Majority Leader Van Bramer Announces Over $1 Million to Expand Girl Scout Troop 6000 Across NYC

On Wednesday, July 12th I joined the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, the Department of Homeless Services, and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC to announce more than $1 million to expand Girl Scout Troop 6000 from its original site in Long Island City to 15 more shelters across the city to reach more than 500 young women.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of seeing Troop 6000 transform from a distant dream of a few committed individuals to a reality that had the potential to be in shelters across our city. Last November, I joined the Girl Scouts of Greater New York to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter for women in Queens. It was there that we dreamed of a Girl Scout troop created specifically for homeless girls.

At one of the first pinning ceremonies for Troop 6000, I saw first-hand the effect of this program on these young women, who are our future engineers, doctors, lawyers, activists and community leaders. I’m pleased that the administration sees the potential of this program and has committed $1 million to help Troop 6000 expand across our city, which will give young women in shelters a place to find lifelong friends and discover the beauty, power, and strength they have inside to be whoever they want to be.

All of the members of the original Troop 6000 reside in the Sleep Inn hotel in Long Island City, Queens, which is used as a homeless shelter for 100 families. Of the 287 residents of the Sleep Inn shelter, 155 are under the age of 18. In the Greater New York Area, Girl Scout troop numbers are assigned by borough. Troop 6000 extends the numbering sequence beyond the five boroughs from“5000” to “6000” because the girls of Troop 6000 may not call the borough in which they reside their home.