Majority Leader Van Bramer Attends Vigil to Honor and Remember Victims of Pulse Nightclub Tragedy

On Monday, June 12th, I joined the Latino Commission on AIDS, the Latino LGBT Wellness Center, the LGBT Center, Council Member Rosie Mendez, and friends and family of the victims on the steps of City Hall to remember those killed in an act of hatred and terror one year ago at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  


One year ago today 49 members of the LGBTQ community were gunned down in the Pulse Nightclub, one of the few places they felt truly accepted and free.The weeks and months after the Pulse Nightclub Shooting were devastating for the family and friends of the victims, and for the entire LGBTQ community who mourned with them. These were fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and lifelong friends who had dreams and aspirations that were tragically never realized. We pledge to never forget their lives. And even in the face of violence and intimidation, to honor them by continuing to live proudly as our true selves.