself. If it does not meet your needs or preferences, you can return it for a full refund. The mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-night full refund trial period
  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Very good motion isolation
  • Very good pressure relief and spine alignment
  • Good support for all body types and sleeping preferences


  • Might not be suitable for heavy stomach sleepers

3. Bear Mattress – Also Good

Bear is a premium graphite-gel memory foam model that features a special Celliant FDA-Determined Technology that allows a person to quickly fall asleep and wake fully restored. This product was designed with athletes in mind and helps to recycle the body’s natural energy to heal and recharge muscles after a workout as you rest.

Bear Mattress high quality materials

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(more photos are available)

This four-layer model has everything required to make you feel pleasantly contoured, relieve pressure where needed and keep your spine properly aligned. A cooling gel at the top of the bed ensures that you enjoy a comfortable temperature and do not have to turn and twist in your sleep to find a cool spot.

Bear uses high-quality environmentally-friendly materials. The company is also aware of the fact that our bodies need to get used to a new mattress and maybe to being properly aligned throughout the night and thus impose a mandatory 30-night break-in period before you can return the product.

Side Sleepers

Bear is great for side sleepers, who need the most pressure relief to keep their spine properly aligned and prevent neck, shoulder and back pain and discomfort around the hips. According to the users’ experience, Bear will be the best choice for average-weight people with lightweight and heavy individuals following close by.

Stomach Sleepers

Since Bear is an all-foam model, it is unable to deliver the best support for stomach sleepers, especially heavier individuals. Thus, heavier individuals should consider looking for a more supportive alternative. Lighter and average sleepers should feel enough support and comfort: users of this weight category rated Bear as good.

Back Sleepers

Bear will do the best job for those who prefer to lie on their back. It is able to evenly distribute the weight and keep the spine in a natural position while relieving pressure where needed. Bear was rated as very good among lightweight and average people, while heavier individuals also found it to be suitable for them.

Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Thanks to the special smart technology used in the Bear’s structure, it will be an excellent choice for those who experience muscle or joint pain. However, you need to make sure that Bear is suitable for your body type and sleeping style to confident that your back is kept properly aligned and pressure is relieved from inflamed nerves or muscles.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Bear’s good pressurerelieving and spine alignment properties will help to prevent and reduce any pain in the neck and shoulders. The Celliant cover will further mitigate the problems by reducing the pain and improving blood circulation.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Bear is a good choice for people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis because it has good pressure relief and feels soft. At the same time, it does not leave you feeling stuck and responds to any of your movements quickly.

Hot Sleepers

Bear is a good choice for those hot sleepers who enjoy memory foam mattresses but find that they tend to trap heat and get too hot for them. The Celliant cover helps to regulate temperature, and the memory foam is infused with graphite gel that removes unwanted body heat.

Heavy People

Although heavy side and back sleepers should be satisfied with support and comfort level of the Bear, it will not be able to provide enough support for overweight stomach sleepers.

Heavier individuals should also be aware of the fact that Bear is likely to feel slightly firmer: they will press through the upper comfort layers and feel the firmer support foam placed below.


As most foam models, Bear is very good at motion isolation and noise reduction. Thanks to the graphite gel in the memory foam, Bear boasts fast response and this special latex-like feel.

Since Bear is not suitable for all sleeping positions in certain weight categories, couples with different weight should check whether it will meet the needs of both partners. They should also keep in mind that Bear does not have strong edge support, which might be important for couple who need to use the whole surface when sleeping or having sex.


Although Bear is not hypoallergenic or resistant to dust mites, there have been no allergic reactions reported so far. The Celliant fibers have not been reported to cause any allergic reactions since the time they were initially used in clothing and mattresses (2003). Nonetheless, people with allergies and asthma should carefully check its suitability themselves.


The Bear is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. See the table below for exact dimensions and weight.

SizeW x L x HWeightSizeW x L x HWeight
Queen60" x 80" x 10"70 lbs.King76" x 80" x 10"90 lbs.
Cal King72" x 84" x 10"90 lbs.Full54" x 75" x 10"60 lbs.
Twin39" x 75" x 10"50 lbs.Twin XL39" x 80" x 10"50 lbs.


Bear is 10 inches thick with 1 1/2 inches of graphite cooling gel memory foam at the top. Next comes the comfort layer with a 1-inch layer of quick response foam to give the structure more bounce and prevent a feeling of being stuck.

