Majority Leader Van Bramer, Students, and Families, Install People’s Stop Sign

TODAY, Majority Leader Van Bramer, parents, students, and community members rallied for the installation of a stop sign at 5th Street and 51st Avenue in Long Island City. Majority Leader Van Bramer and the community have been asking DOT for a stop sign at this intersection for nearly five years.

“After nearly five years, it’s time for DOT to step up and keep our children safe,” said Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer. “We shouldn’t have to take matters into our own hands to protect our children from speeding cars and reckless drivers. I hope DOT hears our message loud and clear and commits to protecting our children now, before it’s too late.”

“GPA supports Majority Leader Van Bramer in securing this intersection,” said Gantry Parent Association Secretary Meghan Cirrito. “Children of all ages—from babies to middle school students—cross this perilous intersection on their way to local schools and parks. Area families deserve safe streets.”

“Community Board 2 calls on the DOT to reevaluate the criteria used to determine the feasibility of installing a stop sign,” said Community Board 2 Chairwoman Denise Keehan-Smith. “Additionally, just as Vision Zero has been successful in reducing vehicular speeds throughout our boroughs, perhaps new concepts for traffic calming measures should be considered for secondary and tertiary roads. As the population continues to increase within our district, measures should be taken to accommodate for a higher number of pedestrians; especially for schoolchildren and our seniors. We support Councilmember Van Bramer in his efforts to bring about a safer environment for all members of our community.”