Council Member Van Bramer Announces All-Way Stop Sign in Dangerous LIC Intersection


On Friday, June 16th I joined students, parents, and faculty from Hunter’s Point Community Middle School, Assembly Member Cathy Nolan, the NYC Department of Transportation, and members of Community Board 2 to announce that after years of relentless advocacy from the community, the Department of Transportation will install an all-way stop sign at the intersection of 51st Avenue and 5th Street, which is near several schools.

For years, I’ve stood with parents, students, and the community in Long Island City who have tirelessly called for a stop sign at this dangerous intersection. I’m thrilled to announce that the Department of Transportation heard our voices and will install an all-way stop sign at the intersection of 51st Avenue and 5th Street. There is nothing more important than keeping our children safe, and the installation of this stop sign and other traffic calming measures is a victory for the parents and students of Long Island City.

Over the past several years, I have called for several safety improvements to this intersection and corridor in Long Island City to improve safety for students traveling to and from schools in the area. In 2014, I requested the installation of three speed bumps between 48th and 51st Avenues on 5th Street. In January, I joined parents and students at this intersection to install a “people’s stop sign” after a request for a stop sign was denied.

After continued pressure and advocacy, the Department of Transportation reevaluated the intersection and approved the request. By the end of this week, 4 all-way stop signs will be installed in the intersection of 51st Avenue and 5th Street. Additionally, speed bumps will be added to a slow zone along 5th Street between 46th Avenue and 46th Road.

Here's what community members had to say about this victory for our students:

“On behalf of our school and friends, we really thank everyone that helped us get a stop sign, because we really needed it!” said Ava Lieberman, student at Hunter’s Point Community Middle School.

“I’m really happy to be here for this wonderful moment,” said Paul Cynamon, President of the PTA of Hunter’s Point Community Middle School. “We’ve spent a lot of time writing letters and getting petitions together, and the students here today should appreciate that their words can be listened to.”