The transitional foam layer enhances pressure relief and offers some support.  The high-density base layer makes up the remaining 6 ½ inches and supports the upper layers and, in turn, your body. The cover is soft to touch and is woven with Celliant fibers that help to repair tissues and reduce pain.


Bear is a medium firm model (6.5/10), although it can feel slightly firmer when used by heavier individuals. The bottom layers are firmer to ensure proper support. They are combined with softer upper layers, so Bear has just the right feel and should meet the preferences of many people.


With regular use, Bear should last you 6 to 7 years. The durability of its construction is on par with similar models. It should be noted, however, that some users experienced some edge sagging in spots where they sat every day when getting in and out of the bed.


All the foams used in Bear are eco-friendly (CertiPUR-US® certified), which means that no chemicals or other undesired materials, such as heavy metals, were used in the production. Even if you experience any off-gassing, it will be just the “new mattress” smell that will bring no harm and disappear within a couple of days.

Edge Support

In this respect, Bear is no different from other foam models and has satisfactory edge support. When sitting on the edge, you will feel some sinking and lack of desired support. Some users noted sagging in places where they get in and out of the bed and sit most often. However, when lying on the edge, you will not have a feeling as if you are going to roll off the mattress.


You can use Bear on any firm, solid surface that can provide proper support and prevent the mattress from bending unevenly or on an adjustable foundation. This will ensure that you get all the support, pressure relief and comfort you need without losing your warranty.

Warranty and Delivery

Your order will be shipped to you for free compressed and rolled up in a box. and you will have 100 nights, starting from the day you receive your order, to test the mattress and see if it is a good fit for you.

After 30 days of trial, you can return the product for a full refund free of charge at any time before the 100-night trial period is over. Bear has a 10-year warranty that will cover any defects and lasting sagging over 1 inch deep.


  • 100-day trial period plus free shipping and returns
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Good motion isolation and noise reduction
  • Good pain and pressure relief
  • Celliant FDA-Determined Technology
  • Below average price
  • Good temperature control


  • 30-night break-in period required for sleep trial
  • Satisfactory edge support

Mattress Comparison Features

Although a wrong sleeping surface is usually the main reason you cannot get a good night’s rest, you need to eliminate sleep disorders that might be the cause of your restless sleep. Here we will tell you which features we evaluated when making this review and what you should be on a lookout for.

Comparison features

We would also like to remind you that even the right choice requires some time for your body to adjust to a new mattress. You can use a sleep tracker app to track how much sleep you are getting right now and check how your sleep improves after you change your bed and get used to it.

Before making a purchase decision, you need to know that a perfect mattress should not only be a good fit for your preferred sleeping position but also for your weight. Side sleepers require a softer model with stellar pressure relief properties for proper spinal alignment and to ensure that you do not wake up with aching shoulders and hips.

Back sleepers will find that average firmness is the best fit for them. They also need to check how well the weight is distributed and whether the body is kept properly aligned. Firmer models will be a better fit for stomach sleepers and heavier individuals who require more support.

The right model for will contour your body to keep your spine in a natural position in order to prevent back and muscle pain, as well as to alleviate pressure for maximum comfort and unrestricted blood flow. It will also meet all your other needs and preferences, such as good edge support, temperature control, motion isolation, etc.

We also reviewed trial and warranty periods as well as expected durability to help you decide whether the product is worth purchasing and how much time you will have to test your new mattress. Although most manufacturers offer free shipping and returns, we made sure to check it out.

Mattress Types:

There are several types of mattress types to choose from. We would like to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you choose the most suitable one.

Overview several types

Aside from purchasing the right mattress, you need to make sure to give your body some time to adjust to the new sleeping surface. A neuroscientist Matthew Walker also gives tips for better sleep and explains everything you need to know about sleep.


Innersprings can be divided into two categories: open coil system (Bonnel type springs that are interconnected) and pocketed coils. The first one is usually much cheaper, but it is not as durable and can start making squeaking sounds after some time with regular use. It is also not the very effective at isolating motion, so the sleeper can often feel his/her partner move.

Since it nonetheless can be supportive, comfortable, responsive and have good edge support, such models are purchased for guest rooms or for kids who will either grow out of the bed in about 5 years or will move out. Both models can accumulate dust inside, but some manufacturers adjust the design to prevent this.

