Majority Leader Van Bramer Responds to President Trump’s Decision to End DACA Program


The Trump Administration’s cruel decision to end DACA is not only an attack on the values that make our country great, but a decision that has real and tragic effects for hundreds of thousands of good, hardworking people—many of which have spent their entire lives in the United States and know no other home. This decision, made by a President who is either heartless or does not understand the consequences of his actions, will rip apart families and destroy the fabric of our communities.

In New York City, our strength comes from our diversity. People from every country on earth have come to our city and made enormous contributions that have saved and improved lives. We innovate, grow, and push the boundaries of what is possible because we welcome and respect all looking to build a better life for themselves and their family. In Western Queens and New York City, we must and will protect Dreamers. We reject this President and will fight his policies rooted in racism, hate and fear.