Unlike Bonnel type springs, pocketed springs are much more durable and do not transfer any motion. Such constructions are also better at contouring the body to keep the spine properly aligned and can have a zoned support system. Just like the other type, it is usually responsive, bouncy and feature good edge support and temperature control.


This type of mattress does not have a single definition and is rather defined by a combination of different layers designed to create a perfect balance between support and comfort. Such models are usually more expensive due to the quality construction that is generally quite durable.

Hybrids can use a spring block/blocks with pocketed springs or interconnected springs and – rarely – both types to enhance support and responsiveness. These springs are usually sandwiched between other materials, such as latex or foam for improved comfort, pressure relief and support.

Hybrids can also be springless and have a great combination of support and comfort layers to ensure contouring support and pressure relieving comfort. Most hybrids are good at isolating motion and many of them offer zoned support and pressure relief for a truly luxurious experience. They are usually a good choice for hot sleepers and larger people.


Latex (especially natural) is considered to be one of the best materials for a mattress and here is why:

  • Elasticity. It quickly regains its shape after the pressure is no longer applied and does not deform even under heavy loads. Latex is also valued for its responsiveness.
  • Strengthens orthopedic effect. The material adjusts to the anatomical curves of the body and repeats the contours of your figure for natural spinal alignment.
  • Latex makes your sleep comfortable. Latex can have different firmness levels and after the first month or two it usually feels softer.
  • Hypoallergenic. This material is 100% environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, creates a healthy microclimate and is resistant to dust mites.
  • Breathing. Thanks to micro pores, latex is a breathing material that will stay cool even during the hottest summer nights. It also does not absorb moisture and odors, stays fresh, dry and clean for a long time, even if you sweat at night.
  • Durability. Latex is a very durable filler. After 10 years of use, it retains its orthopedic properties and does not sag or deform in any way.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a material with a special structure that adapts to the shape of the body. It was originally invented by NASA to make rocket launches more comfortable for astronauts. Thanks to the porous structure and open shape of the cells, this material is effortlessly compressed under weight and heat, taking the shape of a human body.

Memory foam adjusts to the silhouette of a person lying on the mattress and does not push it out or exert any pressure on the body. As a result, there appears an effect of weightlessness – a complete feeling of comfort. And excellent pressure relief prevents any problems with restricted blood circulation.

The elastic foam distributes the body weight in such a way that the excess pressure on the joints and the spine is reduced by several times. Its only disadvantage is tendency to trap heat, but most manufacturers take steps to improve temperature control. Memory foam by itself might not be supportive enough for larger people.

Airbed mattress

Airbeds are usually purchased only to use when you need an extra sleeping space for your guests, sleepovers or camping trips. However, the technology has advanced enough to create models suitable for daily use, and many find them a better fit than other types.

Their main advantage is an ability to adjust the firmness level at any time. Usually, in bigger sizes, this can be done individually on each side and often with just a push of a button. Quality air mattress also do not sag with time and in case of any malfunction, any part can be easily replaced.

However, most models lack good motion isolation, proper spinal support and close contouring, make noise when a person is moving and, of course, there’s always a risk of puncture/air leakage. Many users find that a good mattress topper can eliminate some of the shortcomings.

What to Look For?

Some people are not sure what properties to pay attention to when purchasing their new bed and often miss some very important features that will make a big difference in their experience.

Buying new bed

For example, a couple might finally settle on a model that allows both of them to comfortably sleep but might forget that they will also want to have sex, which requires a certain degree of bounce and a strong edge support.

Single adults and couples

It is much easier to find the right fit if you are a looking for a new bed for a single person. Besides making sure that it meets your personal preferences, such as staying cool, being responsive, soft or firm, you need to check that it is able to keep your spine properly aligned in your preferred position and feel comfortable.

If you are planning to share your bed with a partner, in addition to the above, you need to check that the model you choose has good motion isolation and is bouncy enough for you when you want to get intimate. Couples who need/want to use the whole surface will also want to look at the level of edge support.


Elderly people would benefit from having a bed that improves blood flow or at least does not restrict it. Here, a good pressure and pain relief will play an important role. A medium or even soft firmness level will be the best choice.

You might also look into noise production and motion isolation, especially if you are sharing a bed. Good edge support and responsiveness will make getting in and out of the bed and switching positions easier. Compatibility with an adjustable base will be a plus, even if you are not planning to use it with one at the moment.

Large people

There are some properties that larger and heavier people should be on lookout for. First, you need to check whether the construction can offer necessary support to keep your spine properly aligned in your preferred position and allow joints and muscles to rest. Innersprings and firmer models are the best options.

Secondly, you might want to make sure that the material is breathing and stays cool if you tend to get hot. Good pressure relief will ensure that the blood flow is not restricted where the most pressure is applied. Since the construction will be under more strain, you also need to look into a model that is quite durable.


Proper spinal alignment no matter your preferred sleeping style will ensure that your airways are not restricted, and you can breathe freely. Mattresses that have zoned support and zoned pressure relief do the best job at keeping the spine in a natural position.

Since it is recommended to sleep on your side or stomach, make sure the model is a good choice for these positions. If you prefer to lie on your back, consider a model that can be used with an adjustable base.

Post-surgery recovery

People who just underwent surgery will feel comfortable on a bed that is able to efficiently alleviate pain and pressure. If you can afford a model with zoned support and pressure relief, go for it. If you will be spending majority of the time in bed, consider purchasing a model that can be used with an adjustable base for added comfort.

Proper spinal alignment will allow to prevent aches and pain. A responsive mattress will allow you to change positions and get in and out of the bed with less effort. You might also want to look into temperature control and air circulation for more comfortable sleep and rest.

Mattress Sizes:

The size of the double bed


A Twin bed (38″x74″) is usually purchased for kids, while taller teenagers and adults go for a Twin Extra Long (38″x80″) which is slightly longer. Twin XL is used for guest rooms, bunk beds and sometimes two Twin XLs are put together to form a split King for an adjustable base.


Full (54″x80″) is a great choice for a single person who would like a little more wiggle room than the Twin size can provide. It can also comfortably fit two kids and, if needed, two petite adults, but it is not the best choice for a daily sleep for couples.


Queen size (60″x80″) is also often purchased for a single person, although it can fit two average adults. Although it will give enough space for both to comfortably rest and is often preferred by people who love to cuddle or are limited in space, each person will have a little less space than on a Twin size.


A King size (76″x80″) is a perfect choice for a couple, although no one says a single person cannot sleep on a larger bed. There will be plenty of space to freely move around. Taller individuals can look into California King (72″x84″) which is longer than a regular King, but it is slightly narrower (but still wider than the Queen).


Loom and Leaf is a luxury memory foam model that is offered in two firmness options. Despite the fact that this is a memory foam mattress, Loom and Leaf stays relatively cool thanks to the improved airflow through the air chambers.

This model is very good at alleviating pressure and has a slow sink-in feeling. Loom and Leaf is a perfect fit for side sleepers. It also provides a good balance of support and comfort for those who prefer to lie on their back, especially for average-weight people. Unlike most foam models, Loom and Leaf is also able to meet the needs of stomach sleepers.

Although this model is great at isolating motion and reducing noise, it has a mediocre edge support. On the other hand, Loom and Leaf has a longer than average warranty period of 15 years. It is a good choice for those who prefer classic memory foam, although some do not like that it is not very responsive or bouncy.

Leesa is an exceptional memory foam mattress that is liked by all types of people, especially back sleepers, no matter how much they weight. This model is excellent at relieving pressure and conforming the body to ensure that your spine is kept in a natural position.

Thanks to the Avena foam, Leesa is more responsive and bouncier than other foam models and allows a person to easily switch positions. Avena is also hypoallergenic and provides for good airflow to keep the surface temperature at a comfortable level.

Just as any other mattress, Leesa has its downsides. The lack of strong edge support might disappoint some, while couples might wish for an even better bounce when they get intimate.

Bear is also an all-foam model, but it uses Celliant fibers in the cover to help active people recover faster and reduce minor pain. The Celliant technology and graphite gel also ensure that Bear does not get too hot, although some hot sleepers find that it is not cool enough for them.

Bear is great at relieving pressure, isolating motion and at the same time is quite responsive. It is a good choice for back sleepers and most side sleepers. However, heavier people who prefer to lie on their stomach will find that Bear lacks necessary support to keep the spine well-aligned.

It is also a great choice for those who suffer from back or neck pain. Bear has a 10-year warranty, 100-night trial period and offers free shipping and returns. However, it requires you to try the Bear for at least 30 days before initiating a return to be sure that you had enough time to adjust to the mattress and “break-it-in”.